How to Increase CPC in Google AdSense in 2020 | 10+ Best Tips

How to Increase CPC in Google AdSense in 2020
Are you looking for ways to increase Google AdSense earnings by doing AdSense CPC and CTR Increase? If yes, then this is exactly the place where you will know 10+ new ways to increase AdSense CPC by 2020, which can boost your AdSense income. We have already explained how to increase the CPC of Google AdSense – Top 6 Excellent Tips article. But here we will talk about the methods that work in 2020. So let’s know 2020 new ways to increase AdSense CPC.
Every AdSense Publisher has a problem with low CPC because of this they do not earn enough even after getting a good ad click. In such a situation, they search for ways to increase AdSense CPC.
While there are many other ways to do AdSense Earning Increase, the best way is to increase CPC and CTR. Since if you get a good CPC, per click, then less ad click will earn enough income.
If you are not getting an average CPC of $ 0.05 (for Hindi blog) then it means that you are making a mistake somewhere and you have not monetized your site properly.
If you follow the technique tips mentioned in this post, then you can increase your AdSense CPC from 100% to 200%, let’s know-how,

10+ Best Tips to Increase CPC in Google AdSense

Before you begin you need to know what AdSense CPC is. CPC means the cost per click means that the more money you get per click, the higher your earning will be.
Some bloggers have very low CPCs. Many reasons account for this. There are various factors affecting the fluctuations in Google AdSense CPC rate.
As such, it is necessary to work on AdSense Optimization to improve your CPC rates and to maximize Google AdSense Earning.
There are various ways and strategies to increase Google AdSense CPC rates:

1. Use High Paying Keywords

The niches and topics have a good impact on AdSense CPC rates. Always keep an eye on the trending topic and relevant pages in your topic. Using the Webmaster tool, check what people are looking for to reach your site.
Also to get more people on your site you can try to use them with more organic keywords in your content. Finally, it also helps in improving AdSense revenue.
You can see a list of high paying keywords here,
If you look at this list for the first time, then you will know how much AdSense pays on which keywords. Now you can write articles on them by choosing high CPC keywords with relevant content from your site.

2. Allow Text, Image and other Format Ads

Mainly AdSense Ads are divided into 2 types, Text and Image else they are classified under display ads, in-feed ads, in-article ads matched content and link ads.
Try to provide huge possibilities forbid higher for your ad slot so that image ads can be shown along with text advertisements.
For this we recommend you to allow both text and image types for AdSense ad units. Also, you should try in-feed ads, in-article ads, matched content and links ads.

3. Write Quality Content

Google AdSense Ads is primarily for content and, therefore, content quality is very important in AdSense optimization. So you write user-friendly, easily understood, and engaging content.
You can use bulleted points, heading, subheadings, images, related links, etc. in your content. The better your content is, the better ads will show in it.

4. Use high performing ad formats

You can improve Google AdSense CPC and increase conversion rates by using high performing ad formats.
We would recommend you to use the following ad formats.
• Leaderboards (728×90)
• Medium (300×250)
• and Large (336×280)
Also, it is recommended to use a 320 x 100 size mobile banner for a mobile web page. For a responsive theme or template, it is recommended to use ad format or responsive ad unit accordingly.
Which can fit in all advertising locations regardless of the visitor’s device? Also, I would like to suggest you go with the text ad format as text ads have higher CTR than graphic ads.

5. Connect AdSense with Google Analytics

Check which topics attract the audience to your site and check which pages are getting more clicks. For this, you can connect Google AdSense to google analytics.
You need to write more content related to pages that have a higher CPC rate. This will ultimately result in increased earnings from Google AdSense.

6. Use Single Advertising Network

For better AdSense CPC rates, this is a smart way to avoid using different advertising networks. We would recommend using AdSense Ads Network is actually a great advertising network available today.
Compared to others, Google CPM ads are high paying and have very good CPM rates. This gives you a strict warning to avoid incompatible ad network with AdSense at the same time.
Also, if you are getting a much lower CPC and CPM from AdSense, you can try and use other compatible AdSense options, but your ad slot will likely have a lower bid.
Meaning that you will get low CPC by using any another ad network like with google AdSense, so it is better that you use only ad networks (Google AdSense).

7. Target Specific Location Traffic

The CPC rate also depends on the location your visitors reach your website. Ensure that related advertisements come from advertisers based in their country.
There is a huge difference in the rate paid for one-click by different countries. Thus it is important to research places that pay higher rates per click. You can target country-specific traffic from the search console (webmaster tool).

8. Block lower-paying ads

AdSense allows you as a publisher to allow some ads and block some. You can choose which particular ad provider sites appear on your blog and which do not.
Blocking Unwanted and Unrelated ads will increase the number of real-time bids from high-paying bidders in real-time, resulting in an increase in CPC rate.

9. Puts Ads in Right Place

AdSense Ads placement is a really big challenge. Initially, Google AdSense was allowing 3 ad units to be placed for display, but now the ad limit has been lifted.
Now it is recommended that all advertisements do not keep the unit code in one place. Organize the ad units in such a way that it attracts the readers and visitors to read the content and click on the advertisement.
Note that, the ad limit has been removed which does not mean that you can add more ads, just make sure that the content is more valuable and only a sufficient number of ads are placed on the quality page.
You have to place an ad in those places where you get better results, such as after title, middle post, header, sidebar widget, etc.

10. Changing your site’s layout

It is advisable to create an attractive, unique, and interactive website. It is very important to see how the layout of your website for your page with content and ad units works for different screen sizes and devices.
Avoid placing all three AdSense ads above the fold. You can place ads closer to the content. Always keep in mind that you are serving quality information from your content and not just showing ads to your visitors.

11. Experiment A / B testing

To make the content more attractive and interesting, you can add something new. Sometimes, ads work better than your content. This will definitely help you to increase the CPC rate.
Creating A / B Testing, along with your blog website that can have a positive impact on AdSense CPC rate.

12. Choose Domain Name Wisely

Domain Name is the first word of the URL. Like the keyword, the CPC rate also depends on the domain name of the site. Because the domain name describes the content of the website, it is important to choose the domain name wisely.

13. Use Responsive Theme or Template

It is necessary to add a responsive theme or template to the blog website as discussed earlier. Well, using a responsive theme will result in an increase in the CPC rate.
Ensure that you need to use themes that can be responsive design on different mobiles, tabs, computers, laptops, etc. and are able to display at different screen resolutions.

14. Know your customers

It is very important to know who is your customer? Accordingly, you need to write content and add relevant ad units.
This will help you to increase the CPC rate with Google AdSense. Also, if there are more visitors on your site who do not know about AdSense ads, then you will get more ad clicks.

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Google AdSense is the most popular high paying CPM advertising network for cost per click or pay per click. Website owners can use this great platform for cost per click rates and click-through rates and increased visibility,
We have described different ways and techniques to increase CPC rates above, which ultimately helps you to maximize AdSense revenue and get higher income from your blog.
You should try not only one or two options, but try all the different options, you will definitely get the benefit. Also, read
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