How to run WhatsApp in Computer? Use Or Install

How to run WhatsApp in Computer? Use Or Install

How to run WhatsApp in Computer? How do you run WhatsApp on PC? It is very easy to run WhatsApp in computer, Android mobile WhatsApp QR code is scanned and connected to computer laptop, WhatsApp is run, many people search on Google how to install WhatsApp in computer. How to run WhatsApp in Computer How to Use WhatsApp on Laptop, PC, Computer There are many ways.
But I am going to tell you the short simple way about how to run a computer laptop by connecting it to the number created in your mobile from a WhatsApp computer laptop, which you can easily connect WhatsApp to a computer in a short time. WhatsApp chat, message, all features can run on a laptop.
How to run WhatsApp in Computer – QR Code Scan
QR Code’s Full Form is Quick Response Code (abbreviated as Quick Response Code). It is called a two-dimensional barcode which is a type of trademark, a bar code is a machine-readable optical label that we can use in a very short time from QR Code Scan. Can be attached which includes its information, thus by scanning the QR Code we can directly connect WhatsApp to the computer and run WhatsApp.
1. WhatsApp made from mobile number
2. Computer / Laptop
3. Internet
How to run in WhatsApp Computer? (From WhatsApp Web)
1. First, open WhatsApp in Mobile
2. Click on the 3 dot option above.
3. Click on WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp Web option

The QR Code Scanner will open in your WhatsApp, with the help of which we will scan the QR Code in the computer and will be able to connect and run WhatsApp in the computer.

Whatsapp Web scan QR code

0How to run WhatsApp in computer/laptop | How to use WhatsApp On Computer
If you want to run WhatsApp without a WhatsApp Web QR Code in the laptop computer, then you can run WhatsApp by installing BlueStacks on the computer, you can install the WhatsApp app of Android Mobile in the computer as well as not only WhatsApp as much as Android Mobile.
There are also software apps that can be installed on computers. Even Facebook Instagram, game, MX Player can install all apps.

Run WhatsApp in PC with BlueStacks Software.
To run WhatsApp in PC, BlueStacks App has to be installed and you can run WhatsApp by installing Android mobile phone’s WhatsApp app on the computer, like running WhatsApp in mobile, BlueStacks App is software for computer, we can do as many as in mobile phone Install and run applications/software, you can run all the applications in the computer with the help of BlueStacks.
First of all download BlueStacks Software for Computer, download BlueStacks Software from here.
Download and Install BlueStacks on your computer

Click here to Download:
Download BluseStacks on Computer

Now put WhatsApp of mobile in your computer and install it.
If you want to run WhatsApp only. So you can download WhatsApp for PC only except Bluestacks. They can download below.
Download Direct WhatsApp in Computer

Click here:
In this way, WhatsApp will be installed in your computer and you can run WhatsApp by creating an account on it.
Now you will understand how to run a WhatsApp account with WhatsApp QR Code in the computer? Or how to install and run WhatsApp in Laptop Computer? If you have any problem in running WhatsApp in a computer laptop, then you can comment and ask questions.

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