5 Best Drag and Drop WordPress website builders in 2020

Are you interested to build your website without coding knowledge? Or are you looking for the best WordPress page builder? Then you are in the right place to create your website with the best Drag or Drop page builders. With Drag and Drop page builders you can create your website without programming and coding knowledge.
In this article, we introduce the five best drag and drop page builders. And we compare the drag and drop page builders to help the right page builder? We talk in this article about the work of page builders and why you want to use them. Let’s get started!

Why use a drag and drop page for WordPress?

When the beginners start their website and manage their blog, they faced some difficulties in managing and customizing their website from the backend. While it is easy to find WordPress themes that come with a different kind of page’s layout, but you can use some of those types of themes, they can be difficult to understand and use it on your website.
You cannot customize, without proper training of Html and CSS programming languages, you can be though to customize your website. You create your website with lots of ways like User-friendly and WordPress customizable Drag and Drop page builder plugin.
you can create your layouts using some readymade content blocks, widgets, and modules. You create your site without needing any tech skills.? In this time there are lots of page builders are available to make your WordPress easier.
Your criteria of WordPress page builder are compared to easy to use, flexibility, and the design output of your website.
What features you look for when you choose the best Drag and Drop page builder for WordPress?
There are some important features to look for when choosing and drag and Drop Page Builder for WordPress.


If you are don’t want to change your existing WordPress theme, then the first thing to sure that the page builder you use is compatible with the WordPress theme.
Most of the builders are in this article compatible with these themes, but if you find any compatible issues, then you will want to use a theme that is compatible with the builder you choose.
You want to make sure that your page builder is creating SEO friendly layouts. In this article all the Drag and Drop page builders are 100% SEO friendly. When combining with the Yoast SEO plugins.


You need to make sure that the chosen page builders are to create Responsive and Mobile-friendly layouts for the box. Responsiveness is very important for every page builder. For your convenience we have included every page builder in this article, Let’s you create mobile-friendly and responsive pages.


We placed features in last because it is a very important point. You need to know and understand the unique quality of each builder when compared with the features. The best Drag and Drop page builders for WordPress you will have both functionality needed and features you want, and we got an excellent list of page builders that hit the mark.

What are you looking for in a page builder?

  • Easy to use
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile friendly and responsive layouts
  • Compatible with your existing WordPress theme. 

5 best Drop and Drag WordPress website builders are:

  1. Elementor 
  2. Beaver builder 
  3. Divi builder
  4. Thrive, Architect
  5. Site Origin 


    Elementor page builder

    Elementor is originally launched in 2016. It is one of the younger page builders on this list. Elementor used these days worldwide. It is the most popular page builder. Elementor is a free and open-source advance page builder for WordPress. It is almost used by 3,000,000 users it is proof of its popularity.
    It is started just in a premium version, page editor, Elementor pro, now lets you do more than the page building. The two best features are: Theme builder and Popup builder.

    Theme builder: 

    Theme builder design your entire theme design the same convenient Elementor interface like header, footer, WooCommerce product pages, custom post type templets, archive pages, single post pages, etc.

    Popup builder: 

    Popup builder is designed for flexible popups using the full Elementor surface. Include all the regular Elementor widgets, which you will create contact form popups, Email option in popups, and more.
    Elementor page builder comes with 28+ free widgets. Many widgets are very useful for builders. There are many features in free version like images, image gallery, image carousel, videos, heding, accordion, text, progress bar, tabs, and many more features are in the free version of Elementor.


     In Elementor you simply Drag and Drop and build your page it is easy to use. It helps you to access responsive overview, undo/redo, and some other small changes. Elementor shows a list of elements you can use your page. You can also type text directly in the interface.
    You can change or customized elements of your page with simple clicks from the left sidebar. And you can add a new element with the left sidebar. It is the fastest and easy to design web pages in WordPress.


    Elementor pro price

    Elementor price starts from $49 for a single site license.

    Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder page builder

    Beaver builder is one of the best Drag and Drop WordPress page builders. Beaver Builder plugin is popularly increasing day by day. It gives you the ability to create a page without knowing any coding skills and programming languages. Beaver is one of the best page builder plugin compared to other page builder plugins. It is used by more than 1,000,000 builders. Beaver Builder plugin is also giving an offer for live editing.
    •         It has a powerful Drag and Drop feature for creating a website.
    •         Beaver plugin is for frontend use.
    •         This the live preview of your design.
    •         It’s only working on the frontend part on any pages
    •         With the help of this plugin, you can create beautiful web pages many bloggers are used.


    Some people consider Divi and Elementor interface to be good than the beaver builder plugin. Beaver is a similar kind of interface as used by the bloggers. The best the thing about this plugin is even if you stop using this plugin, your content is automatically ported to the WordPress editor, which is also known as WYSIWYG editor.


    Beware builder price start from $99 for unlimited sites.

    Divi builder

    Divi plugin page builder

    Divi is created by the Elegant theme. It is a popular Drag and Drop page builder plugin. In a marketplace, Divi is a complete page builder. Divi is very easy to use and has tons of layouts and templates for different types of websites to use the builder for any person. It is also a standalone plugin that you can use this plugin with other themes, as well.

    Using the Divi builder you can edit your content using both interface and visual front end as well as back end interface. Most of the users are probably prefer the interface and front. Divi page builder comes with a large number of content modules and limitless design possibilities.

    Use of Divi page builder plugin you can customize everything like fonts, colors, spacing, sizing, etc. and you can create your own custom page layouts. With the Divi Builder, you can create and save your Divi layouts for other pages. 


    In this page builder, 20+ pre-designed templates to help you to a quick start. Divi is also easy to use Drag and Drop features like Elementor. Divi runs in real-time.


    Divi plugin page builder price

    Divi is not free like other page builders. It’s starting price is $89/year for unlimited sites. If you have enough budget you can get lifetime access for $249.

    Thrive Architect

    Thrive Architect plugin

    Thrive Architect is the updated version of Thrive Content Builder. It is one of the best Drag and Drop plugins mentioned in this list. It is made for conversion-focused websites with elements like a countdown timer, call to action buttons, lead generation forms, and testimonial boxes. Thrive Architect is mainly popular in bloggers and affiliate marketers due to its focus on improving conversion rates.

    Its default styling of this plugin is extremely unique and good. Thrive Architect provides 325 landing page templates that are divided into 36 sets, approximately 40 widgets, and 46 modules that you can use to build your design.


    Thrice Architect is a popular drag and drop page builder for WordPress. It is truly visual- meaning you can see all your real-time changes and edits. You can see some similarities between the Thrive Architect plugin interface and the Elementor plugin interface. It helps you to access responsive previews, undo/redo, and other similar features. It is very easy to use for your design it looks amazing.


    Thrive Architect plugin price

    Thrive Architect price starts from $19 per month for the single website and you can use all features at the same price.

    Site Origin 

    Site Origin plugin page builder

    Site Origin is one of the popular free WordPress page builders. It’s almost active installs are more than 1 million. It is one of the popular page builders in WordPress plugins. Site Origin is come with undo/redo functionality like Elementor, it is a big time-saver feature. Site Origin offers great performance and tons of helpful CSS controls.

    Site Origin is completely free, there is any hidden cost behind the page builder. Working with this plugin you easily build responsive pages. Site Origin gives you great value like the freedom to use this plugin and some kind of WordPress theme you like. The top benefit of the Site origin page builder is flexibility. It is not committed to a single theme.


    Site Origin can easily create a WordPress page and easy to design and add elements according to your need. You can Drag and Drop elements simply click on a specific element to edit. This plugin can also help you to view and edit at the same time. Site Origin gives you more space to work, but it lacks any type of live preview.


    Site Origin plugin page bilder price]

    The basic version of Site Origin is completely free and is enough to create good and simple design but you need to work with more elements and widgets, you can go ahead with a premium plan. You can see the plans of Site Origin in this image.


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