10 big mistakes from new YouTubers – new YouTube mistakes

10 big mistakes from new YouTubers - new YouTube mistakes
Nowadays the trend of vlogging is more than blogging. Even blogger is becoming vlogger now and YouTube is the best platform for vlogging, but there are many YouTubers who make the mistake of starting vlogging, due to which they are not getting success.
Here I am going to tell you about the top 10 big mistakes of YouTubers. If you are also going to start vlogging on YouTube, then you will read the things mentioned in this post carefully.
It is not that success in vlogging is easier than blogging. There too you have to work hard, but now the interest of people is more in vlideo instead of a blog.
That is why people are doing this, and meanwhile, they make such mistakes, due to which they are deprived of becoming a successful YouTuber.
In fact, they make such a mistake at the beginning that then their channel does not grow in spite of millions of efforts, and eventually, they have to leave vlogging.
So let us know about the mistakes due to which YouTubers are not successful.

10 big mistakes of YouTuber

Well, like bloggers, YouTubers also, make a lot of mistakes, but here I will tell them the top-most mistakes made out of all of them.
1. The purpose of making money only
For those who want to “just earn money” on YouTube, I recommend that they leave this job and do some other work because blogging or vlogging is not successful only those who wish to earn money.
It is not that your target should not be earned from YouTube, it should be all. But just to earn money, your focus will be only on this and then you will not be able to work properly on the channel.
As a result, in the end, you will have to face defeat because if there is someone in your field, then you will be vlogging by not making money target and you will not be able to beat it.
If you want to be successful on YouTube, do not start with the greed of earning, start with passion, you will definitely get success.
2. Get the channel monetized as soon as possible
As soon as the new YouTuber finds out that the channel has to monetize with AdSense in order to earn from the YouTube channel, it requires 1k subscribers and 4k hours watch time in 1 year.
They then leave everything and start to achieve that target, and due to being engaged in it, they are unable to focus on the channel, eventually, they have to fail.
Hey brother, you just concentrate on making good videos, if one of your videos comes out, then that target will be fulfilled by that, and then a year is enough time.
You have to work with patience and understand that if you do well then this target is nothing for you. That is why if there is to be a success then just focus on work.
3. Spending too much investment
It is often the case that people initially invest more inexpensive cameras, lights, etc. and then demotivate when the channel does not grow fast.
Because it is not what they think it is, such people make videos in the beginning with elation but gradually their content is not there and then the audience also starts separating from them.
I would like to tell you that people will be attracted to you by the camera quality of your videos, they just need good content, even if you make a video with a mobile camera.
4. Making videos of others
There is no platform where copy-paste works, if you have talent then you can succeed on every platform. Before getting started on YouTube, you have to think about what you can do differently.
People should get what you cannot get from others, only then you can succeed on YouTube. This does not mean that you always do something new.
Along with making new ones, you should also do what others do, but your method should be different. There are no CarryMinati to roast, for example.

5. Not reading YouTube Guideline
I have seen that there are very few YouTubers who read the YouTube guideline, otherwise, most of them work only with the information given in the videos of others.
This does not happen, you should have the necessary information about the rules, terms, and conditions, policies of the platform on which you work.
Only then you will be able to use that platform properly. Otherwise, when you do not know what to write in the title, tags, description, etc. of the video, then how will you bring your video to the top.
6. Not working on a topic
The channels that run on YouTube are mostly those that make videos on only one topic. If you upload more than one category of videos on your channel, it will be very difficult to grow your channel.
You must have often seen that there are millions of subscribers on channels that work on more than one category, but their videos have very few views.
Actually, when you make videos of more than one category, then you disable your subscriber notifications so that they do not get information about the videos that they do not like, that is why it happens.
But if you work on the same topic, then all your subscribers go above your wish, and they always eagerly wait for your new video.
In such a situation, whenever you upload videos, not on your channel, then your subscribers immediately start watching this video and when more and more views, likes, share come on your video then the video also comes in trending.
Therefore, making videos on the same topic on YouTube works like one, and people doing so become very short and successful.
7. Making Big Videos
If your video is longer than 10 minutes on YouTube, you can place more than one ad in it. In this affair, the letter YouTuber makes the short video even bigger.
Watching such a video gives more boring to him and then those people stop watching the videos of that channel. This is a very large mistake on YouTube.
You do not have to do this, but you have to make a video of minimum time. Generally, 3-5 videos are the best. You do not have to waste even 1 second of the audience. The video should only contain information.
The way to expand the topic on which you are making a video should be your best and different, when anyone watches your video, they will enjoy it.
8. Ignore Channel Art
Channel art plays an important role in attracting audiences on its channel. But often people do not pay attention to it or the new YouTuber does not know about it.
You should first focus on the profile picture and channel art on your channel. You make them so attractive that if anyone comes to your channel, do not go without subscribing to your channel.
Today, your YouTube channel should be such that you will know what the audience will get in your video and what kind of video you make.
9. Uploading videos of others
Many people do this that in order to monetize their channel, they upload the videos of others on their channel, and then they also get views.
But they probably do not know that by uploading someone else’s video, you cannot monetize it and even if you do, then all its earnings go to its real owner.
Secondly, as long as there are copyrighted videos on your channel, you will not be able to monetize your channel, and if you delete those videos then their views will be less than the total views of your channel.
So the good is only in that you only upload your photos and videos, only then tomorrow you can succeed on YouTube and earn money.
10. Not Promoting Your Channel
If your channel is already famous, then you do not need to share your video anywhere, because your audience shares your video so that they are also connected to the new audience.
But if you have started a new YouTube channel and are uploading videos in it, then you have to upload your videos as well as promote your videos.
For this, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. If you want, you can also run Facebook ads, google ads for your videos.
You just have to do this in the beginning, after that, as soon as a few thousand subscribers are subscribed to your channel, you will not need to do so, your audience will fill the gap.
This was the Top 10 Big Mistakes of New YouTubers, if you are going to make a YouTube Channel, then keep these things in mind and do not make such mistakes at all.
The biggest mistake in all this is that you do not have to think about earning as soon as you start, if you do then you will have to give up hope of being successful on YouTube.
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