Google Kormo Jobs: Apply for any job From Home

Google Kormo Jobs: Apply for any job From Home

 Google Kormo Jobs: Apply for any job From Home

Due to the Corona Virus, unemployment is growing rapidly worldwide and more than 120 million people have lost their jobs in India alone. In such a situation, if you get to apply for a job with career growth, CV writing tips, then how will it be? Perhaps you are thinking that I have spoken my mind. Yes, we are going to talk about Google latest launch career application Kormo Jobs here.
There are many applications for private jobs like IT jobs, from which you can apply online by searching for jobs according to your skills. But to talk about other private jobs, there was no specific application for this. But now Google India is stepping forward and has created an application in this adverse situation, which will help those looking for such a job.

What is Google Kormo Jobs?

Now maybe I don’t need to tell you what is Google Kormo? But still, we get some important information.
This is a mobile application job portal where you will get to see jobs from IT to cooking, it is an integrated app. Then you will get information about the job being shared on Google from here.
Google Kormo is specially designed for India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia, and the main objective of making it is to make it easy for people to find jobs according to their skills.
On this app, you will get to see some such jobs.
• Design
• Cooking
• Administrative Works
• Management
• Serve Customers
• Speak to Clients
• Driving
• Work with IT
• Research and Analysis
• Manual Work
These are all job categories and if you have any of these skills, then you can apply for them by searching for jobs according to your city. Now let’s see how this whole process happens, then we will talk about its advantages and disadvantages.

How to apply for any job from home?

This app is very easy to use and you can apply for any job after just giving some information. Here, I provide you complete information step by step, which will be helpful for you.
Step 1. First, you download this app.

(Note 1. The Google Kormo job App is currently available only to Android users and is completely free.)
Step 2. After downloading the app, open it and log in to it through your Gmail ID.
(Note 2. In this you will not get the option of signup, you have to login directly with your Gmail id and you can do this without any problem. Because both products are from Google itself.)
Step 3. After login, you will be asked what kind of job you are searching for. As you can see in the image, you choose one of these categories and move forward.
Step 4. Now you have to select the location i.e. in which city you are looking for a job.
Step 5. Now you will come in front of all the jobs, which will be according to the skill you have selected. You can apply to any of these jobs.
 (Note 3. Before applying for any job, you should set up your profile properly so that whoever is an employer can get information about your skills and experience.)
Friends, through the Google Kormo job app, now those people will also get a better chance who do not have any job. Because we all know that it is not possible to get government jobs.
In such a situation, if you know about such private job apps, then it will be easy to find work for yourself and it can happen. You will get such a job or if you get some idea while changing your job.
All I would like to say about the Google Korma Job app is that it is a free and better job app. Which can help people struggling with unemployment in today’s time? If you are using it, then you must tell about it in the comment.

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