17 Ultimate Off Page SEO Techniques For 2020

17 Ultimate Off Page SEO Techniques For 2020

Before knowing Off Page SEO Technique, we know what Off Page SEO is. Because many people have a lot of confusion about Off Page SEO in SEO.
Therefore it is very important to know what is Off Page SEO.

What is Off Page SEO?

This is Full Form Off Page Search Engine Optimization. The work that we do outside our website for our website is called Off Page SEO.
This is a type of SEO.
Off Page SEO, We use our Content, Blog, or Website to rank in SERP Search Engine Result Page.
Many people believe that if we use Off Page SEO only to make backlink, then it is not right, we do a lot of things in Off Page SEO that we will study further.
• Link Building
• Social Media Management
• Social Media Engagement
• Content Development
• Brand Mentions
• Blog Management

What is backlinks?

These Backlinks are those links that work to bring you from another website to your website, we can say in other words that it works to connect two or more Domains.
Table of content:

• Off Page SEO What:
• What is Backlinks:
• How many backlinks are there
• What are the benefits of doing Off-Page SEO?
• Top 17 off page SEO techniques for 2020.
• 1. Shareable Content Creation:
• 2. Social Media Engagement:
• 3. Guest Blogging:
• 4. Web2.0 Submission:
• 5. Social Bookmarking Sites:
• 6. Video Submission:
• 7. Broken Link Building:
• 8. Infographic Submission:
• 9: Press releases:
• 10. Forum Posting:
• 11. Email Outreach:
• 12. Directory Submission:
• 13. Podcast Submission:
• 14. Commentluv: 
• 15. Repurpose content: 
• 16. Influencer Outreach:
• 17. Business Listing:
• Conclusion

How many types of  backlinks?

These Backlinks used to be mainly of two types but in 2019, Google has increased the number of Backlinks by separating Sponsor links from No Follow links.

Types of Backlinks

Now there are three types of Backlinks
1.. DoFollow Backlinks: This DoFollow Backlink is such that backlinks are very important for any website.
Link Juice passes through DoFollow Backlinks. Google’s Crowler and Google’s Boats follow from one website to another.
This DoFollow Backlink Website Ranking is very important for both Domain Authority and Page Authority.
2..No Follow Backlinks: No Follow Backlinks had a lot of Importance till 2019 but in 2019 Google finished No Follow Backlinks that Importance. Now No Follow Backlinks only works to bring traffic.
No, Follow Backlinks does not pass any link juice.
3.. Sponsor link: Bali links being generated through Paid Promotion has been placed in Category of Sponsor link.

Why is Off-Page SEO Important?

All types of SEO are important for the ranking of your website, as you can see in this image.
In the same way, off page SEO is also very important. Off Page SEO helps you in many ways. Such as
• Online Branding
• Getting High Traffic
• High Audience Reach
• Lead Generation
• Increase Domain Authority
• Fast Indexing
So let’s get to know all these Topics one by one…
1..High Search Ranking: If your Off Page SEO is very good, you have done properly Off Page Optimization, then your chance of getting High Search Ranking and Visibility in Search Engine Result Page SERP increases very much.
2.. Getting High Traffic: If the Off Page SEO Optimization of your website is good, people increase the chances of your website being ranked, due to which you get a lot of traffic.
3.. High Audience Reach: When your Off Page SEO Optimization is very good, the chance of your content being ranked and viral increases more.
With which your content reaches as many people as possible. Because of which your website gets High Audience Reach.
4.. Lead Generation: You also know that how important is the Lead Generation in Off Page SEO. When your website is ranked on the Internet or Search Engine, you can do lead generation quite easily. With the help of this, you can increase your sales.
5.. Increase Domain Authority: Many of you are worried about why your DA Domain Authority is not getting Increase. So its biggest reason is that you do not have Off Page SEO Optimization. To get DA Increase of your website, you need to have maximum quality backlinks.
6.. Fast Indexing: Many of you must be thinking that Indexing is part of Technical SEO, then I would also say yes it is part of Technical SEO. But do you know there are other different ways of indexing? Whose Through Search Engine indexes your web page. One of them is Social Sharing or we can say that sharing your webpage in another social site also makes indexing of our WebPage very fast which is part of Off Page SEO.

What are the benefits of doing Off-Page SEO?

There are different ways of doing Off Page SEO which people call Off Page SEO Technique.
So let’s know some special and top important off page SEO techniques that will help you to rank your blog in 2020.
Many people have the question that how do we make backlink, then let us tell you some special technique to make backlinks.

Top 17 off page SEO techniques for 2020.

1.. Shareable Content Creation:
I know that you would think that Content Creation is a part of On Page SEO, so yes it is part of On Page SEO.
But if your content will be very good, then people will be forced to share it and the more your content or blog will be shared, the more Sharable Backlinks you will create.
I hope that you will now understand why I have put Shareable Content Creation in Off Page SEO Technique and it is a very important technique of off page SEO Techniques.
2..  Social Media Engagement:
I know that many of you will be aware that through Social Network we do not get Quality Backlinks and it does not make any significant difference in our SEO Ranking Directly.
If you want to increase the Presence of your website, then Social Media Platform will be very useful for you. Also, you can generate good social share links through Social Media.
Which does not directly affect your ranking, but is very important for the ranking of your website in a dramatic way.
3.. Guest Blogging:
In 2020 Guest Blogging High-Quality does follow backlinks. The most efficient off page SEO technique can be to create backlinks.
In this, you have to publish your written blog on another website.
For this, what you will have to do is to find out which website is giving the facility of guest posting on your website.
So now the question is arising in your mind that how will we know that a website allows guest blogging or posting on its site?
So there are many ways to find it out of which I will tell you some.
• Through Facebook: You will find it very easy in people who are making Guest Blogging on their website. For that, you have to search on Facebook by “Guest Blogging Group”. And by joining those groups, you can ask and put your post.
That you have to do Guest Blogging, you have Quality Content. So the people who are guest blogging on their website will contact you and you can easily publish your content on their website with the link of your website or blog post.
• Google Search: Yes, you can also search the Guest Blogging Website with the help of Google, for that you have to use some string or we can say that you can use Advanced Google Search like
 Google search guest blogging link building techniques
1. “Guest Blogging”
2. or “Free Guest Blogging”
3. and “Free Guest Blogging Website”
4. “Free Guest Blogging Website + Keyword”
When you put these strings in Google, you get a lot of list listings. Of which you can contact your owner by visiting your Niche website and you can publish your blog to his website.
4.. Web2.0 Submission:
This website is an AC website whose DA, PA is very high, you can create your account here and publish your content and make good high-quality Dofollow backlinks.
This is my favorite off page SEO techniques. With the help of which I have generated a lot of high-quality Backlinks for myself.
Web 2.O Website List
http: // http: //www.tumblr.com/
http: // http: //www.wix.com/

5.. Social Bookmarking Sites:
AC Social Site where we do bookmarking of our website, blog, or any post is called Website Social Bookmarking Website.
 Social Bookmarking link building strategy
In these Social Bookmarking Sites, you have to create your account, with these Sites you will get a lot of traffic and you will also get Quality Backlinks.
Some Social Bookmarking Sites links are awaiting you below, where you can do Social Bookmarking.
Social Bookmarking submission List











6.. Video Submission:
The way you can generate Backlinks by Podcast Submission. Similarly, on the Video Submission Site, you can generate good backlinks by submitting your video.
What you have to do for that is to make a good video related to your blog, use any free platform, you can keep them there.
After that, you have to insert that video in your blog and at the same time you will have to submit that video in the Different-Different Video Submission Site, this gives you very good backlinks.
And by using video in your blog, user engagement in your website increases, and at the same time, Dwel Time 10X Time increases.
Video Submission website list
Twitch.tv vimeo.com
7.. Broken Link Building:
This is one of the very important techniques that Broken Links off page SEO techniques. Broken links are links that have either expired or are not working. You will find these Broken Links on someone’s website. You just have to search for them.
To find Broken Links, you will need some tools or website, with the help of which you can easily find Broken Link on any website.
With the help of Check My Links extension, you can easily do Broken Link Search.
When you will get Broken links, after that you can contact the owner of that website and tell him that your website has Broken Links.
Which is not right for your SEO and Website Ranking, you can exchange that Broken Links with our Links.
This will give you a good amount of following backlinks.

8.. Infographic Submission:
You might be surprised to know that more than 10000 Infographic Submission Website is available on the Internet. Some of which are Paid and many are free websites.
Where you can share and submit your Infographic or Direct Infographic Links (Infographics URL).
One of the most important benefits of making infographic use is that your user engagement increases.
Also, your chances of getting share and backlinks of your blog and infographic increase greatly.
List of Infographic Submission Website
9.. Press releases:
For this, it is very important to have a good relationship with journalists or any news channel writers. If you are identified with a news channel that is quite famous, then you can get a very good advantage.
You can publish your blog/article on that news channel. There is a lot of value of Dofollow backlinks from any good news website.
If that news website is a video news website, then you can also publish an interview video on that website with your blog or website link.
Free High PR Press Submission Sites List 2020

10.. Forum Posting:
You can post your questions on these websites and can answer any other questions as well.
For this, what you will have to do is you will have to create your account in Forum Posting Website and will have to answer their Niche or Interest by searching the related topic.
Whenever you give an answer, keep in mind that the more followers that question you are going to answer, the more chances of getting more views, likes, and upvotes in that answer will be.
Your answer should be a little long and descriptive and you must also, make your backlinks in it.
Note: If your account is new, then create 2 to 3 backlinks in your single post.
Forums Posting Website List
11.. Email Outreach:
This off page SEO technique is very important technique of 2020. With the help of Email Outreach you can create Backlinks very quickly and High Quality.
For this, what will you have to do whenever you are reading a blog, and if you like that blog very much? But there is some topic in it that would not have been described very well in that post.
So if you have written a blog related to that topic or Keyword, then you can email that blog owner and say that you have written a very good blog post on this topic.
If you give us Textual Backlinks on this Keyword or Topic, then it will add Extra Value to your Audience.
Instead of links, you can tell him that if you give us backlinks, then we will share your post on all our social platforms and groups.
If your blog and Proposal liked the owner of that website, then you will get 100% Backlinks.
12.. Directory Submission:
Many people believe that Directory Submission no longer offers Google Importance, let’s assume.
But do you know that if you make a related directory submission of your Niche, then the chances of increasing the Domain Authority (DA) of the website increase greatly?
Whenever you submit Directory, always keep in mind some things like…
• Related Niche: Directory Submission Website should be related to your Niche.
• High DA / PA: Whenever you do Directory Submission, you have to keep in mind that the Directory Submission Site on which you are submitting the Directory should have DA and PA Domain Authority and Page Authority High.
• Less or No Spam Score: The website’s Spam Score should not be less than 10% or so at all.
Directory Submission Website List

13.. Podcast Submission:
In 2020 Podcast Submission Off Page is very important Technique of SEO, with the help of this you can create very good high-quality backlinks.
For this, all you have to do is record your podcast, which you can record with the help of your mobile easily.
And when your podcast is ready, you can submit it on the Different- Different Podcast Submission Website.
You can submit the same podcast in multiple podcast submission website. Isn’t it wonderful? So that you do high quality that follows backlinks.
Podcast Submission Website List
Apple Podcasts
Google Play
14.. Commentluv:
It is a very good Technique to generate high-quality backlinks and off page SEO techniques in 2020. Commentluv is a kind of plugin.
Whichever plugin is enabled in the blog, you get a good high-quality backlink by commenting on that website.
The best thing about Commentluv is that there are chances of your comment being Instant Approve. Another benefit of using Commentluv Plugin is that your post gets more share.
The below commentLuv website list is given.
15.. Repurpose content:
These off page SEO techniques can be very useful for you in 2020, know why?
Because you also know, as I have told about many of the above techniques, that you have to create content everywhere, then you will be able to do your Off Page SEO well.
 Forum Posting backlinks techniques
So with the help of Repurpose content, you can convert one of your content into many formats.
Such as
1. YouTube videos.

2. Videos can be converted into audio podcast episodes.

3. Blog posts can convert outlines to SlideShare presentations.

4. You can make Quora answers by making a big blog post in a small section.

5. Republish your blog content on Medium or LinkedIn – using canonical tags back to your site.

6. You can create Infographic by using your blog content or many images.

7. Submit the infographics to infographic directories.

8. Create short sinkable videos out of your blog content – use it for social media like Instagram, Facebook Story, or Tick Tock Videos for increased engagement of your blog.
By creating this kind of repurposing content, you can engage more and more audience.
16.. Influencer Outreach:
Perhaps you have heard very little about this Technique before but it is very effective and Best Off Page SEO Technique 2020.
If you are not outreaching Social Media Influencer for your blog yet, then you are probably missing a lot.
So let’s know who is this Social Media Influencer and you can find them.
 Social Media Influencer are those people who work to share content in social media, with the help of which the outreach of your post is greatly increased.
How To Find Social Media Influencer: There are many ways to search for them, you can also search them with the help of Social Media or Google.
Influencer outreach backlinks.
But I am going to tell you about one of the tools here that are called BuzzSumo. This is a Web Analytic and Keyword Research tool with the help of which we can do many things in SEO.
So what you have to do is go to BuzzSumo. If you want to search by putting your Keyword, then you will get a similar Keyword and Topic as you can see in the image.
After this you have to click on View Share, then you will see who has shared that post and on which social media platform. Together you will get the profile of Influencers.
Now you can follow them and talk to them to share your blog or post.
Here I am giving you an Email Script with the help of which you can outreach Influencer.
Influencer Outreach Email
Hi [First Name | There],
I followed you on Facebook or Twitter (Url) and noticed that you retweeted great articles related to [Topic].
Wrote written a post that I just published and would love your feedback. It matters a lot to me
Possibly the post – [Post link]
Going sure you will love it!
Keep rocking
17. Business Listing:

what is business listing in SEO Many of you who know Business Listing, will know that Business Listing is part of Local SEO? But this is why I am telling you here.
Because we generate high-quality backlinks for our website and product with the help of google business listing.
But whenever you do a business listing, keep some things in mind.
1..Website Age: This is very important criteria, you have to keep in mind that business listing should not be completely new, at least 3 years old should do the listing only on the old website.
2.. DA / PA: Domain Authority and Page Authority must be above at least 20
3.. SSL Secure: It is very important to have website HTTPS Secure.
4. Spam Score: The lower the Spam Score of the Listing Website, the better it will be.
Below are links to some Business Listing Websites that you can make backlinks on these websites.

Business listing Website List:

In this blog post, along with Off Page SEO, I have explained in very detail the Top 17 off page SEO techniques which by reading and learning, you can improve the ranking of your website very quickly.
I work very hard to reach all this information to you, so if you like the information given by us, please do not forget to comment

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