Start a Fashion blog in 2020 and make money from it.

Start a Fashion blog and make money 

Earn money in 2020 by making Fashion website

Are you interested to start a fashion blog, but you don’t have the idea of where to start a fashion blog?
The fashion blog is easy to start, but it’s difficult to make money and being successful with your fashion blog.
I am not showing only how to start a fashion blog, but I will share you some incredible ideas, to earn money in 2020 by making Fashion website.
If you are interested in fashion and style, you are already following the best fashion bloggers and influencers on Instagram.
Around $15 billion spend money fashion and style brands are forecast up to coming 2023. 

All fashion and style brands are spending her money to promote posts and content for free samples and more.

Why are you Starting a Fashion Blog?

The Fashion blogs do not only provide a platform, in fashion blogs you bring lots of opportunities and discover lots of fashion bloggers and you make money with fashion blogs in different ways.
If you are passionate about fashion and style, then you have must be followed and seen many Influencers and Fashion bloggers on Instagram.
There are many top brands and Designers are spending billions of dollars each year for advertising on Instagram.

Types of Fashion Bloggers.

  • Street style Fashion blogger
  • Shopping bloggers
  • Life Style Bloggers
  • General Fashion bloggers
  • Fashion Photography Bloggers
  • Business of Fashion & News Fashion Bloggers
  • The Shock!
Let’s start and learn how to earn money in 2020 by making a Fashion website.

Choose a domain name and nice for fashion blog:

First, you start your fashion blog you need to find the best web hosting, I recommended you
Buy a reliable, safer, and faster web hosting, if you are sure about to make money from it.
Before starting you need to know about the fashion blog. Once you have chosen your topic, you will want to name your blog. You can easily find your blog name by analyzing your topic, your targeted visitors, and the style of your blog.
The easiest way to find your blog name is to search some sites on your search engine e.g., Blog name generator, generate blog name, etc.
Use some techniques to find your blog name like alliteration or assonance, rhyming, etc.
When you find your domain name you can use domain name suggestion tools like GoDaddy, Domainr, etc. Using this platform you can find is your domain name available or not.
One thing is great about launching your fashion blog while naming, you can use your name as your blog domain name. It helps you to increase your brand name online and promote yourself.

Finding the best hosting for your blog:

When you finding hosting to host your blog make sure your hosting will be faster, reliable, and safer for your blog.
If you are finding hosting at affordable prices, the Blue host is best for your blog it is at an affordable price and Blue host features are very good.
There are millions of Domain owners trust Blue Host, and Blue host also provides a free Domain name registration for 1 year. You have to just pay for only Hosting.
The plans and features of Blue host hosting are:

Blue host hosting prices.

Set up your fashion blog with Blue host hosting:

Get start your fashion blog

Go to Blue Host website and click “Get started Now” Button.
Choosing the hosting plan and Domain
Then Choose the hosting plan that affordable and best for you and registered one you used domain and new domain.
Choose the Blue host hosting plans

After choosing a hosting plan to enter your account information. Then select your plan like 12 months,24 months, and 36 months your choice. My recommendation is to choose the 36-month plan offers the best deal is Blue host, but you can choose to host plan one you like and affordable for you.

Login to Blue host and get started

After signup, you get an email with login details for the web hosting control panel. Then login into your Blue host account and look for your WordPress under the “My site” tab.

Create your site and Create your Fashion blog

After opening “My sites” and then tap the “Create site” for creating your new Fashion Blog.

launches Blue Host WordPress Installing wizard

Then launches Blue Host WordPress Installing wizard, then enter your blog name and you can also enter the Tag line it’s (optional).
After entering your blog name you can click on next and enter your Domain name from the drop-down menu.
Then Click Next it’s again starting some installing, it takes a few minutes to install. After installation, you can see a success message.
After a success message, you also get a confirmation email with a login link.
WordPress was installed successfully on Blue Host and launched your Fashion Blog on WordPress.

After WordPress installed your blog to look like a basic and boring theme. But don’t worry we fix this problem.
 Let’s go to set the best theme for your fashion blog. 

Choose the theme for your blog.

There are thousands of themes in WordPress. If you are serious about blogging then buy a premium theme and if you have no money at this time then you go with free themes. 
My recommendation is you can go with a premium theme its best for your blog and if you don’t have money to buy a premium theme you can go with the free theme then after some time when you have the money you buy a premium theme, it’s a very important part of your blog.

WordPress Free theme and Premium theme:

WordPress Free Theme: 
WordPress is a very popular platform to create a website all over the world. There are lots of peoples creating perfect and good themes that are free to use. The free themes are produced by independent developers, with limited or not support. The high-end vendors also provide free themes on occasion for premium offerings.
WordPress Premium themes:
The peoples are buying and using premium themes because of his features. In premium themes, there are lots of features like responsiveness, good support of vendor’s staff support, customization options, third-party app integrations, High-level quality, etc. 
     WordPress Free Themes

  • WordPress free themes are totally free, with no strings attached.
  • Free themes downloaded from the official Blog Tool, CMS, and Publishing Platform. 
  • The premium themes are usually, depth customization options; you may need some coding knowledge like Html, CSS, Java, etc.
  • In WordPress Browsing and installing free themes are easier given access to the theme directory from your WordPress dashboard.
  • WordPress themes directory are undergone an official review process.

WordPress Premium Themes

  • In WordPress premium themes generally reasonably priced, considering the extensive benefits listed below.
  • Not required to undergo an official review process before hitting the market.
  • The premium themes typically come with more features out of the box, including lots of customization options and third-party app integrations to extend your website’s functionality and make your website professional.
  • In premium, theme vendor should provide excellent support, along with documentation to guide you through the setup process.
  • The premium themes are available from a wide range of independent theme shops and marketplaces.
You have to upgrade your fashion blog with plugins 

Top 10 best plugins for your blog:

When starting your blog these 10 plugins very help full for you. The plugins are:
    1. Yoast SEO
    2. NextGEN Gallery
    3. Akismet
    4. W3 Total Cache
    5. Contact Form 7
    6. WP Rocket
    7. Ninja Forms
    8. WP-Optimize
    9. Broken Link Checker
    10. Social Snap

Start blogging and Create or publish your content.

Let’s start creating content and publishing content. When starting your blog one to do first, create a Core page and the Main menu.
Let’s start with different types of content:

  • Post
  • Pages
My recommendation is before creating a post you create first this 2 pages:

  • About us 
  • Contact us
Few steps to creating a menu is:

After creating About us and Contact us page you create a menu in WordPress first you log in your Fashion blog and click to the pages and add menu.

Adding pages in your Fashion blog

Click Appearance, Click on Menus, Enter your name for the menu, Click on Create Menu

Creating menu in WordPress and adding Contact us and About us

Then Add pages under Add menus, choose the pages like About us and Contact us, then Click Save Menu

Then Add pages under Add menus, choose the pages like About us and Contact us, then Click Save Menu

After saving the menu you have to navigate the pages on the header.
Click Manage location at the top of the page. Then select the location where you want to appear.

Adding menu and navigate your pages to header

Make sure the location should be a primary set.

After publishing, About us and Contact us pages you can start creating your post.
When you creating your post some points you need to know please don’t forget these points.
  • Write SEO friendly article.
  • Write a unique article.
  • Don’t use copy content in your blog.
  • About 90% of bloggers are used copy content and 10 % of bloggers create unique content.
  • Write article user friendly and easy to read languages.

Some important things to do after launching your Fashion blog:

When you installed WordPress in a Fashion blog, there are few things before publishing your blog.
Make your blog looks like a professional Fashion Blog. Blog Design is the king when your blog design your blog make sure your design is mobile-friendly, Elegant, SEO friendly (Search Engine Friendly), responsiveness and more things to do in your blog design.
If you don’t focus on blog design like clean, simple, and professional-looking blog design then your blog suffers later.

Social media profiles:

After customizing your Fashion blog, you should link all your sites with Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Rabbit, Pinterest, etc.
When creating social media profiles try to make a profile name similar to your a domain name, you can make your branding easily, more visibility, and share your link on social media and increase more traffic to your blog.

Creating Top-Notch contents:

Creating top-notch content meaning finds what your targeted audience is searching to read. The first thing to do find who you are targeting. 
Then find the popular topics of the Fashion Industry. Then you create top-notch content for your fashion blog.
If you are following these steps and create content then automatically you get more likes, followers, shares, and that you get lots of traffic from Search Engine, and your website quickly monetizes without any giving any efforts. 

How much earn money from a Fashion blog?

Fashion bloggers have many ways to make money, they can do an affiliate marketing of lifestyle-related, Fashion related and also you can collaborate with top fashion brands and do affiliate marketing with his product and you can from it easily.
Sponsor marketing is another way to make money you can sponsor post of top fashion brands and you can earn money with sponsored post minimum $25-$35 every single post and maximum earning is depending on your fashion blog traffic and popularity of your blog on social media.

5 best ways to make money with Fashion blog in 2020

There are 5 best ways to make money with a Fashion blog. These 5 ways many Fashion bloggers make money in 2020. Many Fashion bloggers are using this strategy and make money easily.
  1. Collaborations, sponsorships paid reviews or Ads with Google Adsense
  2.  Instagram Influencer
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Promote Branded Content
  5. Selling own products

Collaborations and sponsorships or Ads with Google Adsense

Collaborations and Sponsorship:

Mainly many Fashion bloggers collaborate with different brands, they work together and make money. Fashion bloggers also make money with sponsorship, promoting other brands, or promote lifestyle products, they also make money with promoting other brands. When brands get visibility, more audience, and loyal customers then the Fashion bloggers make money. 

Ads with Google Adsense:

Google helps you to make money with Google Adsense. Adverting networks can help to make money easily with your Fashion blog. Google Adsense allows you to show ads on your site with following simple steps and instructions of Google Adsense.

Instagram Influencer

Instagram is one of the best social media networks for lifestyles and Fashion. On Instagram you can do the same thing as your Fashion blog, you can start posting with relevant hashtags to rice your Post right audience. You can post images and videos on Instagram related to your website and you reach fast of your targeting audience.

Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best platforms to make money. It is based on your performance, which means whenever anyone buys affiliate products by using your affiliate referral link, you earn a commission from sale products. 
You can add Fashion related products, lifestyle-related, and many more products related to your niche in the affiliate program. Then you can start with Amazon affiliate it is the platform for Fashion, lifestyle, Clothing, and accessories products (other affiliate sites are also good) and you recommend the audience to buy for it.

Promoting Branded content:

Promote your brand with Brands, Fashion startup, agencies, and others partner with them. Demonstrate your influence by Showing off your Instagram feed on your Fashion blog and Size of your following. Promoting your blog is very help full for your Fashion blog and Social media.

Sale your own product:

If you have lots of email list or followers on social media and you are generating a ton of audience to your site, a ton can sell your products. It is the best way to make your Brand. Make sure your products are relevant to your audience and set the right price for your product. If you want your visitor’s tur to your customers you can implement all these things to your products.

Top 5 Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2020

  • The Budget Fashionista – fashion and lifestyle-related.
  • Man Repeller – Smart ideas and Fashion tips.
  • Fashion Jackson – Fashion, Beauty, and Travel related tips.
  • Hello Fashion – Fashion, Beauty, and Home decor.
  • He Spoke Style – Men’s style. Fashion and Grooming related.

Top 15 Popular Fashion bloggers and their blogs are:

Akanksha Redhu
She Wears Fashion
Gabi Gregg – OG Fat Girl
Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon
Tami Reed – Talking With Tami
Leandra Medine – Man Repeller
Jessica Wang – Not Jess Fashion
Lisa Gachet – Make My Lemonade
Lisa Gachet – Make My Lemonade
Wendy Nguyen – Wendyslookbook
Danielle Bernstein – We Wore Wha
Diana Horsfall – QUEENHORSFALL
Chriselle Lim – The Chriselle Factor
Kat Farmer – Does My Bum Look 40
Tanesha Awasthi – Girl With Curves
Claire Goldsworthy – The Fashion Advocate

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