Top 10 Hidden COMPUTER Intelligence TIPS and TRICK 2020 | Amazing Tricks

The world of the Internet has developed rapidly in India. It is very important that you can walk with the Internet world, shoulder to shoulder. We have brought you 10 easy tips and tricks to make your way easier, I am sure you will like these 10 Computer Tips & Tricks10 Secret (Hidden) Computer Tips & Tricks”. You will be able to tackle some of your daily life-related tasks quickly with the help of these Computer Master Tricks.

Top 10 Hidden Computer Tips & Tricks | Secret tips and tricksTop 10 Hidden COMPUTER Intelligence TIPS and TRICK 2020 | Amazing Tricks

I am not going to tell you about any boring computer tricks. Whatever trick you tell me will be completely new for you. And will always help in your daily life. In addition, I will tell you some special computer hacks that you will like.

1. Search in Seconds! [Search Fast]

It happens many times, that we have to search for files on the computer, by searching on a computer like this, the computer shows many different types of files and folders in the search results. When this happens, the computer becomes a little slow. And it takes some time for the correct result to come, let’s know. How can you speed up this process very easily!

Search in Seconds-  computer hidden tips and tricks

As you can see above, I have searched the Hack stars – Cyber ​​Security Course here. But the result I want is not visible at all. Windows is showing all files and folders from this keyword (Hack stars – Cyber ​​Security Course).
But I do not want all this result. I am looking for a full course. Let’s know how to do Find Fast.

Search in Seconds-  computer hidden tips and tricks

If you are searching for a zip file, then type: .zip search like this.
For Example, If you are searching Hack stars Cybersecurity Course and you remember that this file is in zip, then you can search in this way.

Hackstars – Cybersecurity Course type: .zip

If I am looking for a photo called Iron Man with Extension .jpg, then you can do some search in this way.

mobile hacking tricks: .jpg
If the file of Iron Man is in another extension?
Then you will search this way
Mobile hacking tricks: .pdf – PDF file
Mobile hacking tricks: .mp3 – MP3 audio file
Mobile hacking tricks: .wav – WAV file
Mobile hacking tricks: .rar – RAR file
Mobile hacking tricks: .csv – comma separated value file
Mobile hacking tricks: .xml – XML ​​file
Mobile hacking tricks: .apk – Android package file
Mobile hacking tricks: .bat – Batch file
Mobile hacking tricks: .txt – plain text file
Mobile hacking tricks: .doc and .docx – Microsoft Word file
Mobile hacking tricks: .js – JavaScript file
1. Cyber ​​Security Course type: zip
2. Cyber ​​Security Course Size: gigantic
3. Cyber ​​Security Course date modified: earlier this month
4. Cyber ​​Security Course kind: = document
So you will be able to search for any files quickly in this way.

2. Change Windows Password Easily

You can harass your friends and brothers a lot through this trick. For this, you have to use a very simple command.
You can use this trick only when you are the Administrator login to your Windows computer. If you are a local user then you cannot use this command.

Yes! The important thing about this trick is that you will not need to know the password of Windows. You will still be able to change the password.

You have to open Command Prompt. And have to type in there. Net User

Change Windows Password Easily- computer tips and tricks
Basically, the Net User command is used to manage the use of a computer.

Change Windows Password Easily-computer tips and tricks
So as you can see the command completed successfully. And the password was also changed.
1. You do not need to know the password!
2. You will still be able to change the password.
3. You must log in as an Administrator.
4. Open CMD in Run As Administrator.
5. CMD Command: Net User Username Password
6. In place of Username, the computer will be the Administrator User, write its Username.

3. Minimize and Maximize Easily

Sometimes we are running Facebook and suddenly some AC pictures come on our screen which we feel quite embarrassed when we see our family members or it also happens when you are typing something and suddenly someone comes, and you do not want to show what you are writing. So you minimize the screen. 

But it takes a while to do it with the mouse. But you will be able to do this very quickly with the help of shortcuts.

If you want to minimize the screen, press the Windows Key + M key.
And if you want to maximize the screen, press the Windows Key + Shift Key + M key.

1. Windows Key + M For Minimize
2. Windows Key + Shift Key + M For Maximize
3. Windows Key + D for both Minimize and Maximize

4. Manage all Programs Easily

Manage all Programs Easily-computer tips and tricks
Computer Tips and Tricks

We always do multiple tasks on the computer. There are many times when we have to switch from 1 program to another, in that we use a mouse. Doing this again and again also wastes our time. You can do this very easily which is a professional way. You will be able to switch the program easily with the shortcut key given below.
• Alt + Tab
• Windows + Tab

5. Start Program on Windows Startup

Do you want the custom program you set to open automatically as you open your computer? You do not need to click anything.
You can also keep a notepad file. Which will contain your balls? Whenever you open a computer, your computer will remind you of your goal.
This is very easy to do.

Start Program on Windows Startup

Let’s see from an example, how can we add a program to the startup of a computer?

Here I am adding VyprVPN to the startup program.

1. step

Start Program on Windows Startup-computer secret tricks

Go to the properties of the program you want to add.
After going to Properties, click on Shortcut, and copy the target is given there.

To go to the properties of a program, you have to first move the mouse cursor over that Program Icon and left-click. You will see the last will have the option of Properties.

2. Step

C: Users Username AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup Go to this location first, remember that Username should be replaced by the user’s name of your computer.

3. Step

Start Program on Windows Startup-computer secret tricks
Computer Tips and Tricks

Here you have to create a shortcut. Click the left mouse button and move the mouse cursor near the new option. There you will get to see many options, you have to click on Shortcut.

4. Step

Computer Tricks and Tips

Now paste the path you copied. enough! done.
1. C: Users Username AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs Startup
2. Username of the computer has to be replaced instead of Username. This can be done in this way Ranjan, Vivek, or Bivek,  etc.

6. Make Con Folder Easily

Make Con Folder Easily-computer tricks
Computer Tricks and secrets
Many people around us challenge to make a Con folder. This is because you cannot create a folder named direct con, a con is a reserved word. Apart from this, there is also a lot of reserved words. Such as CON, PRN, AUX, CLOCK $, NUL, COM0, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, ​​COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT0, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LP
You cannot create folders with this name.

But you can easily create any folder named above with this trick.

Computer Tricks
You have to press and hold Alt, then you have to type 0160. After typing 0160, release the Alt button, you will see that whatever text you have written will now be blank. Now you will be able to create a folder named Con.

7. Change Windows Folder Background

Change Windows Folder Background
Amazing Computer  Tricks

Do you know, the folder background of Windows can be changed. Yes! The folder background of windows can be changed. Let’s know how to do this.
On the folder you want to change the background, you have to create a file. Whose extension will be .ini? And the name of that file should be desktop. 

This would be something like desktop.ini
You have to create a text file and paste this code.

IconArea_Image = E: image iron-man.jpg
Recursive = 1
ShadowedText = 0
TextR = 225
TextG = 20
TextB =

IconArea_Image = Here you have to give the location of the image.
Text R (Red), G (Green), B (Blue) = Here you have to enter the code of RGB.

Change Windows Folder Background- amazing computer tricks

After this is done, you should save that file. When you save that file, its name should be desktop and its extension should be .ini, something like this in desktop.ini

Bus! If you have done everything correctly then your folder background will be changed.

8. Change Windows Folder Icon

Change Windows Folder Icon-computer tricks and secrets

To change the icon of any folder, you have to click on Properties> Customize> Change Icon … and there you will be able to easily change the icon of the folder. But this is not a trick. The real trick will start now.

All the default icons given in Windows do not look very attractive. So, we will use the custom icon here. Which looks very attractive and different.
Windows Icon Pack
You can download and use many Windows icon packs from the link given above.

Let’s know how you can use a custom icon pack.

1. step

First, you have to go to the properties of the folder.

2. Step

When the folder properties open, click on the Customize tab.

3. Step

Click Change Icon … in the Customize tab.

4. step

Here you click on Browse … And select your icon file (.ico).

5. Step

Select your icon file, click on Open. Then click on Ok.

6. Step

Now all you have to do is click on apply. FINALLY DONE !!

How to Convert JPG / PNG File Into ICO File?

If you want to create a folder icon for your JPG / PNG image then it is very easy. For this, converting JPG / PNG into ICO (icon file) is quite easy. Let’s see how we can do it. ( ico file format)

How to Convert JPG / PNG File Into ICO File (ico convert)

First of all, you have to go to the website (ico convert). If you go directly through this link, then you will get ease.
As you can see in the above image, you will get to see the same there.

1. Step

Upload any image you want to convert to an icon by clicking on Choose Files.

2. Step

Now you will be able to convert JPG / PNG into ICO (icon file) by clicking on Direct Start conversion. But optional settings are also given below Start conversion. If you want to keep your icon file large. Then put 256 * 256 pixels in Change Size:

Now click on Start conversion, a new page will open from there you can easily. You will be able to download the .ico file.

9. Folder and Files. Cool CMD Tricks

Friends many times it happens that some of your private documents or anything is on your computer that you do not want to see anyone else. In this way, you can use a secret method, so that you can easily hide Folder and Files.

10. Best Notepad Tricks

A typical computer user only uses text to save the text in Notepad. You will not believe how amazing GJ can do with Notepad. And this will really impress your friends. And you will enjoy practicing these tricks of notepad.

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