Top 21 Most Amazing and Useful Websites 2020 | Useful Websites

Top 21 Most Amazing and Useful Websites 2020 | Useful Websites

Amazing and Useful sites: Today’s post is for entertainment only “Top 21 Most Amazing and Useful Websites 2020 | Useful Websites. I am sure that you will definitely be surprised to know these Most Amazing Websites and Useful Websites. I am going to tell you about any such websites that you may not have even heard about. This sure will work to thrill you. Many websites will find you very unique and amazing. So let’s have some fun today.

Top 21 Most Amazing and Useful Website 2020

1. Become a hacker in 1 minute!

 By the way, the headings I have written may have upset many hardworking hackers. Well, there is nothing to be upset about. You should visit the website once. People who have learned to run the computer new and new people will be scared if they visit this website.
You will get to see a lot on this website. Visit once and check every option. You will like it by commenting, we will definitely tell you how you liked this website.
Visit the “Geekprank” website: 

2. Online Radio

If you like the song Sunna and listen to the radio with it, then this website is made for you only. You can listen to many different stations with the help of these websites. In simple words, this website is made for song lovers only.
Some important websites
Visit the “Online radios” website: 
Visit the “OnlineRadioFM” website: 
Visit the “gaana‘ website: (Recommended)

3. Get Human

This is an AC website that can provide you the helpline number of any company with you in just one click. If that company has given a helpline number to properly serve its customers, then it will definitely tell. This is a really useful website.
Visit the “Get Human” website: 

4. Hacking Map

What is a hacking map? Some websites on the Internet prepare a map according to their data, in which they show hacking attacks according to their data. Many people believe that this is not true.
Which is also correct. Experts believe this is a sale tool that helps sell their security products. By the way, I would like to tell you that more than 30,000 websites are hacked every day. (According to Forbes) and 3 websites are hacked every hour in India.
Some popular hacking maps
Visit the “Kaspersky” website: 
Visit the “Fortinet” website: 
Visit the “Check Point” website: 
Visit the “Fireeye” website: 
Also Read: 

5. Internet Map

Just like the map of our beloved India, the map of the Internet is also in this world. This is awesome. Here you will see many small and big dots. Which is according to the popularity of that website. Here you will get to see different websites in different big and small dots.
Visit the “ Internet map” website: 

6. Cashkaro

Cashkaro can be very useful websites for those who like to shop online.
You can get cashback on purchases from Amazon, Flipkart & more than 1500+ online shopping websites, but you will have to make purchases through this website.
 Visit the “Cashkaro” website

7. Bouncing Emoji

Do you know? Why does emoji have a yellow color? It is because people are happy to see the yellow color. This is a psychological fact. This website is also tempting you. On this website, you will get to see a lot of emoji.
 Visit the ‘bouncy balls” website

8. Different Environment

 You can create a different atmosphere in your home. That too in a few seconds. If seen, it is a bit difficult and physically difficult to do Physically. But the website that I am going to tell you, you will be in another world in a few seconds. Will be in a completely different environment.
For this, all you have to do is visit the A SOFT MURMUR website. And yes you should have a good headphone or earphone. Play music and experience in a different environment. This is a music that can also help you concentrate.
Visit the “A SOFT MURMUR” website: 

9. Real-Time Satellite Images

With the help of this website, you can see real-time satellite images from all over the world. It uses a satellite called Meteosat-8 which is used to get weather information. If you want to see satellite images, then you can also use Google Earth.
Visit the “” website: 

10. Illusion

 The illusion is called Vibhram in Hindi. A state of illusion arises when there is a disturbance in the knowledge gained from the senses. I am sure you will like this website. You should check it out once.

Visit the “Strobe Illusion” website: 
Visit the “BEST ILLUSIONS” website: 

11. Skillmeto

Friends Trendsduniya website is a very interesting website that does not let you get bored. With this, you will get to see many different posts here, which thousands of people read daily. It is Useful English easy to read Websites that provide you information on different things in easy language.
 Visit the “Skillmeto” website:  (You are on this website right now!)

12. GeoGuessr

This is a very amazing website. This website will drop you in any part of the world and you have to guess where you are. If you do this, you will get a point instead. If you like the website, then you must make it your own.
Visit the “GeoGuessr” website: 

Today’s modern era has become very complex. In today’s time, a large number of people are connected to the Internet. Many things on the Internet can make your work extremely easy. If you like any website, then we must share it with your friends.

13. Virustotal

Do you know, hackers create 300,000 new malware daily. (According to McAfee)
Many common computer users download and install any necessary cracked software, they do not even think once that there may be a virus in it. Even if they think there is a virus in it, they do not make much difference. If you are a conscious computer user, then scan the downloaded software from any unknown places once.
This website scans any software or file from more than 50 Antivirus.
Visit the “VIRUSTOTAL” website: 


Those who are book lovers will definitely know about this. You can download books written in very different languages ​​with the help of this website. You can buy these books on but you can download them here for free. 
Visit the “PDF DRIVE” website: 

15. TempMail

With the help of this website, you will be able to create your own Tempriri Mail, with the help of this website, with which you will be able to open your accountant on many websites. This Temper Mail does not last long; it is destroyed after a few days or a few hours.
 Visit the “TempMail” website: 

16. Agoodmovietowatch

The coronavirus is at its peak at the time when I am writing this post. And the whole country is Lockdown. If you want to spend your time watching good movies, then this website is made for this time only. Here, Amazon Prime can give you information about the best movies and web shows from the list of all web shows and movies available on Netflix.
 Visit the “Agoodmovietowatch” website: 

17. W3School

This website helped me a lot while I was learning web designing. With the help of this website, you can learn many programming languages in addition to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python. Live Practice can also be used. This is very useful websites for programmers.
 Visit the “W3School” website: 

18. Smallpdf

This website can be very useful for those who do jobs and they always have to make a project.
Friends, you can easily do many things with the help of this website, which we cannot do on our computer, such as editing a PDF, you can easily edit PDFs with the help of this website, besides Compress PDF, Apart from PDF Converter, PPT to PDF, JPG to PDF, many features can also be seen in it.
 Visit the “Smallpdf” website: 

19. Worldometers

At present, this website is in the eyes of many people. The reason for this is the continuous and accurate Coronavirus updates on it.
With this website, you can see what is going on all over the world live! Here you get the population of the world, how many children were born this year, how many books were published this year. With this, you get to see a lot.
Visit the “Worldometers” website: 

20. TwoFoods

People who take great care of their food like when they have to take how many calories, from this food, how much protein and calories they will get, this website tells it all. So for those who take great care of their food, it can be quite useful websites. Along with this it also compares Two Foods and also tells their calories, protein.
 Visit the  “TwoFoods” website:

21. Bitly

This is a very famous website. This website is quite useful websites for YouTubers, Bloggers as it reduces the large links. Along with this, it gives many details about that link, like how many people clicked on that link, said, from which country and from where the link clicked tells everything.
 Visit the “Bitly” website: 
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