8 Easy Steps To Learn How To Make Money From Event Blogging | What is Event Blogging

8 Easy Steps To Learn How To Make Money From Event Blogging | What is Event Blogging

Hello friends, welcome to skillmeto we will tell you today what is Event Blogging, if you want to know something new, stay tuned to get complete information with our today’s post How to Start Event Blogging.

We will give you information through this post on how to earn money from Event Blogging. We will tell you about it in very easy language, hope that you will like our today’s post Event Blogging Tips like our previous posts.

Nowadays, Event Blogging is becoming very popular, you must have heard about it too. Many bloggers are working on it and they can earn lots of money.

An Event Blog is created to target an event so that you can earn money from Blog when the event starts. Event Blog has to start 3-4 months before the event starts so that you can rank on Google.
Today we will tell you how to do Event Blogging through this post. So friends, if you want to know about Event Blogging, stay tuned for our today’s post How to Make Money from Event Blogging For this, definitely read our post from beginning to end.
Table of Content:

  • What is Event Blogging?
  • How to Start Event Blogging?
  • Types of Event Blogging
  • Why do Event Blogging?
  • How to Make Money with Event Blogging?
  • Blog Vs Event Blogging
  • Event Blogging FAQs
  • Conclusion

What is Event Blogging?

Friends, you will know that for any festival or any special occasion, you have to blogging for any festival or any special occasion because there is no shortage of Festivals in India and here on Good Morning, Good Night, Happy Birthday, I Messages of Love You, etc. types are also searched on the Internet.

So if you are thinking of blogging an event in India, then you are thinking right that you can earn good money through it, so now you must have understood that what we have to write posts is to target blogging by targeting Festivals or targeting events.

How to Start Event Blogging?

To start Event Blogging, you have to prepare before any event start. You cannot start work just 10-15 days before. You can create an Event Blog in which you are targeting any event, at least 30-40. Work should be started the day before. So let’s know Event Blogging Step By Step

Step: 1 Choose an Upcoming Event

When you have thought of blogging the event, then the first task before you is to choose the Upcoming Event, then for this, you can choose the most popular event on the Internet so that you can get more traffic and earn more money.

Step: 2 Popular Topics

Holiday – Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, Yoga Day, Valentine’s Day

Festival – Happy New Year, Happy Holi, Happy Diwali, Happy Christmas
Sports Event – IPL, ICC World Cup, Asia Cup, FIFA World Cup, Olympic Etc.

New Launched – Reliance Jio Upcoming, iPhone Launch, One Plus Launch, Etc.

Other Event – People of many Religions are found in India and some festivals are also coming and there are holidays, you can also make them a topic on which you think that traffic can come.

All the above Topic Event is best for blogging, just you have to choose Topic according to your interest.

Step: 3 Keyword Research

Keyword Research is a very important task of Event Blogging, without it, it is very difficult to have a success of Event Blog if you have a budget to do Keyword Research then use Paid Tools like Semrush and Ahrefl because in these tools you will get many features. In which you can do your work easily.

If you do not have a budget and you want to do Keyword Research for free, then for this we have given you three tools with the help of which you can create an Event Blog.

1. Google Trends
2. Keyword Planner
3. Ubersuggest

Step: 4 Buy A Domain

If you want your event to be ranked correctly, then you have to buy a domain for it. When buying a domain, remember some things like:

• Domain must have an Event Name.
• If the event is for a specific country, then buy the domain of that country.
• If you want to create a Micro Niche website then buy Domain with Keyword.
• If you want to be ranked on the event for the long term, do not use the year in the domain.

Step: 5 Setup Event Blog

Now you have to start the blog and set up it correctly, for this, you can choose any of the most popular Blogging Platform WordPress and Blogspot, both are best.

Step: 6 Quality Content

Now you have to write a high quality content related to the event, write long and unique content by targeting your main keyword, you have to do this work 30-40 days in advance, you have to write at least 1000-1500 words in every post and you are also SEO Can do

Step: 7 Quality Backlinks

Link building is necessary to rank your blog on the first page on Google, for this, you can generate backlinks by going to related websites and blogs and posting comments and guest posts. Backlinks are better if Do-Follow – Do not backlinks frequently, use different Keywords.

Step: 8 Promote Blogs

Now you have to generate maximum traffic to promote your content, for this, you can use any method, you should use social media to increase maximum traffic because there is only time left in your event.

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Types of Event Blogging

Long-term Event Blogging – This type of event blogging is done for a long time. Let us explain how? Suppose you are writing an article on someone’s birthday, then it is considered blogging for a long time.

This type of event blogging is not called festival event blogging. Because if you are writing an article on someone’s birthday, then it goes to the event blog for a long time.

If you write an article on someone’s birthday every day, then you will get traffic every day. Because every day someone’s birthday happens. Every day the birthdays of millions of people are celebrated.

Some of the topics for long term event blogging are – like Birthday, Good Morning, Good Night, Good Evening, Good Afternoon, etc.

If you write an article on any of these topics, then such articles are called long-term event blogging.

Short-term Event Blogging – In the short term event blogging is targeted by thinking about a particular day. Articles written in this category do not remain in rank for long. This is because, in the article written in event blogging for a short time, such articles are written which we cannot search every day.

For example, if you have written an article on New Year, then it will come in blogging for a short time. Because people search about things based on New Year mostly when New Year is passed. After that, no one searches these topics.

Similarly, if you want to write about Diwali, then people mostly read about the things related to Diwali only when Diwali is around. This is called event blogging for a short time.

Some of the topics related to short term event blogging are like Republic Day, New Year, Holi, Independence, Christmas, etc.

Why do Event Blogging?

There is only one aim to create an Event Blog, to make money. Whoever makes Blogger Event Blog earn $ 100 to $ 1000 a day through this.

How to Make Money with Event Blogging?

Google AdSense is the biggest source to earn money from Event Blogging, through this you can earn a lot of money from your Event Blogging, but remember one thing is that you can only place ads on Articles and shopping on Festival is also very much for this You can also use these methods to earn good money by event blogging.

Blog Vs Event Blogging

If we talk about Blog and Event Blogging then Blogging is a long process and it can take almost a year to do it and make money from it and even then you may not make as much money as Event Blogging because you need to It takes a lot of time to bring traffic to the blog and even after working hard, not much traffic is known.

As much as event blogging comes in 2-3 days, if someone does blogging then he does it to earn money and if there is no traffic in blogging, then you will not be able to earn money and if you talk about event blogging, then you have 2- There will be a lot of traffic in 3 days because a lot of people share it.

If you want to make blogging to earn money, then Event Blogging is right for you and it takes less effort to talk about the same blog, then it is more hard work, but money is earned from it for a long time and in Event Blogging Earnings also end when the festival ends.

Event Blogging FAQs

Q1. Is Event Blogging Why Special Type Blog?

A1. No, an Event Blog is a normal blog just like your blog. The only difference is that the Event Blog is made just to earn money by targeting an Event. Whereas Normal Blog is made for both Paisa and Identity.

Q2. What is the Best Topic for Event Blog?

A2. There are many topics for Event Blogging, some of these popular Event Blogging Topic is as follows.

• New Year
• Exam Result
• FIFA World Cup
• Olympics
• ICC World Cup & Champion Trophy
• Christmas
• Election
• Holi
• Diwali

Q3. What should be the domain for Event Blog?

A3. When you create a blog by targeting an event, then while buying the domain, you should note that the domain should be such that the name of that event and its year must be there. Example: If you are creating an Event Blog by targeting IPL 2019. So its domain should be something like this.

• ipl2020.com
• iplt2020.com
• ipl2020player.com
• 2020ipl.com
• ipl2020score.com

Q4. Who is the best hosting of Event Blog?

A3. If you have WordPress VPS Hosting that can handle 2000 to 5000 real-time traffic, then you can use it. If you do not have VPS, then you host your domain on Blogger. Because here you get Unlimited Hosting and Unlimited Real-Time Traffic Capacity.

Q5. What is the right time to start an Event Blog?

A5. Event is a very important role in Blogging Time. Most bloggers fail due to this reason. Because they do not create their own Event Blog at the right time. To create a blog for any event, you should have at least 6 months. So that you can rank it well in Google Search until the event arrives.

Q6. How to do a Traffic Boost for Event Blog?

A6. You can also use Black Hat SEO Technique (Paid Traffic, Paid Backlink) along with White Hat SEO Technique (Social Share, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Backlink) to boost event blog traffic. So that you can rank your blog as quickly as possible.


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