6 Easy steps to make your internet speed faster

How to check your current internet speed?

First, you check your current internet speed, you can check your internet speed and your internet running test with this 5 best speed Test site.
        Internet Health Test.
        Xfinity Speed Test.
Here is my internet speed, download speed, and upload speed.

Internet speed

Internet speed

Downloading and Uploading speed

Download and upload speed

So, if you are getting 30Mbps, then you divide with 8 and you will get 3.5 Mbps. That means your download speed is 3.5 Mbps per second.
Actually, this is my WiFi speed and the speed of the internet is not fast.
Sometimes your computer has a little bit lower internet speed and slower upload and download speed than the advertising speed, but most of the time your internet, uploading, and download speed will be highest. Advertising speed is close to your actual speed. You don’t have a problem on your ISP.
What is the meaning of MBps and Mbps?
Here some important things to now every people it read to boring but it is important to know. Peoples are confused between (megabytes and megaBits), but both have a big difference.
Mbps means megaBits and
MBps means megabytes
So if you see my Internet speed or Uploading and Downloading speed, If you have interested to find how many megabytes then it’s very easy to find you just divide by 8 with you your internet speed. Which is equal to 3.5 MBps.
If you are trying to find your Downloading and uploading speed when you download any movies and songs or uploading any images and video as you measure your speed by KB or Mb per second. 1MB= 1024 Kb (kilobytes) now you can calculate easily.
Internet Speed example: if you are downloading any video that is 60 MB file ate 2 MB per second it will take you just 30 Seconds for downloading.

6 easy steps to make your internet speed faster.

6 easy steps to make your internet speed faster.
Scan for Malware and Viruses
Malware and viruses are come through the internet to your computer and slow down your speed. The viruses and malware are actually just used your internet connection and network for doing various nasty work, slow down your internet speed and they are actually come for jamming your network. So. I highly recommended to you use high quality and original anti-virus to scan properly for malware and viruses.
Check Interference for the internal system.
Sometimes your internet speeds slower for the interference of cloud-based backup programs, virus scanners, other programs, and other software. You can check your internet speed for switching off your one program for at a time. When you do this thing you see that, any problem in your program or not problem in your program. Please be careful when you switch off your virus protection. My recommendation is you buy always good virus protection.
Check external interference
 When any electronic device near modem, then the external things trying to enter your device through your internet connection. After reading this you have a question am I right your question is why external things enter your device when electronic devices near modem? Because the electronic device releases electromagnetic energy attracting the external things enters. 
You can adjust modem settings:
When you log in to your modem it gives you a wide range of settings and goes to your ISP’s and modem’s website and finds the optimal settings, then make some adjustments in your optimal setting then you see that it boost your internet speed.
Ensure your filters are good quality:
If you use an internet connection and it was connected to your phone line and your phone line also connected with your telephone you will have to ensure you have top-quality filters installed in your line. These filter plugs are attached to your phone line it protects your line or connection for, disturbances. There are so many different types of modem router are Netgear Nighthawk C7000, Motorola MG7550, Netgear Nighthawk C7800, Netgear C3700, Netgear C6250 and cable, etc. All the internet connection required different filters to ensure that you have appropriate filters for all types of internet.
Trying to turning off and on your modem:

This is an old technic but its powerful. You can turn off your modem for 30 to 45 seconds and turn it on your modem. This method is called the power cycling method and it can often effective way to flush out all problems it is also affecting your speed.
What is good download speed?

The excellent Web surfing experience is 6 Mbps -10Mbps. Usually quick streaming a 1080p and 4K videos. When you have the reliable experience to stream content or make fast download 10 Mbps-20 Mbps is the best speed.
What is a good Internet speed Mbps?
The good internet speed is 10-15 Mbps. But if you are going to lifting like streaming with multi-device and gaming you will want internet speed as fast as 1000 Mbps.
What is the average home WiFi speed?
The average speed of Wifi at home is download speed is 150 Mbps and a 1024 GB for uploading speed.
How many Mbps do I need at home?
Generally for home, You need internet speed at least 3 Mbps. Even you watch movies and any video in 4K resolution on the computer, laptop or Ultra HD enable Devices you need at least 25 Mbps.
what internet speed need for gaming?
Your internet speed makes a big difference in your online gaming experience. The video game manufacturers recommended at least 3 Mbps per second download speed and 0.5 -1 Mbps per second uploading speed.
 10 tips to boost up your internet connection speed.

1. Restart Your Router.
2. Use Ethernet.
3. Install Antivirus Software.
4. Use Adblock.
5. Switch to 5GHz
6. Secure Your Browser.
7. Delete Your Internet History.
8. Flush Your DNS Records.
How speed up my Internet in Windows 10?
best ways to increase your Internet speed on Windows 10:
Disable your Windows Updater.
 Off the Background Apps.
You can change your internet speed to Google Public DNS.
Clear the Temporary files and Caches from your windows.
Enable your Limit Reservable Bandwidth and Set your limit Reservable Bandwidth to (% to 0)
What internet speed need for Fortnite?

The Fortnite needs 3 Mbps to run smoothly. Make sure your bandwidth is not contested by other internet-enabled device.

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