Top 11 Best Ways To Earn Money From Telegram | WhatsApp VS Telegram

Top 11 Best Ways To Earn Money From Telegram | WhatsApp VS Telegram

Today’s topic is Top 11 Best Ways To Earn Money From Telegram Friends, at this time everyone wants that they can earn money through their mobile & computer sitting at home, we are so lucky that technology has gone so far that we can earn money sitting at home too.
Many such mobile apps give us a chance to earn money from sitting. Some of which are fraudulent apps, some reliable today, we are going to give you information about one such reliable apps, this app is named Telegram.
If you do not know what is Telegram? and How to earn money from Telegram, then first let’s know about it?
Table of Content:
  • What is Telegram?
  • How to create a Telegram Channel?
  • How to earn money from Telegram?
  • How to Grow Telegram Channel?
  • Telegram History
  • Important features of Telegram:
  • How to Install Telegram App?
  • WhatsApp Vs Telegram comparison:
  • Conclusion,

What is Telegram?

Telegram is a messaging app just like the WhatsApp it is also a popular messaging app. This app is Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, etc. Is available in this, we can send audios, videos, photos, smileys, and any type of files to our telegram user contact.
Apart from this, we can use features like Chat, New Group, Call, and Secret Chat. I have also told before that what is Telegram? And how to use it.
Note: The specialty of Telegram is that we can add millions of members by creating a group in it. Talking about secret chat without any limitations, it is also a special feature of telegram. In this, we can do a secret chat with any of our contacts. In this app, there is an option called New Channel, through which we get a chance to earn money. Today we are going to know about this in detail.

How to create a Telegram Channel?

How to earn money from Telegram via mobile? Will tell you about it – for this, first, you have to create your Telegram channel, follow the steps given below to create the channel.
Step 1. Download the Telegram App and click on start messaging.

Start creating Telegram channel

Step 2. Now you create your account through mobile and verify OTP then you will be ready to create channels.
Enter Mobile number is telegram app

Step 3. Now click on the slide, here you will get the option of Create New Channel, click on it.
Click on new channel in telegram

Step 4. After clicking, the new page will open in which you have to enter the name and description of your channel and click on Right Mark (√) above.
Type channel name in telegram

Step 5. Now your Telegram Channel is created and you can add a new logo through the link.

How to join Telegram channel?

It is very easy to join any Telegram Channel. To join a channel, you need a Join link which can give you that Channel Admin. We have given you a lot of links at the bottom of this article. You can easily join by clicking on the link given below.
• Open your favorite channel first and open it from Telegram Messanger by clicking on the link given on the side.
• Now you have to click on Join again under that app
• Bossed. You have become a member of that channel.

How to earn money from Telegram?

Here I will tell about some common methods which people are using this time to earn money. In such a situation, if you grow your channel, then you can also earn money using these mediums.
1.       Affiliate Marketing: –
Friends Affiliate Marketing is a way with which you can earn up to millions of rupees. And this is the best way to earn money. First of all, you have to sign up in a lot of affiliate programs like Amazon, Flipkart, Earnkaro.
If you join any one of the affiliate platforms after that whatever you want to promote on the product, then you have to promote its affiliate link with the help of your Telegram channel and you will get a commission.
Friends, if you tell me as an example, if you make a telegram channel in the name of a Mobile Best Offer and you can go to Amazon or Flipkart, you can give the mobile phone in the telegram channel and you can tell the followers.
If anyone of your Telegram Chanel buys that product by clicking on your link, you will get whatever Commission you have. Do not just Amazon, you have to earn money by joining the all Affiliate Program.
2.     Paid Promotion: –
Friends, you can earn money even by Paid Promotion. For that, you will first have to make a good subscriber in your Telegram Chanel such as up to 1000 Subscribers. After that, there are many such Surrey companies or there are many people who will give you money to post their product in your telegram channel.
Friends, for that, you have to grow your telegram channel. And you will contact many such companies for the promotion of its product. Friends, this is also a very good way to earn money from Telegram.
3.     Refer and Earn: –
Friends, in today’s days, many such mobile apps give you money to refer to others. To earn money from Refer and Earn, first you have to register on all those apps and share Refer Link of all those apps in your channel.
Friends, if anyone from your Link downloads that application and registers, then you can earn money from there. Similarly, you can earn money from Mobile App Refer and Earn.
4.     Link Shortener: –
Friends, you can earn money from Telegram from Link Shortener Website too. To earn money, you have to register on the link shortener website. After that, if you share any app or PDF on the Telegram channel then its link will have to be shortlisted from that website.
After short-linking from the Link Short website, you will have to share that link on your channel, if anyone clicks on your link and goes to that file, then you get money to click. Many sites give up to 5 dollars per 1000 Clicks.
5.     Resell Product: –
Resell Product is also a good way to earn money from Telegram with the help of which you can earn up to thousands of rupees. Friends, for that you have to download mobile apps like GlowRoad, Mall91, and Shop 101 and register on that.
After registering friends, you will have to post the image and product description of the product which you do not want to sell from that application. After that, whomever they want to buy the product will message you and you will be able to sell that product.
Friends, you will get the price of the product on all these applications at a very low price. Due to which you can sell the product at the price you want.
6.     Paid Subscription: –
Friends, Paid Subscription is a very good way to make money from Telegram. Friends, to earn money from this, you have to open your Telegram Chanel on Private. Friends, you will not know that you can make two types of channels on telegram. Public Chanel and Private Chanel.
After open Private Chanel, you can charge money from peoples for joining that channel. If he gives you money, then you will give him the joining link of the channel, in this way you can make less money with Telegram.
7.      Donation: –
Friends, if you provide any Premium and good content in your channel for free. And you help followers. Then you can give your Google Pay, Paytm, or Phone pay, number, or ID for donation on your Telegram channel.
Friends, you can earn money from this method too. Friends, to earn money from this method, you have to give something to your followers that he has not got from anyone else and if you help those people, then you will definitely get donations.
8.     Sell your Product: –
Friends, if you want to sell your product then you can also sell your product with the help of Telegram. Friends, to sell your product, you will first have to promote your product on any big telegram channel, after that people will be able to reach your product easily.
In the same way, Subscriber will also be used on your telegram’s channel and you will also be able to sell your product. And friends, you have to use a good image to make you sell.
9.     Earning App Sharing: – You can earn money by sharing the link of the Earning app on your channel.
There are many such Earning apps in which after registering, it gives you a referral link, through this, when any user clicks on your link, then you can earn a lot from it.
10. Sponsorship: – Many such apps sponsor you to promote your app. Somewhere all the apps commission you through affiliate and to increase the download of your apps.
11.   Education Channel: – At present, many such students study through the Internet, you can earn a good income by creating education channels on telegram and selling education-related courses and notes there.
To earn money using all these methods, you have to grow your channel and I have given some ways here.

How to Grow Telegram Channel?

It is easy to create a channel in Telegram, but you will not have to grow your channel just by creating channels and adding content to it or in some other way, for this, you will have to grow your channel, in easy language, you will get more and more subscribers on your channel. We, Will, have to bring and only then will you be able to earn a good amount.
Today we will share with you some ways through which you will be able to grow your channel to some extent –
• Channel Name: First you have to decide what kind of content you are going to publish on your channel. If you are adding movies related content, then the name of your channel should also be linked to the same. Due to this, whenever people search for movies, they are likely to see the name of your channel.
• Most Search: If you are not able to decide on which topic to create a channel, then you should find out which topic users search more on Telegram. You can also create your channel accordingly.
• Sharing: You can link your channel to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can grow your channel by sharing it in the account.
• If you have a YouTube channel, then you can share the link of the telegram channel in the description of your YouTube video.
• Paid Promotion: You can promote your channel by contacting any other telegram channel users who have more subscribers and generate enough traffic, instead you will have to pay some money to it.
• Cross Promotion: Cross Promotion is one of the easiest ways to grow your channel. In this, you have to connect with any other users of your channel’s category. Suppose you have a channel of Web Series and you have 50–100 subscribers and any other users also have 50–100 or so subscribers in the same category, then you both grow each other’s channel by sharing links to each other on your channel. Can help
• Regular Post: If you want to grow your channel, then you have to put a regular post on your channel.
• Thumbnail / Image: Be sure to keep an attractive and excellent thumbnail/image of whatever you are posting content.
Friends, here we learned about earning money from Telegram and we can make income online in this way. However, you will have to do a bit of work because it is easy to create an account on Telegram but it is not easy to earn money. But this is a good way and you can earn money from it.

Telegram History

The Telegram software was co-founded by the company’s founder Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai Durov and was first launched in public for the Android platform in 2013 and then later for iOS with a stable version.
Pavel Durov is the founder of Telegram as well as a famous social network website of Russia and Application VK and this site is the 16th most popular site in the world. VK was launched by Pavel in 2006 and seven years later, in 2013, the telegram was launched.
The history of Telegram software is not very old but its popularity and services are very good so in a very short time this messaging app had more than 200 million monthly users in 2018 and it has become famous all over the world in the last 5 years and It’s popularity of India is increasing very fast.
Why is it becoming so popular? And why do people like to use the Telegram mobile app or computer service?

Important features of Telegram:

Telegram is designed for all types of devices like web, mobile, and desktop, and many important features like security, chat, support, etc. are given a lot of attention to this.
• Security features – This is a highly secure application, if compared to all other apps of the same, then you will get an extra security layer in it which makes it more secure than others. With this, an end-to-end encrypted security system is used for Calls.
• Telegram Group & Channel – Any Telegram user can create a group with 200,000 people and broadcast a message to unlimited people by creating a channel.
• Device – Supports most messaging apps and iOS only but Telegram can also be used in Windows, OSX, and Linux through Android, iOS with Windows phone, and desktop app.
• GDPR – This application takes as much data of the user as the cloud chat, contacts, etc. which are used to run the app correctly.

How to Install Telegram App?

It is available for many platforms, so you will have to download and install it according to the platform of your device. for example
Android Device – Its application for Android will be found on the play store, which is completely free for a lifetime.
For iPhone Device – iOS devices you will get it from iTunes.
It’s desktop version app for Mac, Windows, and Linux platform can be downloaded from the Desktop – Telegram website.

WhatsApp Vs Telegram comparison:

WhatsApp VS Telegram Comparison

Both are messaging applications and their basic functionality is similar. the message, calls, group, broadcast, etc. But there is a lot of difference in both features and specifications, we will know about these differences.
Cloud-based messenger:
Telegram has a cloud-based messenger, which means you can access your Telegram account from any device and can store your data on the cloud whenever needed.
WhatsApp does not store any data on its own, it gives data backup features to users by using cloud features of different types of platforms. Android users can do WhatsApp data backup on Google Drive and iOS users on iCloud.
Group & Channel:
In the Telegram app, there is a limit to add a user with someone’s group 200000 i.e. if you create a group then you can add 2 lakh people from it. To send a broadcast message, a channel has to be created on Telegram and unlimited messages can be broadcast simultaneously from this channel.
A maximum of 256 people can be added with any one group in the WhatsApp application, this is the limit, for this more people will have to create another group. The limit for sending a broadcast message is also 256 which is much less than Telegram.
Friends, what is Telegram? and How to earn money from Telegram, Top 11 Best Ways To Earn Money From Telegram You must have known about it. By comparing with WhatsApp, you have come to know that Telegram features are much better than WhatsApp, but let me tell you that at the time Telegram will also become as popular as WhatsApp, it will also have to make any changes. But whatever they are, after all, Telegram is the best for now and you use it and tell us in the comment.
Friends if you have any queries about this article and any question then ask in comment.

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