How to unblock URL of blocked websites on Facebook?

There is nothing more annoying after finding out that your website has been blocked by Facebook.
This accident occurs without any warning because the algorithms running to protect the user’s from spam and irrelevant websites are fully automatic.
This article will discuss why the website URL is blocked by Facebook and what steps can be taken to solve this problem.

 Why are website URLs blocked on Facebook?

Facebook cares about its users. As a result, Facebook has very strict rules about what is allowed and what is not allowed. Unfortunately, some of those rules are not written anywhere.
There can be many reasons to block a person or a website, but the most common thing is if a user “does the same action” repeatedly. Then its account or URL is labeled as spam.
The actions that we should avoid doing, again and again, include sending a friend request to people, sending messages to people, joining many groups, and sending many similar emails.
The most common reason for banning a website URL maybe that it may have been posted in different groups multiple times by the same person.
There is another reason why Facebook can block a URL if your website is on the blacklist list of another website,
Such as a security company. So your website can be blocked by Facebook.

Why is it important for a website to be unblocked on 


Most users like your content. He shares it with his friends through Facebook. But if Facebook has blocked your URL then they will not be able to share it.
In such a situation, the trust of the users towards your website is lost. Which also has a bad effect on user experience. And your revenue and traffic can also be affected.

How to unblock the website URL on Facebook? – [6 

best working Methods]

How to unblock the website URL on Facebook?
Many different methods can be used to unblock or block a website on Facebook.
1. Contact Facebook
This is the most effective solution. Because of which ham can unblock their website from Facebook.
Contact Facebook for that and tell them that this is a wrong decision. Your website is safe for users of Facebook.
It will take time but there is no guarantee that the URL will be unblocked. However, there is no harm in trying.
If unblocked, otherwise use the other methods mentioned in the post.
2. Contact the web security company whose spam list you are in.
If a web security company has blacklisted your website. So this can also be a big reason why your website is blocked on Facebook.
To find such a company and tell them that your website is safe for users. So that they can remove your website from their list of spam sites.
3. Seek help from friends, family, and customers
This is the most effective method. The URL can be unblocked using 80% of cases. You can also take the help of friends and relatives for this.
When you tell your friends to share the URL via Facebook, as soon as they try to share, they will be redirected to another page. Where they will be told that this URL is banned on Facebook.
There is a link on the same page through which your friends can tell Facebook that this URL is completely safe. Thereby no harm to the users.

 4. Appeal directly to Facebook security and developers
 Facebook has many different executives who have their own pages, including security networks, developers, marketing, and Facebook in general.
One way to pay more attention to the problem is to like all official pages and then, when any of the post content, make a comment. At the end of that comment, be sure to mention the problems.
A great way is to start a forum thread on the Facebook help center about the problem and then link that forum question to the comment. This will draw attention to the problem again and again and hopefully, it will be solved in the shortest time.
5. Use Url Shortner
This is the way of legends. If you use a good URL shortener, then you will be able to post your blocked URL easily on Facebook.
It is also important to note that do not share the same short-form URL again and again. Otherwise, at any time your shortened URL will also be blocked.

6. Purchase a new domain name
Even if you have tried all the remedies, your URL is still not unblocked. So there is only one solution left, that is to buy a new domain name.
Even if you find it strange to hear, the truth is that you have to take a new domain. If you have nothing to do with Facebook then you can ignore it.
But if your website is dependent on Facebook then you should not hesitate to buy a new domain at all.
By taking a new domain, you can back up the contents of the old website and put it on the new one. Or you can redirect all the links from the old website to the new one.
If the information is good, then share it with your friends. Also, if there is someone whose website has been blocked on Facebook, then recommend reading this post.
If you still have any suggestions or questions, feel free to share it with us in the comment box. Because we answer your questions and appreciate your suggestions.

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