How to get free traffic from Google [Unique Trick for 2020]

How to get free traffic from Google [Unique Trick for 2020]
In this article, you will know how to get free traffic from Google, you also do a lot of hard work on your blog, but you do not get good results,
Due to which you feel frustrated, here we are going to share information with you about such free traffic trick from Google, so that you can bring more traffic to your blog than before, meaning the number of your blog visitors gradually started to increase. Will go
The number of bloggers, web owners who are blogging is increasing, thousands of new blogs are created every day. On which such content is published, which is already present in hundreds of numbers in Google search. 

The post is published on thousands of blogs on a particular keyword and all are indexed in the search engine.
On getting results on so many of the same keywords, Google or another search engine also gets into confusion that it should be placed on top rank and whose ranking should be down. 

Here we are going to tell you some such tricks, by following which you can get your blog post out of the crowd of thousands of blogs so that you will also get free traffic from Google. Just you have to take care of small things in SEO.

How to get free traffic from Google

In a few days, new changes in Google’s Algorithm keep coming, due to which it also benefits for Blogs in many cases, and so on, it also reduces the ranking of blog posts. If you focus on our small SEO tips mentioned, then you will never be disappointed with the search engine, but your blog readership will start increasing.

Focus on long-tail article

Whenever you start writing a post on a keyword, first search it in Google, what is its position, and with the help of a good keyword research tool, answer many types of questions. I would suggest you use SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner tools, etc, for keyword research.
Because this tool shows every user queries in free. You should give the word length of any article 1500+ by answering as many questions as possible. Which you have to be completely SEO friendly,
Meaning you have to use H1 and H2 heading inside your post. With this, you should answer several questions through the question-answer at the bottom of the article. Internal and external linking should also be done so that posts are attached to each other and access is good. 

Which will increase the value of your post in the eyes of Google? With which your post will rank and you can get traffic from Google for free.
Focus on long-tail keyword
Before writing any post, we do Keyword Research, so that we get to see queries related to that keyword, which we mansion you in the article, which is a very good SEO friendly way to write a post.
You should always write articles on Long -tail keywords to get more traffics from the search engine, which increases the chances of ranking your post, we understand this with an example.
Example: – You have a Keyword “What is Internet”, it has become your Mid-tail keyword, due to which a lot of results already exist in the search engine, if your Long-tail L Keyword “What is Internet and how it works”.
So you have to focus on 2 keywords simultaneously on such keywords, which will increase your article word length and it will be SEO friendly, which will also increase the chance of ranking in Google. Google or other search engine gives more value to the result with similar keywords.

Increase blog loading speed

You ask yourself that when you search a query on Google, you get many results on that keyword, but the loading speed of the blog post that was ranked first is very slow, then you can see its result Leaving click on the second result, due to which the traffic loss of that blog continues.
Therefore, you should optimize your blog well. If you can, you can use AMP to boost blog speed fast, it not only increases the speed of your blog, while also making it mobile-friendly, which is quite good for SEO. With which you can get traffic from Google for free.

Add the main keyword to permalink

We have seen many bloggers that whatever the title of their post is, they convert the entire title to the same permalink. This is not a good way for an SEO and due to this the main keyword focus for the search engine is not possible. You should not do this at all.
Whichever keyword you are writing a post on, the main keyword of that post is to make the permalink of the post itself. Just like your keyword is “how to make money from the internet”, then you don’t have to add the same permalink to do “make-money-internet” only. This is an SEO friendly permalink which means a lot to the search engine.

Focus more on the target keyword

When you write an article, then you should focus more on your target keyword, because when you target any keyword more, the chance of ranking it increases. We are telling you how to focus on the target keyword by using it, you can also work on the keyword and get it ranked.
Use the keyword in the post title about which you are writing.

Whenever you start writing posts, first use the target keyword in the paragraph. You should start your article with the target keyword.
Use the target keyword in the permalink.

You are writing an article of winning words, focus on at least 1.2 or 1.5 percent target keyword in it. Do not do this at all if your main keyword is written in the same post everywhere, it is wrong from Google’s point of view.

Use the Target keyword in your image

Also, use the target keyword in the post description.
Also, use it in the meta description.
Target keywords in SEO tools like Yoast or Rank Math.
Also mention it in some lines below the heading of any H1 or H2.
At the last, when your article is complete, then you should add the title of the main post to the last word itself.

Add blog listing on Google My Business

It has been seen that after creating a listing of any blog through Google My Business, the value of that blog increases more in the eyes of Google. 

Whenever someone searches that blog, it shows many results, which is a very good way to gun traffic. You too should take advantage of this opportunity and create more value in Google’s eyes by creating your own blog listing.

Do Off-Page SEO well

All the SEO techniques we have known about till now were all On-Page SEO, which we can control from our Dashboard, but it is equally important to have Off-page SEO to play a 50% good role of SEO,

As much as On-page SEO. Here we are going to show you how to do some Off-Page SEO so that you will have more chances to rank your blog post and can get Traffics from Google for free.

Comment on a blog related to your blog or on another niche. According to some bloggers, they should only comment on blogs related to themselves, but this reduces the user base, such a user needs all kinds of information. So you should increase DA and PA by commenting on more and more blogs.

Try to do more domain authority and page authority ie DA and PA of your blog, the more it is yours, the more value it will create for the search engine.

Post a guest on your high authority blog, because if you posted a guest on the blog below your authority, then whatever authority you already have will also go down.

Winning on your blog is also Broken Link Get everyone fixed and then crawl it again in Google.

Hire people to do guest posting on your blog. So that the authority of 2 blogs can be good together.

Guest post or comment on AISE blog whose Spam score is more than 1%, then your blog will also get increased spam score, which has an effect on SEO.

If possible, on which keyword you have published the post, then you should exchange the link with the related other blog owners, which is a a good way for SEO backlink.

Create a page, profile, and group from the name of your blog and keep sharing posts there.

Select one time when you submit to post crawl in Google. By doing this, your blog comes in the eyes of Google. And Google indexes Bots fast.

Do not just add Google search engine, you should also index the post URL in search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

Whatever your social media profile is, you should save the domain name in profile ID on all of them, which increases DA.
If you think you should share it with others, then share it with everyone on social media. Thank you very much to all of you for reading this article from beginning to end.
To bring more traffics from Google on a particular keyword, you can also advertise on that keyword. Due to which traffic can come more and more.

So by using all these SEO techniques, you can get traffic from Google for free. Just you should follow all the above-mentioned things, which can gun unlimited traffics on your blog.
In this article, you learned about how to get free traffic from Google – How to get free traffic from Google. Hope you know all about how to get free traffic from Google.

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