How to Download JioMeet and Use JioMeet Video Conference App | Reliance Jio

 How to Download and use JioMeet Video Conference App | Reliance Jio

JioMeet App Launch, Know How To Start Free Video Conference on JioMeet: Reliance Jio and how to download JioMeet, a company owned by Mukesh Ambani, recently launched its video conferencing app JioMeet.
The Jio Meat app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Through this free video conferencing app of Jio, 100 people can join the meeting simultaneously.
How to use JioMeet app, let’s learn-

1. Download the JioMeet app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Click Here and go PLay Store: JioMeet

2. After this, register through mobile number or email ID. And enter your First Name and Last Name, agree to the terms and tap next.

Note: The special thing is that to start a meeting in JioMeet, that is, the host needs to create an account on the Geo Meet. If someone wants to join a meeting, then they do not need to create an account.

3. Then a message will be sent to your mobile or email with OTP to activate the JioMeet.

4. After entering OTP, your account will be registered JioMeet, after which you will reach the home page of JioMeet.
If you have used the Zoom app before, you will not have problems. Almost all the features of JioMeet are similar to the zoom app. You can also schedule a meeting in JioMeet. In the meeting of JioMeet, anyone can join the meeting through the meeting code.
How to join the meeting on JioMeet?

To join a meeting, you have to click on the Join option. 

After this, the meeting ID and password will have to be entered. 

If you want to start a meeting yourself, you can start a meeting by entering the mobile number and logging in via OTP.
Usually, meetings can be done on video calling platforms up to a certain time, but meeting or calling can be done continuously for 24 hours at Jio Meet. For privacy, it has a different password for each meeting. It also has the facility of screen sharing and waiting room.
The special thing is that JioMeet comes with multiple device support, that is, you can switch a meeting from mobile to desktop. It has support for five devices. It also has the facility to mute audio and video.

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