How to create YouTube channel and Earn Money

How to create YouTube channel and Earn Money

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform, on which anyone can upload a video by creating a YouTube channel and its most important thing is that you can reduce it even less, which is also a reality in millions.
Today every Smartphone user spends a lot of time watching online videos on YouTube because today the internet is cheaper and its speed has increased, that is why the number of people uploading videos has also increased by making YouTube channel.
YouTube is not only the world’s largest video sharing platform but it is also the world’s second-largest search engine. Where every day millions of people search for the information they need.
Today we know how to create a YouTube channel step by full guide, what is YouTube, what is YouTube channel and many more things to know in this article.
If you want to create a professional YouTube channel so that you too can earn money online from YouTube, then today we are going to give you complete information about how to make a professional YouTube channel.
In such a situation, if you have some knowledge that you want to share with the whole world, then you can do this by creating a YouTube channel and you can also earn money instead.

Table of Content:

  • What is YouTube?
  • What is YouTube channel?
  • History of YouTube (YouTube history)
  • How to create YouTube channel?
  • How to create professional YouTube channel?
  • Some Essential Features of YouTube (YouTube Features)
  • How to upload video to YouTube in 2020?
  • How to turn on Monetization on YouTube channel?
  • How to Earn money from YouTube?
  • How to know Bank Swift Code?
  • What equipment do you need to make YouTube videos?
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion,

Whenever a person wants to get information through video, then he goes to YouTube first. On YouTube, you get a video of information related to any topic. YouTube is a service of Google and on this, you can log your video Can share with
Allow only the original video of YouTube and you can also earn money by sharing your video here.
You can create a YouTube channel to share your knowledge with people, help people, and so on, and there may be a lot of reasons to create a YouTube channel, but we can have the knowledge or whatever we show Should be right.
If you want to upload a video to YouTube and want to earn money, then for this you must first create a YouTube channel and only then you can upload the video.

What is YouTube channel?

YouTube is Google’s service that Google bought in 2006. It is also a Social Networking website on which you can only upload videos. For this, you have to create an account on YouTube which is called YouTube channel.
Those who create videos to upload videos to YouTube are called YouTubers. Creating a channel on YouTube is absolutely free, for this you do not have to spend any money, but it is very important to have a Gmail account. With the help of which you can create YouTube channel.

History of YouTube (YouTube history)

YouTube is a company founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chan, and Javed Karim. All three were previously employed in PayPal. Hurley did design from Indiana University and Chan and Karim studied computer science at Illinois University. Regarding these people, an incident has been repeatedly mentioned in the media.
According to this, the two friends shot some videos during a party in Chan’s apartment, but they were unable to share these videos with anyone else. Being fed up with this problem, both of them came up with an idea to share the videos, which later came to everyone in the form of YouTube.
According to Karim, the idea of ​​YouTube came up during Janet Jackson’s ‘Super Bowl incident’ in 2004 and during the tsunami in 2004 in the Indian Ocean. Actually, Karim could not get the video clip of either of these two, because he could not find the video, he imagined a site with which the video could be shared very easily.
According to Chan and Hurley, YouTube’s original idea came from an online dating service website and ‘Hot and Note’.
This company started with a very big budget. It started with about $ 11 million. It was between November 2005 to April 2006. It’s initial headquarter was over a Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California. Its initial domain name was, which began on 14 February 2005. The first video on this website was titled ‘Me at the Zoo’, in which Javed Karim, one of the company’s founders, is seen at a zoo in San Diego.
This video was uploaded on the website on 23 April 2005, which is being watched with great interest even after twelve years. Around the month of May this year, such features were added in it, so that ordinary people can also watch videos very easily. A promotional video of Naik on this website became the first video to receive nearly one million views.
 Ronaldinho worked in this campaign. In the month of November this year, Sequoia Capital put $ 3.5 million on YouTube. This made YouTube even stronger. During this time, about eight million views a day were coming on YouTube. This website was developing very fast. In July 2006, the company announced that 65,000 new videos are being uploaded on it daily. After this, YouTube videos started getting almost 100 million views daily.
In 2014, the company announced that approximately 300 hours of video are uploaded per minute on this website, which was three times the figure a year ago. The surprising thing is that one-third of it comes to YouTube from outside the US. The website gets around 800 million visitors every month. As of December 2016, YouTube is the world’s second most used website and the world’s number one TV website.

How to create YouTube channel?

You can use mobile and computer to create a YouTube channel. But if you want to create a professional YouTube channel, then for this you will need a laptop or computer. If you have it, then follow the steps given by us.
We do not have to pay to create a channel on YouTube and upload videos on it. By the way, if we make our website, then we need money for hosting and domain, in this way no one has to pay money to build a YouTube channel.
Step-1: For YouTube Channel, all we need is a Gmail ID, we can create it with the help of that. So the first thing we need to do is to open
And after that, at the top, you will see the profile pic of your Gmail ID, click on it and then click on the option “Create A Channel” and create your new channel.

Create YouTube channel

Step-2: Now an option will come on the screen that you want to name your YouTube Channel. If you want to create a channel with the same name as your Gmail ID, then click on the first option.
If someone wants to create a YouTube channel under a new name, then click on the second option.

Create YouTube channel
Step-3: And now, by whatever name you want to create a YouTube channel, fill that name in this box and tick the small box below it and click on the Create button will create the channel.

Create YouTube channel

Step-4: Now after this, whatever logo you have created for your YouTube Channel, you can place it here and write the description or whatever section you want to link your social media.

Or if you want to apply all these things later also, you can apply it by clicking on the button Set Up Later.

Create YouTube channel

Note: Remember these points before creating a YouTube channel.

1. The name you choose will be easy to remember.
2. It would be nice to have your name at least in words
3. The name you choose will be unique and new.
4. It will be good if you keep the name related to your channel.

How to create professional YouTube channel?

In this way, you can make your own YouTube channel, it is very easy, for this it takes only 5 minutes and your channel is ready by creating, now it comes to how to make your channel professional.
YouTube channel logo:
First of all, you have to prepare a logo for the channel which makes your channel professional, for this, you can use the website and App on the internet.
YouTube channel art:
When someone arrives on your channel, they first see the channel art, so design the channel art for your YouTube channel. Create a channel art size of 2560px X 1440px and for this, you can use Paint in Computer.
YouTube channel intro:
It is very important for a professional channel to have a channel intro. Which should be both the logo and the name of your channel, which the video viewers should remember the name of your channel.
YouTube channel about:
Tell about your channel that you upload any kind of video on this channel and also mention your email address to connect or give any kind of suggestion to your channel.
On your channel, you give a link to your social media like Facebook, Instagram, tweeter, so that your Subscriber can follow you and if you have a website, then you should also give a link that your website gets traffic from YouTube.
YouTube playlists:
If you are making a video series on one topic, which is called tutorial, then you should use playlists for it, which can easily watch all the videos related to that topic coming on your channel.
Things to keep in mind after creating a YouTube channel
Many people make YouTube channels but after that, they make a lot of mistakes, due to which their YouTube channel can also be deleted, so you should follow the guidelines of YouTube so that you do not have to do any kind of problem in the future.
1. You do not have to download anyone’s YouTube video and upload it on YouTube, you can come to Copy Right Strike.
2. You do not have to put any kind of nudity or sexual content.
3. You do not make videos like this which hurt someone’s religion and caste
4. Your channel can be deleted by not following YouTube community guidelines.

Some Essential Features of YouTube (YouTube Features)

• Playback: Adobe Flash Player plug-in was used to play YouTube videos at the beginning. In January 2010, an experimental version of YouTube arrived, which did not require any separate software to run. The use of YouTube became very easy with this version. After this, it became very easy to run YouTube in many other browsers.
• Uploading: Any YouTube user can upload a maximum of fifteen minutes of video in the initial time. After this, depending on the quality of their videos and the reaction of the people, they can be allowed to upload videos up to a maximum of twelve hours. In the initial period, there was no such limit, but it was seen that many people started uploading videos and long TV shows without any meaning. In view of this, its time limit was increased to ten minutes in March 2006, and in 2010, the time limit was increased to fifteen minutes. In most modern YouTube usage, videos of 20 GB or more can be sent.
• Quality and video formats: YouTube supports various video formats. These include AVI, MP4, MPEG-PS, FLV, etc. YouTube used to offer videos in early stages with 320 by 240 Pixel resolution in mono MP3 format. In 2007, YouTube also made videos of 3GP format available to run on mobile. In 2008 a high-quality model was introduced, which offered videos with a resolution of 480 by 360 pixels. In November 2008, 720p and support were added to it. In this way, the dimension of YouTube videos increased from 4: 3 to 16: 9 and also worked very well on the widescreen.
Apart from all this, 3D videos, 360-degree videos, etc. are also present on YouTube.

How to upload video to YouTube in 2020?

People who have already uploaded videos to their channel on YouTube, people will be well aware that there have been many new updates on YouTube, which has changed the UI (User Interface) of the entire YouTube Dashboard.
So in such a way, in 2020 how to upload videos on YouTube, learn these things about it, you will find it very useful in the future.
First of all, you have to open https://www.YouTube.Com and after that, you will get Icon of a Video Camera, after clicking on it, click Upload Video.

upload video to YouTube

And now, by clicking on Select Files, upload whatever video you want to upload here.
upload video to YouTube

Now here we get a lot of options but these three things are the most important. Title, Description, and Thumbnail We should just focus on these in the beginning and put these three while uploading the video.

upload video to YouTube

Now come to the next step, in which your video will be published, if you do not want to publish immediately, then press the private button and if you want to publish your video immediately as I did in the screenshot below. Select the same option and click on the publish button.

upload video to YouTube

So in this way you can upload the videos you have made to YouTube.

How to turn on Monetization on YouTube channel?

After creating a YouTube channel, we have to monetize it, only then we can make money from YouTube, 4K (four thousand) Public Watch Hours, and 1 thousand Subscribers will be required on our channel to start monetization on the channel.
When you have completed these criteria of YouTube, then after that, you will have to create a Google AdSense Account and link it with your YouTube Channel.

How to earn money from YouTube

If you have completed these criteria by uploading the original video, then after some time you will get a mail from YouTube, after which ads will be started on your video, after which the views on your video will be paid.
So you will start getting money from YouTube in a similar way.

How to Earn money from YouTube?

To earn money from YouTube, it is not necessary to use only Google AdSense, besides there are many ways through which we can earn money.
But let me first tell you the whole thing about Google AdSense, there is a small process for how the money that is in AdSense will come to our bank, after that we are able to earn money from YouTube.
Some people think that YouTube also pays for the likes, shares, and comments that come on our videos, but not YouTube gives us only the views money.
On the 11th of every month in the account of Google AdSense, our previous month’s earnings are added to the main balance and when the main balance is $10, then we have to get our address and an ID verification.
For ID Verification, you can upload the photo of PAN Card or Driving License and for Address Verification, a letter arrives at your home, it has 6 digits written in it, which we need to Verify by putting in your Google AdSense Account.
After the completion of this process, you have to fill your bank details in Google AdSense and fill in the option with Payments.
For this, you need these things from your Bank Account: –
• Bank Account Number
• Account Holder Name
• IFSC Code
• Swift Code
• Bank Name
You will get all this information written on the passbook of your bank account, if you are under 18 years of age, then you can also fill the bank details of your mother or father.
Now, if you do not get some information written on your Passbook, such as IFSC Code or Swift Code, then I have told you below about how you will get these things.

How to know Bank Swift Code?

After monetization on YouTube channel, our job is that we first put the bank details in Google AdSense account so that whenever our $ 100 is completed, the team of Google AdSense can transfer it to our bank.
But whenever we have to request or send money to our bank of another country, in such a situation, we need the code of IFSC Code as well as Swift Code, in such a situation, many people use the Swift Code of their bank branch on the Internet. But after seeing it, we write.
But you should not do this because sometimes some things are written wrong on the internet too, so if you also put your Swift Code wrong then your payment can be stopped.
So by going to the same branch in which you have an account, you can ask Swift Code from the manager there, they will give it to you, and maybe you can also ask some questions. Such as – What do you want this Swift Code for?
In many villages or cities, there are such banks which do not have a Swift Code, in such a situation, you can go to the main branch of your same bank and ask for the Swift Code and you can put it in Google AdSense. 

What equipment do you need to make YouTube videos?

Now let me also give you how to make a YouTube video or say what is needed to make a YouTube video.
By the way, most people still make videos only from their mobile, but in such a situation it is a bit difficult to make all category videos from mobile, like if you are thinking about making a Comedy Video, then you have to take a camera for it. Will only read
So, let me tell you about some of the most important things like this, that will help you a lot in making YouTube videos: –
Camera: –
You people can see for themselves, how many people make videos on YouTube these days, so if you make videos of poor quality, then maybe people do not like watching your videos.
So that is why you must have a camera, but I am not saying that YouTubers of all these categories need it, if you have the money then only take the camera.
Let us now know which camera you should take to make a YouTube video. This camera, which I am telling you, is the best in terms of photography and video recording in its price.
Mic: –
Now we have come to know how the video will be recorded, now it comes that if you say what you say in the video, then it needs such an external mic.
In which our voice goes well to record, for this there is a Mic named Boya BY M1 This Mic is the first choice of all YouTubers.
Its price always keeps fluctuating, so whenever you see the price of this Mic up to Rs.700-800 online, you will order it.
This mic supports all mobiles and computers and cameras and its voice quality is also very good.
Tripod & Lights: –
Now, this thing is also very important. There can be a lot of problems in making videos without Tripod. Once there are no lights, you will shoot in the outdoor too, but making videos without Tripod is a bit difficult.
On the Online Shopping website you get to see Tripods ranging from Rs.300 to Rs.3000 or even more, but neither do you want to take such a cheap Tripod and it should be expensive enough that the video goes well to record.
So you can go to Amazon or Flipkart on the shopping website and get any Tripod that you like for up to Rs.700-1500, you can get very good Tripod in these rupees.
I will also, give you the Buying Link of some Tripod which comes in the best Tripod.
If you shoot your video at home, then you may also need to read some extra lights.
Or you can also use a good ring light or softbox so that you will get to see very good light and the quality of your video will be found to look very good beforehand.
Computer or Laptop: –
So far everything I have told you will record the video with them, now you will need to edit the video, so an editing machine will be needed, such as a computer or laptop, you can do very good editing.
Note: – But it is very important to learn how to do Video Editing first, only then you will be able to edit a good video.
It is difficult to edit videos from any normal computer or laptop, maybe you will edit the video, but when you export that video, it can take many hours in it, so it is very important to have a good computer is.
Apart from video editing, uploading your video from here helps you in making Thumbnail and many other similar works.
Can You Make Money with YouTube Channel?
Yes, if you upload a video on your YouTube channel, you can earn money.
But for this, you will have to work hard and your channel for Money Earn to YouTube
Follow the rules of Google AdSense along with you to earn money
You have to create an account, but it is a later thing, first, you have to create a channel.
The channel has to be set up and the quality video uploaded to this channel.
Whether to create a YouTube channel and upload videos is free?
Yes, if you create your YouTube channel and upload a video on it, then all this you can do it for free, for this, you do not need to spend anything.
What are the requirements to create a YouTube Channel?
By creating a YouTube Channel, you must have a Gmail Account, and To Verify your YouTube Channel, you must also have a Mobile Number.
Huge Audience available on YouTube:
The biggest quality of YouTube is that there is already a huge audience on YouTube. This is a Readymade Platform for you. This is not the case with blogging or other online money making options. In blogging, you have to first add the Audience and it takes a lot of time. Whereas on YouTube, all you have to do is upload good video content and write video description correctly. If your video content is excellent, then the rest of the work will be done by the Viewers already there.
No Domain or Hosting Required:
You do not need any domain or hosting to earn money from YouTube. For example, if you want to start your blog on WordPress or any other platform, then you first need a Domain Name and Hosting Service to host it, whereas to earn money from YouTube, you only need your Gmail ID. Login has to be done and you have to create a YouTube channel. Then you can easily earn money sitting at home by uploading videos on that channel.
Easy and Free Platform:
YouTube are the easiest way to earn money sitting at home and its biggest feature is that it does not take any money from us in return for any of its services.
In almost all other ways, you will have to spend some amount of money at some time, but from YouTube Registration to Video Uploading and Monetization, the entire service is available for free.
Easily Google AdSense Approval:
Getting Google AdSense Approval on YouTube is much easier than Blogs. I know many bloggers who had to wait for many months for Google AdSense Approval but quickly get approval from Google AdSense for YouTube Channels.
So friends, taking all these things into consideration, you can make a successful YouTuber. We hope you now know how to create a YouTube channel and Earn Money, What is YouTube, What is YouTube channel, How to Earn Money from YouTube, etc. And if you have any questions related to Blogging, SEO, Social Media, YouTube any question You can ask us by commenting below. We will definitely reply to you and share it with your friends.
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