Google Classroom: Take Learning Beyond Classroom Walls!

Google Classroom: Take Learning Beyond Classroom Walls!

As we move from the digital world to the paper world through the virtual world, we should consider making a decision that will not only be helpful to students but will make teaching life of teachers easier.
All options are available in front of us, but the most important is that we build a digital classroom that makes all types of resources available to students anytime, anywhere.
Today, education is not limited to only four walls. Students are also teaching outside the classroom. From parents who help students to do homework, extra-curricular activity, field trips, and more, from which students can learn in many ways beyond the walls.
This is why today we will talk about a feature of Google, in which teachers will be able to motivate students to learn, regardless of the place or time.

Google Classroom is a free web service for schools, non-profits, and any teacher who has a Google account. Google Classroom makes it easy for learners and instructors to connect in and out of schools.
Google Classroom helps teachers save time, keep the class organized, and improve communication with students.

Benefits of Google Classroom

Easy Setup – Teacher class can set-up, invite students and co-teachers. In the class stream, they share assignments, announcements, and questions.
Saves time and paper – Teachers can create classes and distribute assignments in one place.
Better Organization – Students can view assignments on their work page, in the class stream, or on the class calendar.
Better communication and feedback – can create teacher assignments, send announcements, and initiate discounts in the classroom. Students can share resources with each other. The teacher can immediately see which students have completed the work and who has not. And they can give feedback and grade in real-time.
Cheap and safe – The classroom is free. There is no ad in the classroom.

Who can do what in Google Classroom?

Teacher – Can create and manage classes, send assignments, and grade.
Student – Keep track of classwork and material. Shares resources and interacts via email. Submit the assignment. Receives feedback and grades.
Guardian – Receives an email summary of his students’ works. This summary includes information about the work they have done, upcoming assignments, and class activity.
Google Classroom automatically shares their parents’ work with students. This makes them easily understand the progress of their children.

 How to Join Google Classroom?

When you going to join Google classroom first you have to sign in Google classroom.

There have a few steps to sign in Google classroom.

Step-1:  Go to your Google Chrome browser and sign in with your Chrome account.

Google Classroom step 1

Step-2: After sign-in,  you can see your Chrome browser home click on the search box, and search Google Class Room.

Google Classroom step 2

Step-3: Open the First link of Google Class Room, Google is automatically signed in Google Class Room.

Google Classroom step 3

Step-4: After sign in Google Class Room, you click on this sign (+) on the top right side.

Google Classroom step 4

Step-5: Then click Join class on the menu.

Google Classroom step 5

Step-6: Now enter your class code and click Join.

Google Classroom step 6

Note: This class code you have received from your teacher when this class is created.

If you don’t have code, then check your email. When an email was not sent from your teacher or school you can contact and bring your code.

Step-7: After Join you see your class home page.

 Explore your classroom, If your teacher has given any information for you to look over, it will be listed here.

Google Classroom step 7

How to create Online Google Classroom?

Google Classroom teachers are a great platform for interacting with their students. The teacher posts questions or assignments in the classroom, which are visible to all students. Then they answer it, which only the teacher can see. Based on this, teachers give grades.
Step-1: Sign in with your Gmail Account
Go to the link in Google Classroom and sign in with your Gmail account. After this, you will be able to see the classroom interface which will be empty for the first time.

 Step 1 of Google Classroom
Step-2: Create a class
Creating a class is very easy. All you have to do is click on the plus + icon on the top right side and select Create Class.

 Step 2 of Google Classroom
Now a pop-up will appear, where you will have to provide information about class name, section, and subject.

 Step 3 of Google Classroom
Then click on the Create button.
Now you can see that your class has been created.

Step-3: invite students in your classroom.
After creating the class, invite the students. To do this, click on the Student tab.
To invite students, you can either share code to the left or you can invoke them from your e-mail address.

 Step 4 of Google Classroom

Ask students to visit the page.
Or you can also ask to download the Android app of Google Classroom.
Then click on the top right plus icon and tell them to enter this code.
All students who join this class appear under the Student tab.
 Step 5 of Google Classroom

Step-4: Create an Assignment

Click the Stream tab to create an assignment, and then move the mouse pointer to the plus + icon below.

Then click on Create question.

 Step 6 of Google Classroom

As a classroom teacher, you can post multiple-choice or short-questions and answers.

Enter the title and instructions.

You can set the date for students to answer this question.

For short-answer questions, students can reply to each other, and students can edit answers on or off.

Besides, you can also attach the file or URL link below.

By default, this question is posted to all students from the class. You can post this question to different students.

Finally, click on the Ask button.

See screenshot below for how to make Quechan

 Step 7 of Google Classroom
Step-5: See Answers

Now, after posting your question you will be able to see which student has answered the questions and who has not. And as soon as the answers to the questions start coming from the students, you will be able to see their answers in real-time.
 Step 8 of Google Classroom
Step-6: View the work.

On the Work page, you can review the students’ assignments and questions.

Click on the three-line menu on the top left side and select Work.

 Step 9 of Google Classroom
Step-7: Grade the assignment

When the answers will come from all the students or on the due date, you can grade the students.

To do this, click on the question for which you want to grade the students. After that, a new page will open, where you will see the list of students and their respective answers.

The default point value here is 100. To change this, click on the point value and enter your value.

According to the answer, you can give 100 points.

 Step 10 of Google Classroom

In this way, you can easily take students’ classroom anywhere.

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