Get Quick indexed your New Blog Fast in Google [4 step guide for quick indexing]

Get Quick indexed your New Blog Fast in Google [4 step guide for quick indexing]
You write a new blog post with all day’s hard work. But do you also take any step for indexing a new blog post?
After publishing the post, maximum bloggers rely on google for indexing.
Surely you, like me and other bloggers, will be trying to add the best value to your post.

But when we publish the post. So it is known that crawlers of google did not even index our new article.
It is often seen that it takes several weeks for a new article or blog post to be indexed in google.

If you have a similar problem, then don’t worry…
In this article, you will know how you can get your new blog post indexed in SERP instantly.

Note: If your site is brand new and you want it indexed in google. So this post will also work for you.

With the help of your old website or blog, you can apply this method and get the new website indexed in google.

Why is it important for Google to index its articles?

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Also, it is the biggest source of organic traffic. Let me tell you that organic traffic is considered the most valuable traffic.

In maximum cases, organic traffic is more than half of the total traffic on any website.

How to increase organic traffic to websites or blogs?

In such a situation, indexing of blog post or article was written by Google is very important. So that a rapid organic traffic drive can be done on our blog or website.

In this article, I am going to share that great way with you, with the help of which your new blog post or article will be indexed in a few hours.
So hui doesn’t supper fast indexing …

Every day millions of new articles are published on the Internet. Many of these people demand quick indexing.

But Google does not provide quick indexing to all websites. But in most cases, this is the most successful method of indexing.

As a newbie Blogger, I too have had to go through this problem many times. It takes a lot of time and energy to prepare a well-researched article for the blog.

Even after this, we have to wait several weeks or even months to show our article in google search.

So much pain, please take care…

You don’t have to be Paresh Rawal in such a situation. Follow these steps given by me, you will see the effect in a few hours.

I did not know anything about this myself. But when I did this, my blog posts got indexed quickly in google search.

This is a simple approach. If you follow it correctly then there are chances of up to 100% indexing.

Get new blog posts indexed in google immediately [4 step guide for quick indexing]

You can get all your new posts indexed quickly in google using the interlinking and reindexing method.

For this, you have to follow this 4 step method.

1. Setup Google search console for your blog/website

If you have already set up the search console. So you can avoid this step.
But if you have not already set up, then set up now. Because with the help of this tool you will be able to index your blog posts and articles.

Search Console gives you information about your site’s performance on Google search.

Also provides data for those keywords. Which is driving organic traffic to your website?

How to add your blog from Google search console?

Step 1: Go to google search console and click on the start button. Log in using google account.

Step 2: Enter the URL of your blog or website in the option of Domain.

 Enter the URL of your blog or website in the option of Domain.

Step 3: Copy the TXT record. After that go to your domain registrar or Cloudflare and add the TXT record in the DNS configuration.

Note: If you use Blogspot or google domain. So you skip this step. The search console will automatically verify that domain.

Keep in mind one thing, login to the search console from the same google account that you used on Blogspot or google domain.

After some time after adding the TXT record, you will activate the search console account. Then you can create a sitemap of your website and submit it.
2. Find posts that have already been indexed in Google

After setup the Search console, you have to find such a post on your blog. Which has already been indexed in google?
For this, you find your post that drives organic traffic on your blog.
If you want, you can find out this by putting the URL of your old post in the box containing inspect URL in the search console. Whether your post is indexed in google or not.
If you are already on the search console then it will be quite easy for you to find such posts.
3. Interlinking your new post

When you have already got the indexed post, then interlinking your newly published post.

Copy the link to your new post and do some interlinking somewhere in the already indexed article.

Interlinking your new post

If you are already on the search console then it will be quite easy for you to find such posts.

4. Request for reindexing

After linking your new article with the old one, go to the search console and search by entering the old URL in the box containing inspect URL.
4. Request for reindexing

You ‘page changed? Request indexing will be available. Click on that option and send the indexed post for reindexing.

As soon as you do this, the google bot will crawl your post again and will index any new post links you left there.

Bus! This is the way through which you can get your new blog posts indexed quickly by Google.

How does this method of quick indexing work?

Instead of indexing new articles, Google gives priority to reindexing the old article.

This is because Google always wants to deliver new content to its users.
When some changes are made to previously published articles, it is an indication that it has been updated and some new information has been added to it.

When old articles are updated to keep the information useful, Google likes it very much.

Thus, if you normally index your new articles. So it may take several days or more than a week to get indexed.

However, using this method reduces the time taken for indexing.

Because google crawl old articles immediately. In such a situation, all the links in that article are also automatically indexed.
Conclusion :

In this article, you have learned to index new articles or blog posts in google immediately.

I am sure that by using this trick, you will be able to index all your new posts in a few minutes.

If you do not get positive results despite using this technique. So tell us in the comment box.

Also, do not forget to share this article with people connected to the world of blogging.

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