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How to do keyword research

Keyword Research to make any SEO campaign successful, having a proper Keyword Research is very important.
Keyword Research is a very important part of SEO (search engine optimization)
Every blogger wants to increase his blog or site organic traffic (search engine traffic), Keyword Research helps your website to increase traffic. Especially your blog is brand new. But most of them do not know how? If he is a new blogger.
When I started my blog too, I did not know about Keyword research and I used to write blog posts without doing keyword research. As a result, my blog did not receive much traffic.
Today in this article, I will tell you how to do keyword research with easy ways  is done so that your blog can rank well in SERPs.
Before knowing this how to do keyword research, we need to know what is Keyword?

Learn How to do keyword research with easy ways 

Table of content:
What is Keyword
Types of Keyword
Why is Keyword Research Important for SEO
Is Keyword Research Important?
How Keyword Research will help your Site’s Traffic Grow
How to do Keyword Research?
Keyword Research Tools
What are the benefits of Keyword research?
How to Choose Perfect Keyword
Quick Tips on Keyword Research

What is Keyword?

Whenever you put a query in Input (Search) in any search engine, it would be a Keyword like I am telling you here that how to do keyword research is a Keyword.
As you can see in this image.

 Keyword Research

Types of Keyword

Keywords are mainly of 3 types. as written below
1. Short Tail Keyword
2. Mid Tail Keyword
3. Long Tail Keyword
Now, one by one, we know about the Keyword of all these types.
1. Short Tail Keyword: – Those keywords which have a length of one or two words, we call them Short Tail Keyword. Such as Coffee, Best Coffee, Cold Coffee, or Hot Coffee, etc.
Sort Tail Keywords are very useful, but they are very competitive keywords.
2. Mid Tail Keyword: – The keywords that range between 3 to 4 words, this is called Mid Tail Keyword.
Mid Tail Keyword is a very useful keyword, they have Search Volume High and they are Medium Competitive Keywords. In the current time, most developers use Mid Tail Keyword only.
For example: – Best Mobile under 10000 or Best Mobile in Market
4. Long Tail Keyword: – These are keywords whose word length is more than 4 characters. The use of Long Tail Keywords has also started increasing significantly these days. People also use Long Tail Keyword for Question.
So all these were the types of keywords that you have just known here, now let’s know what is the Importance of Keyword Research in SEO.
If your blog is new, I would recommend you to use Long Tail keywords. These keywords help your blog to grow quickly and rank better in SERPs.
If you use short-tail keywords for your website or blog you will not get a better result. Such keywords are not targeted and also do not give better search results.
Very short search is done in search engines with a short tail keywords because we know that the search engine will not give us accurate results.
Even when you do some search in the search engine, then you must search by writing a complete question. Because you get accurate results.

Why is Keyword Research Important for SEO?

Keyword research is very important for any SEO campaign to become successful. Because with the help of keywords, you rank your content or website in Search Engine.
21th Century Keyword Research is a kind of market research. Just like without proper market research you cannot be successful in business, similarly, without proper keyword research, you cannot be successful in SEO campaigns.

Is Keyword Research Important?

The answer will be – yes
If you want to bring more traffic to your blog and you want to achieve quick success in Blogging, then Keyword Research is your first step.
This is more important because there is a lot of competition on keywords in almost every online business.
Suppose you are thinking about writing an article “How to do Keyword Research” Now let’s do a Google search once upon a time, Google will show you about 3,51,000 search results. As you can see in the screenshot.

Is Keyword Research Important

Therefore, if you do not do Keyword Research before writing your article, Google will not rank your post or content and your content will not be visible on the first page of Google. Regardless of how much good blog post you write.

How Keyword Research Will Helps Your Site’s to Increase Traffic?

I know that you must be thinking that there are many other ways to rank a website like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Link building, etc.
But the thing to think about is that if you do not do proper keyword research, then you will be ranked in the search engine, there will be no meaning.
Because there will not be a search volume for that keyword, you will not get any traffic on that website.
Therefore you need to do a Perfect Keyword and Perfect Keyword Research to grow the website’s traffic.

How to do Keyword Research?

It seems as easy and simple to hear Keyword Research, in fact, Keyword Research is as complex.
But you do not need to worry anymore if you follow this blog well then I give a guarantee that you will be able to do Keyword Research quite easily.
To do any proper Keyword Research, we have to keep some things in mind.
1. Generate keyword Idea: –
The first process to do any Keyword Research is to generate Keyword Idea There are many ways with which you can generate keywords Idea for yourself.
So let’s know some important Keyword Idea Generation Types.
Brainstorming Of Keywords
In Keyword Brainstorming, you can come up with some set of keywords. Like if you want to start a business of Safety Product, then you can do some brainstorming with such a Keyword Idea…
1. Fire Safety
2. Road Safety
3. Other Safety Equipments
4. Body Protection. Etc.
YouTube and Google Suggestion
Google Suggestion:

Google Suggestion- keyword research

This YouTube and Google Suggestion can be a very useful medium for you to generate Keyword Ideas. From here you can generate a very good Keyword Idea as you are seeing here in the image.
YouTube Keyword Suggestion:
YouTube Keyword Suggestion- keyword research

With its help, you can generate a Current Trending Keyword Idea. You can also use YouTube Suggestion Keyword on YouTube SEO.
Related to Searches: –

Related to Searches

This is a very amazing feature of google, with the help of which you can generate Keyword Ideas.
Search Related Keyword is a very important Suggestion. These keywords come from the search library of Direct google, which means that people are searching these keywords in Google.
Wikipedia Keyword Research:
Wikipedia Keyword Research

You may be thinking about how can we generate Keyword Ideas from Wikipedia?
So of course you can generate Keyword Idea from Wikipedia, let’s know-how?
First of all, you do a search by putting your brainstorming keyword in Wikipedia.
After this, you will get a lot of keywords from the table of content of Wikipedia, out of whatever result you get.
There are many other ways with which you can generate Keyword Ideas.
Now when we have generated Keyword Idea, the second step is to purge these Keyword Ideas with the help of Keyword Research Tools, so let us know how we find keywords with the help of Keyword Research Tools.
2. Keyword Research Tools
The question that must be arising in your mind is that can we not do keyword research without Keyword Research Tools?
So my answer is yes you can.
But these are Keyword Research Tools, which makes your Keyword Research very easy. With their help, you have a lot of parameters in one place, which is very important for any keyword.
So let’s know about some of the most important Keyword Research Tools.
First of all, we tell about some free Keyword Research Tools because I know that there will be many people among you who have just started Blogging.
So I believe that in the initial time when you are learning Blogging, then you should not spend much money.
If you use these tools well, then you will not need Paid Tools too much, so our first tools are….
Google keyword planner- keyword research

This is Google Keyword Planner Tools, a free Keyword Research Tools of Google, due to which you can do your Keyword Research.
Google Keyword Planner is the most used free tools. With this, you can find a bunch of keywords.
To use it, it is very important to have an account in google keyword planner tools.
If you do not have an account in google keyword planner, then you can create your google keyword planner account for free by following this video.
And also with the help of google keyword planner, you can know how to do keyword research.
You can research keywords in 2 ways with the help of this, first, you can search by putting a keyword idea, in which you will find many useful keywords.
And secondly, you can check any of its keywords by putting a domain in it, which are the different keywords in that domain.
2. Ubersuggest: –

Ubersuggest -keyword research

This is Neil Patel’s Free Keyword Research Tools, with the help of which you can do a lot of things like-

Ubersuggest keyword research

• Keyword Overview
• Keyword Ideas
• Content Ideas
• Top Pages
• Keywords
• Site Audit
• Backlinks
But here I am telling you about Keyword Research. So we will know here how you can do Keyword Research with the help of Ubersuggest.
First of all, you have to enter your Keyword Idea by going to the Ubersuggest website. After that, you will select your country and click on search.
So you will see the Keyword Overview, in which you will see some information related to that Keyword like…
1. Search Volume: This Search Volume means that more people are searching this Keyword in Search Engine than the volume you are seeing in it.
This means that the higher the Search Volume, the more that Keyword will be useful to you. You should always focus on High Search Volume Bale Keyword.
2. SEO Difficulty: SEO Difficulty has a huge role in making any SEO campaign successful. We also know this by the name of Keyword Difficulty.
The more the Keyword that SEO is Difficulty, the more efforts will be required to rank it in Search Engine and the more time it will take.
To rank Keyword with High SEO Difficulty, we have to take many things into consideration.
You have to make high-quality backlinks. You have to write good quality content from your competitor.
You should always choose the Easy and Medium Difficulty Keyword because you can get it ranked quickly.
3. Paid Difficulty: The third option which is Paid Difficulty is not important for SEO. But if you go for Paid Promotion means Google Ads, then this option can help you.
4. Cost Per Click (CPC): This option is also useful only if you run Google Ads.
We gave you information about these two free Keyword Research Tools, with the help of which you can do your Keyword Research absolutely free.
Now we will tell you about 2 paid tools, if you want to invest some money for your blog, then you can invest in these tools…

SEMrush Keyword Research Tools

This is a very useful and powerful Keyword Research Tools Library. With the help of this, you can do Keyword Research very well.
SEMrush will show you all the Keyword which are already ranking keywords and also you can do Perfect Keyword Research for yourself with the help of the Magic Keyword Research tool.
Here you will get many advanced features that you do not get in Free Tools.
• Search Volume
• Keyword Difficulty
• Competition Difficulty
• SERP Feature
You can use this option quite easily.
With the help of these tools, you can do Keyword Research very easily. This is a very handy and very powerful Keyword Research Tool.
You will find many advanced features in Ahrefs Tools, with the help of which you can do your own keyword research.
Its Advanced Feature
KD Keyword Difficulty
Search Volume
• Search Volume
• Return Rate
• Word Count
I hope that now you will be able to find the Propper keyword for your blog/website.
When you find keywords, then it is most important that you will choose one of those keywords for your blog or business, Focus Keyword, or Primary Keyword.
Here we are telling you about 4 keyword research tools, if you want more detail information about Keyword Research Tools, then you can read our 17 Best Free Keyword Research Tools blog.
So let’s know how you will choose the keyword.

What are the benefits of Keyword research?

Keyword research has many benefits. This is very important to increase blog traffic and get a good rank in search engines.
  • Keyword research helps your blog or site to gain (Increase) popularity quickly.
  • If you write your content by doing keyword research, then you can connect target visitors to your site.
  • It helps to increase your traffic and website ranking.
  • Keyword research gives you an idea to write content for your blog.
  • Keyword research shows you the search volume and competition on keywords.
  • By doing keyword research, you can rank important keywords of your blog.
  • The more your posts are ranked in the search engine, then your domain authority will increase. The number of backlinks on your site will also increase.

How to Choose Perfect Keyword?

 We choose keywords to understand the whole process in a few steps.
1. Search Volume: Whenever we choose any Keyword, we should see Search Volume while Search Volume is the most important factor.
We should always focus on the Keyword with High Search Volume.
2. Organic Click-Through-Rate (CTR): Any keyword needs to have a high CTR. Click-Through-Rate means how many clicks out of the total search volume are in that keyword.
Always we should choose the keyword with a high click-through-rate.
3.Difficulty: Keyword Difficulty is also an important factor in any keyword
to choose If the Keyword Difficulty is too high, then you should not focus on that keyword. If you are new to Blogging or you have just started learning SEO.
4. Cost Per Click (CPC): This Direct is not used in SEO, but with the help of this, we can definitely choose the right keywords for ourselves.
Whenever you do keyword research, you will see CPC in it. But it may be that the search volume of that keyword is a little low but its CPC is high, it means that people are searching for that keyword on the Internet. And you can easily rank such keywords.
Quick Tips on Keyword Research
• Use the long tail keywords for your blog post or content.
• Always select high search volume keywords.
• Also keep in your mind CPC (Cost Per Click) at the time of Keyword research.
• You can use Google Keyword Planner, Google AutoComplete, Google Search Related, SEMrush to search your keywords.
I want to tell you again if your blog or website is brand new, instead of using short tail keywords, use long-tail keywords. These will help your blog to grow quickly.
Also, you have to pay attention to CPC (cost-per-click) at the time of Keyword research. If you use keywords with very low CPC, then earning by your AdSense will not be good. So keep in mind CPC while doing keyword research. Always select keywords with good CPC and high searches for your article.
While doing Keyword Research, you need to take care of all these things.
You should focus on keywords with High search volume keyword, Low Keyword Difficulty, and High CTR.
We should always choose such keywords which are related to our niche, for example… If you are doing business of London Green Tea Bag then the London Coffee Bag will not be the Right Keyword for your business.
So friends, in this post we gave you information about how to do keyword research After reading this article completely, you will have got complete information about Keyword research.
Thank you very much for reading the article. Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions, opinions about this post, then you can write and share it with me in the comment.

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