Best 4 Awesome and useful New features of WhatsApp are coming soon.

Best 4 Awesome and useful New features of WhatsApp are coming soon.

Do you like Whatsapp stickers? Then wait for the next WhatsApp update! In the latest WhatsApp beta, some new features have been revealed that will be rolled out to all users in the future, including the aforementioned stick sets.
In the current beta version of WhatsApp, new features have been revealed, which WhatsApp has now officially revealed on its blog.

WhatsApp New Features 2020

1) Change in group call-Whatsapp

Change in group call-Whatsapp

After WhatsApp increased the number of video call participants to eight, the Facebook assistant is now improving the view of group calls. In the future, it will be possible to tap and hold the conversation partner in a video chat for full-screen viewing. In addition, group chat with eight people will get a new icon to initiate a group call with one click.
2) QR Code-Whatsapp
QR Code-Whatsapp

QR code is a digital front door that makes chatting with business as easy as possible. When people first met someone, they had to add their WhatsApp number to their contract, one number at a time.
WhatsApp is finally rolling out QR codes that allow quick scanning of a contact. For this purpose, WhatsApp will introduce a new tab in the menu, which will display your own QR code or allow you to scan the QR code. To scan other QR codes, WhatsApp must be given camera access.
Now, people can simply display the QR store on their storefront, product packaging, or receipt to start a chat shop.
QR codes are available for businesses around the world using the WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business API starting today.

3) Animated stickers to be found in WhatsApp

Animated stickers to be found in WhatsApp
Stickers are one of the fastest-growing methods on WhatsApp, which are sent in billions every day.
WhatsApp users can easily send photos in chats for some time. However, the stickers were not animated until now. WhatsApp will introduce new sticker sets in the coming weeks which will include animated pictures. These new animated sticker packs will be even more fun and expressive.

4) Whatsapp web is going to have a dark mode-Whatsapp

Whatsapp web is going to have a dark mode

This feature should have already been available to most users by now. Dark mode has come in WhatsApp web which has been available for some time on WhatsApp and iOS and Android. So to match the desktop application to the app, finally there will be a good demand look.
Change Soon
The dark mode should already be available on WhatsApp web as mentioned above. Users of the web application will find the appropriate configuration under “Settings”. WhatsApp plans to roll out other features “in the coming weeks” for Android and iOS.

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