How to Send Anonymous SMS Free | Full Information

How to Send Anonymous SMS Free | Full Information

If you are looking for such posts that tell how to send SMS from Internet in Free or How to Send Anonymous SMS Free, then you have come to the right place. We are going to share with you a website that really works and this website will never disappoint you. You can easily message your friends and family.

Can you send Online Free SMS?

Yes, that’s why we are writing this post for you. You can send SMS in Online Free but for this, there is a lot of restriction on you.
Because of which you cannot always use such a website. And I will suggest that you should not always use this kind of website.

Why should you use these websites less?

Earlier it was called Money is Wealth, but the saying of today’s modern era is Information is Wealth. This entire website keeps all the messages sent by its users.
And it is difficult to know where your data is said and where it is sold. In today’s time, users use their data to understand their nature. So that he can use those data to grow his business.

When should you use the Free SMS Website?

I will not say that you should do this website only in case of an emergency. You can use these websites when you need to send SMS. Do not always use this kind of website.
Some restrictions on Free SMS Website

It cannot send more than Maximum 160 Character messages on the entire website. Such a restriction can be easily ruled out and it can be written more than triple the character. Yes, it can happen! But this method cannot tell you here.
And if you use language like regional languages like Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi too, then it falls short of 60 characters. Many websites are unable to send such language SMS.
Avoid sending the wrong SMS!

Cybercriminals in India are now being taken very fast and serious. You never think that you will be saved by sending the wrong SMS to someone. If that person filed an FIR then action will be taken against you.
Such websites always have all your details such as IP Address, Time & Date, Country, User-Agent, Receiver Number along with your message. So never bother sending the wrong SMS to anyone.
Send Free SMS Online In India 100% Working

Read a lot of blogs and try all the websites given in it one by one, and try to send messages from those websites but many websites are not able to send SMS.

But you have brought a search for people, which really works and from which you can send SMS for free.

1) way2sms 


This website can be used in case of an emergency or for any urgent work.
On this website, you will have to do Registers on, after that, you will be able to send SMS easily.

You can only send 2 SMS per day. And it works.
This website is being redirected to sms4india, you can also create your account here.
  1. Allows sending two free SMS daily.
  2. 160 Character in English Language and 58 Character in Regional Language.

2) SeaSms 


The user interface of this website is very simple due to which it is easy to use. You can also send SMS easily through this website for free. You have to Authenticate with Facebook to send messages, after which you will be able to send messages easily.

3) Fast2SMS 


This website is the website of the very popular You-tuber (SIDTALK) Siddhant Jain.

You get 50 rupees for creating an account on this website. Which you can use it to send messages.

Features of Fast2SMS

1. Send unlimited free group SMS in India.

2. Invite friends to earn free Mobile Recharge.

3. Send free SMS with 100% SMS delivery.

4. Save your contacts for later use.

5. Earn free mobile recharge by playing the quiz.

6. Earn free mobile recharge by playing the quiz.

7. Save your contacts for later use.

8. Send free SMS with 100% SMS delivery.

9. Invite friends to earn free Mobile Recharge. Send unlimited free group SMS in India.
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How To Send Anonymous SMS In India For Free?

There are very few websites in India that allow sending anonymous SMS. You will find many websites for the US, UK, and Canada that provide the facility of sending Anonymous SMS, but do not provide this facility for India.

But for Indian people like us, we have come to the AC website which really works.

4. e-free SMS

 e-free SMS

This is also a website that allows you to send anonymous SMS. Disable Adblock Extension while using this website so that this website can work properly.

How to Receive SMS For Free | Disposable Indian Number Free
Friends, when I was writing this post about how you can send SMS for free, then I came to IDEA because you should also tell me how you can receive online SMS. Actually, they are called Disposable Number.
They are also known as Temporary / Virtual Number. It is not always there. People use Disposable Number for OTP Bypass, Account Creation, etc.
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5. globfone


I use this website often and it always works. You can also send messages to your friends through this website. If you open this website in Google Chrome or Firefox, before that you must disable the extensions or add-ons related to Adblock. Only then will this website work properly.

6. textlocal

Text local

Textlocal is very prevalent in India. It is used by a large company. You can trust this website, it can send your message. Before sending a message on this website, you have to create an account here.
Here you will get 10 free SMS on creating an account.
Trick: After sending 10 messages, you will not be able to use this site, if you want to use this site, just create a new account, you register with the old number, just change your email account. Unlimited Anonymous can send SMS.
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Why peoples are using Disposable Number?

According to the Social Networking Site, India is a country where Fake Account is the highest compared to other countries. So you must have understood, people use Disposable Number to create Fake Account on Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Google.
Until recently, there were very few websites that used to provide India’s numbers. But time changes! We have done a lot of sorting for you, this list will enable you to easily receive online SMS.
1) Indian Number

 Indian Number

Currently, 8 Indian Number is on this website. Which you can use.
You can also buy a Private Number from here.
Number: 8 Indian Number
Private Number: Yes
App: No
2) Receive SMS
Receive SMS

There are currently 9 Indian Numbers on this website. Here you will get to see almost every country number.
This website also provides the facility of free SMS began, but you can send it only in the UK and Canada.
Number: 9 Indian Number
Private Number:
Other Country: Yes
App: No

3) Receive SMS Online

 Receive SMS

At present, 4 Indian Numbers will be seen on this website. Apart from this, the number of other countries is also present here. You can contact them and buy private numbers too. You will also get to see the Android App on this website. Which is on the Play Store. Which has a rating of 3.2?

Number: 4 Indian Number
Private Number: Yes
Other Country: Yes
App: Yes

4) Receive SMS

Receive SMS Online

Through this website, you can receive SMS on Online Indian Number. If you use this website without creating an account, then you will be given 2 Indian Number and when you create an account on it, then you will be able to use 3 Indian Number and the number of other countries.
Number: 3 Indian Number
Private Number: No
Other Country: Yes
App: No
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How does SMS work? What is the history of SMS?

In earlier times, it used to take weeks to get a small message from one place to another. But today’s era has changed. Now in one click, the message reaches another.
The full form of SMS is Short Message Service, as its name suggests. This is used to send the Service Short Message. Whenever you send a message, first come Base Base, there are millions of Besh Stations in every country which are connected to Singal’s Through Mobile Phone.
The message you send reaches the Mobile Switching Server (MSS), after which it transfers the message to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC). After this, the work of searching starts i.e. Visitor Location Register (VLR) and Home Location Register (HLR) are all in it, which keeps the information about whether the device is in the Network Area or not, then the person has the message Will reach
If its mobile phone is closed or outside the network area, then the message reaches the Short Message Service (SMSC), which ensures that the message reaches the mobile.

What is the history of SMS?

SMS history is old, messages were earlier sent from pigeons and now were sent from mobile phones and the Internet. Its form and manner have changed. Earlier it used to take months or weeks to reach a message, now in a few minutes or second the message reaches its place of gravity.
In 1985, the Researcher worked with Friedhelm Hillebrand and their team on the Matti Makkonen messaging service. After this, the first SMS was sent in 1992 and after Nokia launched the message typing phone in 1994, the service became very popular worldwide.

Father Of SMS (Short Message Service)

Father of SMS Mattie McCann is called. It is a resident of Finland. Actually, he had not given the full name of SMS, but the Message Handling Service. He was convinced that SMS service is a new way of language development.
Matty did not make money with his technology. He had not even patented the technology. Matty used to get irritated at the saying of Father Of SMS. He died in 2015 at the age of 63.

SMS Facts

1. 23 billion messages are sent every day worldwide. (Source: SMSeagle)

2. 90% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. (Source: Random Facts)

3. The opening rate after sending an SMS is 98%. (Source: The Daily Egg)

4. American smartphone owners between the ages of 18-24 send around 2000 Text a month. (Source: Business Insider)

5. The average person takes 90 seconds to respond to an SMS message – but it can take 90 minutes to reply to an email. (Source: GSMA)

6. Around 6 billion people worldwide will be able to send and receive text messages by 2025. (Source: SlickText)

7. The first SMS message sent was “Merry Christmas”. (Source: BBC News)
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Your every dream can come true if you dare to get it.

How to send SMS from the Internet in Free?

Friends, I hope that this post how to send you SMS from the Internet in Free | How to Send Anonymous SMS Free How did you like this post, please comment by commenting below. If you liked this post, share it on social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter. It makes us feel better.

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