Top 10 Best Increase Website Traffic Strategy That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

Top 10 Best Increase Website Traffic Strategy That Will Actually Make Your Life Better.

Everyone knows that SEO is one of the brilliant strategies to increase traffic. But some beginner web developers, bloggers, and many more website creators are facing a problem of SEO. They don’t know how to implement SEO in our blog, how to use and improve our website with SEO, and many more these types of questions facing beginners.

But in this post, we are talking about how to increase your website traffic and blog traffic without any SEO strategy.

In this post, we are sharing some strategies that you can easily put on your blog and website, and you can optimize each source of traffic.

The first thing to know every people, traffic helps your website for improving your website and your ranking. But you want to make sure your traffic is increasing is associated with the increase in engagement as well. If your traffic is increasing but your site engagement is decreasing it shows the search engine you are not bringing in the right traffic on your website.

There are lots of ways to optimize your website for engagement. But when you go in the wrong ways like paid traffics and engagement then it shows a bad impression on the search engine.

Some time you ranked but the search engine is very smart. When he cached your traffic and engagement and he found your it comes with wrong ways than search engine automatically through your website down.

But my suggestion is you go right place and create the right engagement and right organic traffic. When you go in right the search engine automatically increase your website traffic, engagement and it can also increase your ranking.

The first thing you do attract the right visitors to your website in the first place. Make your goal when it comes to your site the traffic is to be driving more qualified visitors to your site.

Guest posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to increase your site traffic and engagement. You can create guest posts and make backlinks. Backlinks are one of the Google ranking factors.

Backlinks show the search engine that your post is increasing in industries for recognition and it provides values to both websites and the user.
The guest post helps your website to both strengthen your backlink profile and land backlinks. It also helps to drive such an amount of traffic to your website.

When you contribute a post to another blog (Guest posting) with a link back to your website. You want to make sure when your writing post your post must be relevant, user-friendly, responsive, and useful to their audiences so that is more even exchange.

But keep in your mind some websites have guest post submission guideline. If you want to land a link you have to follow their guidelines carefully.

Online paid Advertising

Adverting is now one of the best ways to increase traffic, views, and clicks on your site. You can easily use social media for promoting your site, Google Ads, and many more ways to advertise your site.

You can run your displayed ads or sponsored post with social media.
If you want to drive such amount of traffic through search engines using ads, before using ads you want to know how you are making money from this traffic.

My suggestion is for you is make your ads like people want and know this advertising is the first ingredient. Create good and high-quality ads like users see your ads and click it and high-quality ads encourage the peoples and the right peoples are click fast to your ads in second.

When creating ads you want to know these two pints first- You make sure the design of your ad is very good, my suggestion is to make your ads design itself and the second thing is targeting the ad.

Long-tail keyword

The long-tail keyword is very good for ranking. You can easily rank your website with long-tail keywords. In this time everyone uses mostly long tail because we describe our post in the online using long-tail keyword and in shot tail keyword has much traffic but in beginner, you don’t rank your website.

Example of Short tail keywords and Long tail keywords:

Short tail keywords: what is SEO?, What is Blogging, How to increase traffic? etc.

Long-tail keywords: How to rank your post without using off-page SEO?, How to increase your website traffic without any SEO strategy, etc.

Short tail keywords are very difficult to rank on search engines. Target the long-tail keywords, it gives you a better ranking higher on the search engine for your services and specific queries to your products.

The higher ranking means higher traffic. The peoples are Search online in specific phrases like voice typing and search engines.

A long-tail keyword is very useful for beginners and it is also useful or high DA and PA sites.

Blog commenting strategy

Blog commenting is an old strategy it does not work longer for creating backlinks from Google. But it works.

Use blog commenting and generate traffic on your site.
First thing you want to find some good sites that are posting content related to your niche.

If you are struggling to find commenting sites, you can use Buzzumo, DrumUp, Trapit, Feedly, Post Planner, etc it helps you to find sites where relevant content is being created.

When you find some sites for commenting then you have to visit the site and analyze their traffic, page views, and social media influence.

You can use tools for analyzing sites like Google Analytics, Bitly, Open Web Analytics, SEMrush, Similar web, etc.

After analyzing and commenting you can leaving on relevant industry, you gain your visibility and increase your conversions.

Q&A websites

Q&A sites are the organic traffic machine. The Q&A sites are Quora, Stack Overflow, LinkedIn, etc. But the Quora and stack exchange is the popular Q&A sites.

Are you know Quora site is the 110th site all over the world and it is 61st popular sites in the United States.

And Quora is a great medium for increasing traffic on your site. You want to ensure that your answers are relevant and detailed content, you must have to know what you are talking about.

Quora helps people to improve their services and product, when you have any service required question you can easily ask in quora and many peoples are answered your post and suggest some better things to do or you have any product you answer any question related to your products, then the peoples are seeing your post and give reviews according to your post.

Just answer people’s questions related to your niche and connect with your industry. In these types of platforms, you need to build relationships and generate trust as a member and be relevant and helpful.

But try to avoid shallow, salesy, and sounding content.

You have to build a loyal and trustworthiness community that will be respective to your website’s services and products.

Start a Podcast

Can you now in the US 35% – 44% of peoples listen to podcasts. It is the best way to generate traffic from the US.

When you start the podcast you need some equipment, guests, podcast editing skills, etc. Podcasts have become one of the hottest marketing channels in the US.

If you have a problem with how to find podcast opportunities? Then don’t worry I help you, you go on Google and search in search engine and search    “{ your niche} podcast” you have result according to your niche.

Top 5 podcast hosting sites are:

  • Buzzsprout –
  • Captivate –
  • Castos –
  • Simplecast –
  • Podbean –

Learn How to Start a Podcast? with this video.

Create videos on YouTube

Videos are one of the powerful ways to create organic traffic. In a report according to cisco around 82% of the traffic comes on the website in 2022.

YouTube is the best resource to drive free organic traffic and engagement to your website. It is all about Google because Google loves YouTube and you want to know this thing YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world.

YouTube is the best way to engage peoples on your channel and send traffic to your website. Text content is good, but the video is a very valuable asset it helps in both one is you attract new visitors and the second is you can make engagement in your site.

My suggestion is you may start now video marketing and create best and useful videos and tutorials for your audience and give some value to your audience. You can also create videos for Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, news feed videos, and so on.
You have to add videos on your website. Videos can help you generate new leads and increase your website traffic.
If you are not adding video then add videos right now, you need to start as soon as possible to maximize your reach.

See this video and learn step by step YouTube video making.

Create a strategy with SEO Tools

Everyone has to learn about SEO tools because to drive traffic, rank higher, and conversions, you have learned it is very important.

The SEO tools are SEMrush, Ahref, and Google Analytics these three tools are very important for making strategy on how to generate traffic? These tools are very helpful for your website.

These SEO tools help you to analyze and learn what reworking on your site and what is not working on your site.

With these tools, you monitor your competitors and analyze what strategy they are doing on his website for increasing traffic, engagement, conversions, clicks, etc.

These websites also help for ideas for your content example, SEO friendly, relevant, responsive, etc.

Increase traffic and sales with Social media

Social media have the power to increase your traffic and increase in sales.

In 2020 according to the “Hootsuite” report, there are 3.7 billion internet users globally. Can you imagine How many peoples are using social media platforms? Around 2.7 billion users.

You easily create some posts for the audience like any videos and images about your products and your website and give your site and your product links then the peoples automatically visit your website and see your products. And you ask peoples to visit my website and buy my products.

You have to make sure you give values to your followers then the followers are also giving you value. First, you give value to your followers you encourage to visit my site and buy my products.

Share your blog post and your products on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

And Social sharing buttons on your website because when visitors like your content they can easily click the social buttons and share your post easily.

Create high-quality Infographics.

Infographics are the best strategy to rank and increase traffic. When peoples see in your post some interesting and new things then the peoples are like your pages.

Infographics are both entertaining and educational that’s why peoples like infographics.

When you creating eye-catching infographics on your website then your website traffic is increase.

With the help of infographics, you explain anything easily to your audience. When your infographics are looking entertaining and good then peoples share your post on social media platforms then your engagement, traffic, conversions, and clicks increases frequently.

Learn How to Create Infographics with canvas? with this video.

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