(19 Reason) Why does 90% of Blogger fail in Blogging?

bloggers fail in blogging
Are you a blogger struggling to get traffic to your blog or is your blog heading towards failure? There are many reasons for Fail in blogging.

Today in this article, I will tell you about some top blogging mistakes, why not every blogger succeeds.

However, all make some mistakes in blogging. But if those mistakes are corrected, then success can be achieved in blogging.

So let’s start…

Table of content:
  • 19 Big Mistakes to fail in Blogging
  • Choosing the wrong platform
  • Choosing the wrong web hosting
  • You do not publish Engaging Content
  • You do not take Blogging Seriously
  • Laziness
  • Focus on your blog
  • Slow Loading Speed
  • You do not pay attention to Blog’s SEO
  • not using HTTPS
  • Copy and paste content
  • Writing Short Content
  • Making Quality Backlinks
  • Updating Frequency
  • Keyword not to do research
  • Do not read other blogs
  • Not Promote Your Blog
  • Using NULLED, Pirated or Cracked themes and plugins
  • Not using Responsive Design
  • Not responding to comments from visitors
  • Conclusion

19 Big Mistakes to fail in blogging

Running a successful blog is a dream for many. But there are very few people who are successful in blogging.

There are many reasons to fail in blogging. Here I have shared the Biggest blogging mistakes below.

1. Choosing the wrong platform

It is very important to choose the right Blogging platform. I would recommend you to start a blog on WordPress.org.
Many bloggers make their blog on WordPress.com instead of WordPress.org. While both are completely separate platforms.

2. Choosing the wrong web hosting

There are many web hosting companies in the market that promise to be the best, but after purchasing hosting from them, you will feel that they have cheated you.

If you make a mistake in choosing web hosting, it will affect both your website SEO and traffic. Because your website will be in downtime most of the time and your site will load very slowly. Here I have made the list of Best Web Hosting Company that you can use.

3. You do not publish Engaging Content

This is a major reason for bloggers to fail because they do not publish engaging and quality content on their blogs.

There are many bloggers who publish content on their blogs daily but do not pay attention to the quality of the content which does not increase their blog traffic. And finally, they quit blogging.

You should publish quality content and unique content at least every day. The more quality content you publish, the better result you will get. But you cannot get better results overnight. This is a long-term process. You have to be a little patient.

4. You do not take Blogging Seriously

Blogging requires hard work.

If you want to create a successful blog, you cannot consider blogging as a hobby or part-time.

Many people who start blogs as a hobby or part-time and do not get good results, they leave blogging disappointed.

You must have a passion for blogging.

5. Laziness

Laziness can overwhelm any business.

In blogging, we cannot achieve success with Laziness. In this, we need hard work and patience. So, quit laziness and be active.

Simply put, we cannot easily get anything in one night. We need to work hard.

6. Focus on your blog

If you want to get rich in less time, you should quit blogging soon. Blogging is a very long-term process, requires a lot of patience and focus and it takes 2-3 years to achieve success in blogging.

However, there are many people when they know that there is no limit to earning money in blogging, they immediately start a blog of their own, but after some time they quit blogging. Reason: Traffic is very important to earn money from blogs.

So if you want to succeed in blogging and earn thousands of dollars per day, you have to be passionate about blogging.

7. Slow loading speed

Slow Loading Speed can fail any blog. Because it greatly affects your website traffic, page view, bounce rate, etc. And most importantly, nobody likes to visit the Slow Loading site.

If your blog loads too slow, then visitors will not like to visit your site or wait until your blog opens. They will exit your site immediately by clicking on the Back button. This will increase your site’s bounce rate, which affects both the SEO and ranking of your blog.

Try to keep your website’s loading Speed at least 3 seconds.

8. You do not pay attention to Blog’s SEO

If you do not use SEO properly on your blog, you can never succeed in blogging.

SEO makes your website search engine friendly and you can bring your blog to the first page in the search engine.

Quick Tips to optimize an article

• Add the main keyword to the title
• Add the main keyword to Permalink
• Use keywords in your first paragraph
• Use keywords in the alt tag of the image
• Enter keywords in the heading
• Keyword density should be 2% -2.5%

9. Not using HTTPS

HTTPS is a Ranking Signal. Google is using this as a ranking factor.

HTTPS sites get a better rank in SERPs. If you are still using HTTP on your site, transfer to HTTPS immediately.

10. Copy and paste content

If you do not want to fail in blogging, never copy and paste content from other blogs.

Always write unique and quality content. Also, your article should be interesting and evergreen.

If you copy content from other blogs, Google will reduce your search ranking or blacklist your blog.

There are many new bloggers in blogging who copy and paste the content of popular blogs on their blogs and think that they too will become a blogging star. But this is not true. Search engines (Google) blacklist or rank their blogs.

11. Writing short content

Long content ranks well in search engines. If you write a small blog post on your blog, then you need to pay attention to it because Short Content does not get a good rank in Google search.
Always write the content of at least 1000 -1200 words, but to increase the length of the content, do not write rubbish in your content.

12. Making Quality Backlinks

When Google ranks a page, it uses hundreds of ranking factors, but backlinks are the highest-ranking indicator of all.

If your site does not have high-quality backlinks, then your site will not get good traffic and ranking. And because of which some blogs get frustrated and stop blogging.

13. Updating Frequency

If you do not want to fail in blogging, then you should do blogging regularly. Many bloggers who quit publishing regular blogging after publishing 100-150 posts are wrong.
If you do not do Blogging regularly, your ranking and traffic will gradually decrease.

14. Keyword not to do research

This is one of the most important reasons to fail in blogging. Blogging is completely based on Keyword Research.

Keyword Research helps in getting good traffic on any blog and making the content more visible. So, before writing an article, do Keyword Research first.

But there are many new bloggers who do not do Keyword Research before writing an article and choose a keyword according to their mind which is a big mistake.

15. Do not read other blogs

If you don’t read popular blogs then this is your biggest blogging mistake.
You should follow some top bloggers about what they are doing on their blogs. You can find out about their activity and according to them, you can manage your blog which will lead your blog to success.

16. Don’t Promote Your Blog

Promoting a new blog is very important. If you do not share your blog on social media sites then it will take a lot of time for your blog to get success.

There are many social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn where people spend more time. So, after publishing the content on your blog, share it on social media sites. This increases your blog awareness.

17. Using NULLED, Pirated or Cracked themes and plugins

This is also a very big reason for failing in blogging.

If you download a premium theme from anywhere and use it on your blog, you will definitely fail to blog. These themes contain links that redirect your blog traffic elsewhere.

Apart from this, your web hosting may also get suspended. Therefore, avoid using things that lead your blog to failure.

18. Not using Responsive Design

The number of mobile users has increased a lot and it has completely dominated the desktop search. This is the reason that Google is using mobile friendliness ranking factors to improve mobile user experience.

If your site is not mobile friendly, Google will lower your site’s ranking for mobile search.

You can use Google Mobile Testing Tool to check if your site is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, then you need to install a responsive WordPress theme on your site.

19. Do not reply to visitors’ comments

Many bloggers who do not respond to visitors’ comments. This has a negative effect on the visitor.

Always respond to visitors’ comments and try to solve their problems. This helps in building a good relationship with you and the visitor.


These are some of the top blogging mistakes that lead to blog failure.
Also, most bloggers are not successful because they start blogging to make money and they get frustrated very soon.
If you too use this kind of strategy, stop using it, otherwise, you are leading your blog to failure.
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