Book Home Loan Lower Interest Bank

Book home loan lower interest

Home loan :-  Basically we know that most of the people spend almost half their life in rented room. Years of years people live in rented rooms and make their living. Every month 7 to 10 thousand pay the least rent. Some people have this much understanding that we can become the owner of a house by giving only 7 to 10 thousand months. And out of those who understand this, they start thinking of taking a home loan. For them, today we have brought some such bank which will give you money to take your dream home at low interest. Note :- It is better than renting house, become the owner of your dream home by taking home loan.

First we will know what is the category of home loan.

Home Purchase Loans:  (Residential property, Including flats, row houses and bungalows. Max loan 90% of property value) When we buy a house, property, or bangla, it is called


 Home Purchase Loan. So there are many companies which give loan up to 90%. Whatever the value of your property. And that too on very easy installments.



Home Construction Loans: (To meet the costs of constructiona new House) This means that if you want to get some construction done. If you have a property and want to build it, then it is called Home Construction Loan.


Home Improvement loans: (To renovate, Repair or refurnish your Home) When we are making something new or painting in our house or if something is broken or broken, the loan we take to get it built is called Home Improvement Loan. This is a different category of loan.

Home Extension loan:   (TO extend or add more space to the home. For instance, adding a room as per growing family needs) When we want to add something else to our house, such as the loan taken to build a second bedroom or another floor, it is called a home extension loan. 

Land Purchase loans: (For purchase of land or a plot loan for construction or as an investment) When we go to buy any land, then the loan taken at that time is called land purchase loan. The interest in this is higher than the home loan. Yes, if we say that we will get construction done on it, then some work gets done.

Balance Transfer Loans: (To transfer an existing home loan from a bank / NBFC to another provider/lander) When we already have a loan and take money transfer loan to repay that loan and also to take some extra money which very few people know.


Bridge loan: TO a buy another property by selling off the one. The fund helps meet short-term fund requirement like down payment for the new house till the old property is not sold off. Bridge loans are generally offered at higher interest rates with a maximum repayment tenure of up to 2 years. 

Best Home Loan Government Banks

Name Of lender Up to 30 Lakh Above 30 lakh & up to 75 Lakh
Indian Bank 6.50% – 7.70% 6.50% – 7.50%
Central bank of india 6.85% – 7.30% 6.85% – 7.30%
Bank of India 6.50% – 8.35% 6.50% – 8.35%
UCO bank 6.50% – 7% 6.50% – 7%
Bank of Maharashtra 6.40% – 8.30% 6.40% – 8.45%


Best Home Loan Private Banks

Name Of lender Up to 30 Lakh Above 30 lakh & up to 75 Lakh
Kotak Mahindra Bank 6.55% 6.55%
Bandhan Bank 6.40% – 13.50% 6.40% – 11.75%
Axis Bank 6.75% – 11.50% 6.75% – 11.50%
IDBI Bank 6.75% – 9.90% 6.75% – 9.90%


Best Loan Housing Finance Companies

Name Of lender Up to 30 Lakh Above 30 lakh & up to 75 Lakh
LIC Housing Finance 6.70% – 7.85% 6.70% – 8.05%
HDFC Ltd. 6.70% – 8.45% 6.70% – 8.70%


I have just shown you the interest rate of the same bank whose interest rate is low and home loan
is easily available. If you want to take a loan then you can approach these bank and become the owner of your dream home.

You can take a loan from any bank, I have told you the names of the banks with the least interest. And if you can get a fixed interest loan, then you should always take a loan with fixed interest.
I hope you all must have got some knowledge from this article. thanks

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