10 Latest Facebook Tricks 2020 -Hidden FB Tricks & Tips, Secret Codes

 Latest Facebook Tricks and Hidden FB Tricks and Tips

Facebook Tips And Tricks: Facebook is a fun and popular social network, Which is used by everyone on today’s date? If you run Facebook and interesting ways
You can surprise your Facebook friends by using these tricks.

The 10 latest Facebook tricks of 2020:

 1. See which pictures do your friends like

If your Facebook friends liked the photos from which cone to see them all at once. These tricks can be useful to you. By using it, you can use your friends, boss, lover, or any other.

And you can monitor and save your time.

For this, you just have to do this search on Facebook –
Photos liked by your friend name

example: Photos liked by Vivek

2. How to download all photos of Facebook friends in one click

If you want to download all the photos of your friends, then this trick is very much for you would be helpful. With this trick, you can download and save your Facebook friend’s entire album can.

For this, you will have to install an extension in your google chrome browser. 
The name of the extension is DownAlbum.

After that, you go to the profile> photos of whose photos you want to download.

After that click on DownAlbum and click on Normal.

After that, a popup will come in and click on ok. After that click on Save.

By doing this, your friend’s entire album will be downloaded.

3.Schedule FaceBook updates
If you want to promote a product and service, or your friends on their birthday.

Want to congratulate for, and if you have a habit of forgetting, this trick will help you a lot.

With this trick, you create a schedule of the post in advance and set it at the scheduled time and date, then publish.

For this, you have to use a tool called Hootsuite.

In this tool, you can create a free account and schedule your post and social media.

Many tools are available to manage accounts.

4. How to Blank Status and Comment on Facebook
If you want to surprise everyone by having a blank message on your wall or someone else’s post
Use this trick.

To do blanks status, comment and message –

Press ALT + 0173 with your keyboard and press enter. And the blank status will be updated.

5. Like all the posts of your friends together.
If you want to increase your likes on Facebook, then you should like on other posts. If you like one by one, then you will waste a lot of time, you should use this trick to like all the posts of any of your friends at once.

For this, you have to install a chrome extension, which is named – LikeItAll

After installing it, do auto like on and open your friend’s profile and click on the extension, which will make all posts like.

6. Turn off the autoplay of videos on Facebook
If you read the post on Facebook, then all the videos start playing automatically, out of which you do not like to watch all the videos. This consumes your data. This trick will help you to avoid this.

For this, go to the settings on Facebook and turn off by going to Auto-Play Videos.

7. Save any facebook video for offline viewing
If you want to save any video you like on Facebook, then this trick
Will help you

For this, first, open the FB down <https://www.fbdown.net/> site in your browser.

After that, copy the URL of a Facebook video and paste it in the search box and click on download.
8. Who has seen your profile?
If you want to see which cone visits your profile, then use this trick.

For this, you first install a chrome extension named Social Profile View Notification.

After that login on your Facebook account, now you will have a list display, in which you.

Who has seen Kiss on the profile will appear.

9. Download all your history together on Facebook
If you have started using Facebook, what activity have you done to date?
If you want to know, this trick will help you.

For this, login to Facebook and go to Settings.

Click on Your Facebook Information in Settings.

Then click on view in Download your information.

After that, select what you want to download and click on create a file.

After that, after a while you can download all your data.

10. Recover deleted messages
If you want to get deleted Facebook messages then use this trick.

For this, first, log in to the Facebook account.

Then open the settings.

After that click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.

After that select and download messages in Start my archive.
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