Personal Blog meaning | Learn everything about Personal Blog In easy words.

Hello friends, how are you? Welcome to a new post by skillmeto. Today’s topic is going to be about blogging. Today we are going to know what is personal blog, personal blog meaning, how to create personal blog, how to make money from personal blog.

Personal Blog meaning | Learn everything about Personal Blog In easy words.
Personal blog

Friends, in the field of blogging, there are so many challenges that help a common man to emerge as a blogger. It is a big thing for a blogger to win the challenges faced by them.

And if it is for a personal blog i.e. an individual blogger, then the challenges become even bigger.
But you will find many such examples in India, which can generate very good income by opening a personal blog.
Today we are going to talk to you on the topic of this personal blog. After all, when a blog is counted in a personal blog.
So, to understand it fully, keep reading this post till the end.

What is a blog?

Friends, you search anything on the internet, like I want to know that “Best Blog in 2020”, then we will search on Google that “Best Blog In 2020” and as we press on the search icon, we get a lot of results. Will see
If we open any of the search results from this, then we get a lot of information about what we searched for, and just like this informational website we call a blog if you search anything in Google You get his complete information, have you ever thought that this information comes from Google and Google is a software, how does Google know so much information,
Friends, the answer is this, we and people like you store so much information in Google and you will be surprised to know that more than 4000 blog posts are published all over the world every minute in Google and about 60 lakhs in Google in a day. Blog Post comes to Google, that’s why Google has some answer to your every question.
Friends, Millions are bloggers around the world who keep publishing something daily on Google.

what is personal blog?

Friends, whenever someone talks about a blog in front of you, it is not necessarily a personal blog.

A personal blog only tells the blog to be operated by only one individual person, in which one can put his thoughts and hobbies through the blog.
Although a blog can be very kind, it can be a news blog, it can be a tech blog which also includes this blog.

Also, it can be very kind. But not all these blogs may be personal.

Advantages and disadvantages of Personal Blog: –

If you want to create a blog, then it is a very good thing. There are many benefits of creating a personal blog, you can customize it according to your mind and you can share articles on it whenever you want, but you also have to face many challenges in creating a personal blog. 

So I was not able to customize it properly before nor could I write posts on it correctly, but gradually when my knowledge grew, then I also had to customize the blog properly and write S SEO Friendly Articles correctly. Gone,
But one of the biggest advantages of Personal Blog is that you can write good content for Viewers according to your mind, in Personal Blog you have full freedom to write articles and you can write articles on your personal blog at any time. Can post and there are many more benefits of Personal Blog.

These have become its benefits, now there are many disadvantages of this too, you have to do all the work of your personal blog by yourself, whether it is to customize the blog, whether it is to write SEO friendly article, whether it is article post You have to do, you have to see all the blog work in personal blog,

If an ERROR arrives in your blog, then you also have to solve it. There are also disadvantages to more personal blogs.

How to create a personal blog?

Now it comes to how we can create a personal blog?
I will also tell you in this article how you can make a personal blog, you can make a good personal blog very easily.
You can create your personal blog in two ways-
1. By Free Platform
2. By Paid Platform
 By Free Platform:
 You can also, create your blog in free, you do not have to do anything for it, free blog you are , , , Tumblr, Medium, and other websites that you can create in your personal blog free. You do not have to pay any monthly or yearly charge in this, it is absolutely free, although there is a subdomain from these free platforms behind your domain,
Such as “” or “
 By Paid Platform: –
 If you want a Custom Domain Name behind which there is no Subdomain of any kind, then you may have to pay for it, for this you need a Custom Domain Name which you can get from GoDaddy, Namecheap, bigrock and then after that, you will get a Hosting is required which you can get from A2hosting, SiteGround, bluehost, etc.
 Then you can connect your domain to hosting and install and make a good personal blog. I have taken a custom domain in my personal blog but I am running it by connecting it to Blogger for a few days, currently, I will connect it again to
Now it has become a matter of how we can create a personal blog, now it comes that what we have to do in it, you have prepared a blog of your own, now you have to customize it, for that you will have to One has to select them and then you have to post an article in it on a daily or weekly basis, for this, you will have to do keyword research,
To do keyword research you will need some platforms like – Google Keyword Planner tool, Ubersuggest,, etc. There are other platforms from which you can do keyword research and write a very good SEO friendly article.
Now you will have to rank it in Google also, for which you will have to do SEO of your blog, SEO you can do it in two ways: First On Page SEO and Second Off Page SEO, On Page SEO, you have to write your articles well. In which your keyword will come again and again and you will have to put the images with no copyright in it, you can download these images from
To do Off Page SEO you need Backlinks which you can take from a site with a good High Authority, the more you create Backlinks, the sooner and higher your blog will rank.

How to make money from personal blog?

There are many ways to earn from a personal blog, I am going to tell you very good ways to earn from personal blog, so if you know a little bit about blogging then you will also know that one of the best platforms to earn from blog There is Google AdSense, from which many bloggers earn millions of dollars per month, you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense.
Second, if you do not want to monetize with Google AdSense, then you can join any affiliate program of your company on your blog and monetize it like – Amazon’s Affiliate Program.
Now third you can monetize your blog with alternative platforms of Google AdSense like – Media.netPropellerAds, Adversal, Skimlinks, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, and many more.
But you can do monetization from all these platforms only when good traffic starts coming daily or monthly on your blog.
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