Prepaid or Postpaid Sim and Difference between Prepaid or Postpaid

Prepaid or Postpaid: Do you know what is Prepaid or Postpaid Sim? If you also want to know, then you have come to the right place.


You all must know that many people in India use smartphones, but many of them do not even know what kind of SIM card they use in their smartphones. And this is a bitter truth.

And in today’s article, I am going to give you complete information about  Prepaid or Postpaid Sim. What is the difference between the two? And which of both Prepaid Sim and Postpaid Sim is better for you?

What is Prepaid Sim and Postpaid Sim?

What is Prepaid Sim and What is Postpaid Sim

What is Prepaid Sim?

Prepaid Sim means that you pay first and then use the service. Services that you use in your mobiles such as Calling, Messaging, Data Usage, and etc. To use it, you have to pay in advance. We call it Prepaid Sim.

If you can tell it easily, it is a sim in which you have to recharge before using any service. As long as your SIM has a balance of recharge or as long as its limit is there, you can use those services. And when the recharge or limit is met, after that you have to recharge again.

But here, you can also change the recharge plan if you want.

Prepaid Sim comes with many companies such as (Vodafone & Idea = Vi), Airtel, Jio, etc. These are all prepaid SIMs. But some of these companies also provide postpaid service.

What is Postpaid Sim? 

Postpaid Sim means that you use the service first and later pay the money. Here you have to pay as much money as you use the service. Postpaid Sim this is a type of SIM which is different from Prepaid Sim.

In Postpaid Sim, the customer is charged with the service provider according to his plan, in which the minute the limit is given for the internet, messages, calling.

If you use less than or equal to the stated limit, then you have to pay for it as much as you have used their service.

But if you use anything above the limit, then you have to pay extra money for it. There is one good thing in it that your service never stops.

But in postpaid service, if the customer is unable to pay the bill, then the service provider can take legal action against the customer.

Can prepaid SIM be converted to postpaid?

Yes, Friends, you can convert your prepaid sim into a Postpaid sim. Friends if you are switching your prepaid sim to a postpaid connection then it takes time to convert (48 hours).

Which postpaid SIM is the best?

If you are thinking that the telco operator offers the best postpaid plan priced at Rs. 500, then you are in the right place.

  • Airtel Rs 499 Infinity postpaid plan. …
  • Vi Rs. 399 Postpaid plan
  • BSNL competing for a postpaid plan. …
  • Reliance Jio Rs. 199 postpaid plan.

What is the difference between Prepaid or Postpaid Sim? (Difference between Prepaid Sim or Postpaid Sim)

difference between Prepaid or Postpaid Sim





Prepaid Sim needs to be first recharged to Calls, Internet, SMS.

But in Postpaid Sim all these have to be recharged later

RC Validity

The validity of Recharge done in Prepaid Sim remains unlimited

There is a monthly recharge on Postpaid Sim, but whether or not you use that recharge, your money will be deducted.


Prepaid Sim’s plan is cheaper for normal people, but it is not cheap for business people.

Plans of Postpaid Sim are expensive than Prepaid Sim, but for business people, Postpaid Sim Plans are cheaper because Business Bale runs more Calls and Internet which is available in Plans of Postpaid Sim.


When the balance in your the phone runs out, then read Emergency TALK TIME, which costs 10.

There is no Tension of Emergency TALK TIME when your phone runs out of balance, as it has a Monthly Plan and can make everything UNLIMITED.


If you want to use Calls, SMS, Internet, etc. more, then you will not get more benefit on RECHARGE as all are limited

But using Plane in Postpaid Sim has more benefits because it costs less money than Plane of Postpaid Sim compared to Prepaid Sim.


Does not require a credit card.

While Postpaid Sim requires a credit card.


There is no bill in it, as much as there will be a balance, you can use it.

There is no bill in it, as much as there will be a balance, you can use it.

  • Know something More differences about Prepaid and Postpaid sim.

S. No.

Prepaid sim

Postpaid sim


In prepaid SIM, you have to recharge first, after the recharge you can use calls, internet and messages.

In a postpaid SIM, you do not have to first recharge to use calls, internet, and messages, you have to pay its bill at the end of every month.


You can get the benefit of the amount of money you recharge in a prepaid SIM.

Whenever and as much as you want in a postpaid sim, you can take the benefit of calls, internet and messages, but you have to pay it at the end of the month.


All prepaid SIM plans are very cheap, but you have to use calls, internet, and messages within a fixed limit.

Postpaid SIM plans are very expensive, but the use of calls, internet, and messages is not fixed. 


You cannot call and message anyone after the prepaid SIM balance is exhausted.

Postpaid SIM does not require recharging, as it provides unlimited service, which has to be paid later.


Calls are more expensive for us than making calls with prepaid SIM.

We make very cheap calls over postpaid SIM.

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Which Sim is better Prepaid or Postpaid for you and Why?

Friends, we have yet to know what is Prepaid Sim and Postpaid Sim? But now you will be thinking about what should we choose next? Which of the two is good for you both in Prepaid or Postpaid?

Benefits of Prepaid Sim? 

(1). Worry not for money: Yes, Friends Prepaid SIM When you recharge, you can use the balance or service in your SIM. And when your balance or recharge is complete then you have to recharge again.

There is no need to give you any hidden charges. And like Postpaid SIM, there is also no tension to pay more bills when used more.

(2). More Choice: Yes, Friends, you also get more choice in it, like if you want to change your plan pack, then you can choose any type of pack. The prepaid SIM pack costs more than the postpaid.

(3). In Friends Prepaid, you can limit your expenses as much as you want. If you get a recharge of 549 every month and you have to recharge only 399 this month, then you can do that too.

You need to pay only what you need. But if you have recharged your SIM, then you cannot change that recharge.

Benefits of Postpaid Sim:

(1). Recharge prices in postpaid SIMs are much lower than prepaid SIMs.

(2). What is the benefit of postpaid SIM recharge, in this you have to use the service first and then pay for it? If your payment date has passed and still you have not been able to pay the bill, you can still use their service for a few days.

(3). Postpaid SIMs also have different packs of different recharge plans. If you use the month very less then you can also choose packs with less plan. In which you start from 99.

Difference between Prepaid and Postpaid (According to different companies have different plans to see this).

Difference between Prepaid and Postpaid

In which Jio, Airtel, (Vodafone & Idea = Vi), BSNL, Aircel, Telenor, MTNL, MTS India, etc. All these Postpaid and Prepaid is different.

Which is better in Prepaid sim and Postpaid sim? If we talk about this, Postpaid sim remains true for more calls. And you can use Prepaid to reduce it.

Prepaid and postpaid related Question/Answers

Here you are given some questions and their answers, which people often ask.

1. Who is better than prepaid and postpaid?

If we talk about this topic, the answer will be that if you do business and you need to make more calls and SMS, then postpaid is better for you and if you have more calls and SMS. There is no need to do, then prepaid plans are better for you.

Postpaid sim is beneficial for business people because they have to make more calls and SMS in which they benefit. That’s why most business people choose the postpaid plan.

2. In postpaid we have to pay the bill monthly that yearly?

This is up to you. You can also pay monthly and pay yearly as well.

3. Are prepaid and postpaid plans the same?

No. Both prepaid and postpaid have different plans. There is also a separate plan for prepaid and there is a separate plan for postpaid as well.

4. Is a credit card required to pay in postpaid?

Yes, you must have a credit card to pay for postpaid, while if you do not have a credit card to pay the prepaid plan bill, it works. But to fill the bill in postpaid, it is necessary to have a credit card.

5. How many rupees can one get in prepaid SIM at the time of an emergency?

If the recharge plan in your prepaid SIM is over and you have to make an emergency call, then you can get a loan from 5 to 10. It is not needed in postpaid, because in it you have to pay monthly or yearly. There is no problem in calling as many as you want.

So these were some questions related to prepaid and post trees and answers to those questions so that your confusion can be removed.

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In today’s article, we talked about what is Prepaid or Postpaid Sim? What is the difference between Prepaid or Postpaid Sim? Which Sim is Good For You Prepaid or Postpaid?, Prepaid or Postpaid ……Etc.

Friends, I hope that now you have got the answer what is the difference between Prepaid or Postpaid Sim and which prepaid and postpaid sim is better for you. If you have any questions related to this, then we can ask in the comment box. And please share this article in every place like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more social sites.

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