Everything You Wanted to Know About What is SSL and How SSL Work

Everything You Wanted to Know About What is SSL and How SSL Work
Friends, the question comes in our mind that what is SSL Certificate? So we start thinking about what this is, this friends, through this post today, will tell you about SSL, which will give all kinds of information like what is SSL Certificates and what are its benefits and how it works. If you are a permanent internet user then you must know this.

Friends, as you know, https or http is installed at the beginning of any website, but many people do not understand the meaning of what it is and what is the difference between these two and what benefits the user has from these two. And what can be the harm if you want to know, then read this post carefully, in this post you will get all kinds of information about it.

What is SSL?

Have you ever noticed and seen that some URLs start with “http: //” while others start with “https: //”? Perhaps you noticed that when you browse websites such as banks, online payments, where you need to provide sensitive information, such as when you pay bills online.

But where did that extra “s” come from, and what does it mean?
Simply put, the extra “s” means that your connection to that website is secure and any data you enter is securely encrypted. The technology that gives some power to “s” is called SSL.

Full Form of SSL

SSL Full form is Secure Sockets Layer

Why is SSL important?

The primary importance of installing SSL certificates is to initiate a secure session between the web server and the browser. Once a secure connection is established, all information passed between the web server and the visitor will be kept private and encrypted later.

What is SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificate is an Encryption Protocol that is being used by many websites. It provides a secure contact with the Protocol Website and Internet Browser. This provides security to the internet user to exchange their private data to another website. 

Nowadays all the online business people are using SSL Protocol so that they can secure the customers and the online transactions they are doing.

Now you must be thinking how you will know which website has the protocol of SSL Certificate, then you must have seen that some websites’ URLs start with “Http:” and some with “Https:”. So you get to see this “S” on those websites where the user’s data is kept secure. 

This “S” means that your Connection on that website is secure and any data given by you is secure on it. The technology that powers that “S” is called SSL.

There are several types of SSL Certificate:

1. Domain Validation
2. Organization Validation
3. Extended Validation
4. SAN / Multi-domain SSL
5. Wildcard SSL
6. Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL Certificate
7. Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

1. Domain Validation (DV)

It is perfect for a blog and it is also the cheapest SSL certificate. You can achieve this in a few minutes or hours. It is best for those who do not need extra security.
    it’s cheap.
• Can be obtained in a few minutes or hours.
• Best for blogs and small websites.

2. Organization Validation (OV)

It provides better security than a Domain Validation certificate. Such a certificate takes 2-3 days to activate.

3. Extended Validation (EV)

 For websites, an Extended Validation Certificate is very important, which the transaction takes place. It displays a padlock with the business name in the URL.

 Extended Validation (EV)

Domain Validation and Organization Validation certificates are easy to obtain, while Extended Validation requires a strict authentication process. It takes about 7-10 days to activate.
Most banking, finance, and e-commerce websites use EV certificates.

4. SAN / Multi-domain SSL

Multi-domain SSL certificates are also called SAN certificates. This type of certificate helps in securing many domain names. 100 domains can be secured by a single multi-domain SSL certificate.
You can achieve this with Domain Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended Validation.
5. Wildcard SSL

The Wildcard SSL certificate secures your domain and unlimited sub-domains with a single certificate. It is available with Organization Validation (OV) and Domain Validation (DV).

6. Multi-domain SSL Certificate

This type of certificate secures unlimited sub-domains with multiple domain names. You can achieve this with Domain Validation (DV) and Organization Validation (OV).

7. Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC) is specifically designed to secure Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office Communications Server.
It works like a Multi-Domain SSL certificate and 100 domains can be secured with a single certificate.

Work for SSL Certificate

Friends SSL, using this, whatever data is sent from the client to the server is encrypted with a secure key, so no one can read this data in the middle of the data, it gets converted into another code. If someone reads it, you will not understand it.

For example, if we enter any of our ID passwords on any website, then it goes from its browser to the server, many hackers read it to see what it has entered and the SSL certificate will give you some kind of ID. Converts the password to another code so that it then passes the code to the server and then the server decodes the same code again and no one in the middle reads it so that all the information of that user remains confidential.

How to identify SSL Certificates on the website?

Friends, on any website, SSL is from HTTP and https, you can identify with both these words that after all, on which website there is an SSL certificate or not, as you would see that the URL of any website has only Http, This means that this website does not give you any type of security, if you enter any type of ID password here, then your ID and password are not safe.

And whichever website has an SSL certificate, https is placed at the beginning of that website, which means that you can enter your ID password here, your ID and password on this website are absolutely safe between you and the server.

Friends, we hope that through this post you will have got to know what is SSL Certificate and what is its work, yet you can comment if you have any kind of question or suggestion.

Friends, we hope that you have got the information about SSL certificates, yet if you have any kind of question or suggestion, you can comment.

How to buy SSL Certificate?

Purchasing an SSL certificate is very easy. You can also buy SSL certificate from Godaddy, Hostgator, Bigrock, A2 hosting. When purchasing SSL certificate from these sites, you have to pay their fixed amount.
By the way, many web-hosting companies also provide SSL certificates to their users.

Things to know before buying SSL Certificate:

When you purchasing SSL Certificate, you have to keep some important things in mind.

1. Brand name

There are lots of companies that sell SSL certificates in the market. But it is better to buy SSL Certificate from a reliable, big and trusted brand.

2. Encryption Level

There are many levels of encryption. If you accept credit/debit cards on your website, you must have at least 128-bit SSL certificates.

3. Dedicated SSL & Shared SSL certificate
• Dedicated SSL certificate – most of the brands offer Dedicated SSL you have to buy it.
• Shared SSL certificates – found for free, non-sensitive websites, and perfect for blogs. But it is not recommended for e-commerce sites.
Dedicated SSL certificates provide very good support while Shared SSL certificates do not provide any type of support.
What are the types of SSL Certificates?

How to Install SSL Certificate?

Installing SSL Certificate is very easy if you want to know about SSL Certificate Installation, then let’s know about it.
Step: 1 SSL Certificate

If you have bought an SSL certificate, then go to your account and click on My Product, here you will see all the Product Domain, Hosting and Secure Socket Layer, then you click on SSL Certificate here, then click on Manage.
SSL Certificate

Step: 2 Request Certificate

As soon as you click on Manage, then a new page will open in front of you, here you have to write the name of your Domain or Websites. Leave option with Email and Provide, then click on request certificate.
Request Certificate

Step: 3 Installing Secure Socket Layer

Clicking on the Request Certificate, you will have a new page open in front of you, there is nothing to do here, here you will see the process of Secure Socket Layer Install, which can take at least 30 minutes.

Installing Secure Socket Layer

Step: 4 Refresh Page

When this process is complete, then you have to go to the Admin Panel of WordPress and refresh the page, you will see Green Color Pad Lock on your website, which means that Secure Socket Layer (SSL) has become activated on your website.
Refresh Page

Benefits of SSL Certificates

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol that works as a secure bridge for data transfer between server and browser. In today’s time, SSL has become a necessity for those who run e-commerce stores or online shopping sites.

Customer confidence

SSL certificate is very important for the purpose of customer confidence, especially for those who run online stores. If there is an online fraud with the user while making an online payment or shopping at your shop, the users hardly visit your site again.

Data protection

SSL establishes a secure connection between the web browser and the server, keeping users’ data secure.

SEO Boost

Google has made SSL certificate mandatory for websites. If your site is SSL certified, then you count valid sites in Google’s view. If you use SSL certificate in the site, then your site ranks better in the search engine.


If you visit any websites on chrome that are not SSL certified then it flashes a warning “Not Secure”. It shows only on warning chrome 68 and higher version.
Private communication

SSL keeps communication on your site completely private. SSL certificate keeps users’ details like credit, debit card, login passwords, bank details in encrypted form. Which keeps online fraud safe.

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