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Top 7 Best Free Video Editing Apps
In Google play store you get lots of free video editing apps for doing video editing. But most people do not get the video editing apps of their choice. Due to which they have to try many apps. In this, both their internet data and time are bad.

So today we are going to tell you about the top 7 free video editing apps which will be very helpful for you.

In today’s time, everyone has their own android smartphone. So to capture any special moment, we shoot his video. So that our special moments are always with us.

After making a video, it is the turn of video editing and many people believe that we should have a computer for video editing. But it is not so because many people are editing their videos professionally in the same way with video editing apps.

Today is the era of android apps. Everyone likes to use apps in their android mobile, so big companies are also converting their computer software into the app. So you can do video editing from your android mobile.

Many YouTubers use video editing apps for their video editing. With these video editing apps, you can do all kinds of video editing. Like the background, sound, text, animation, effect, etc., let’s know. About Top 5 Free video editing apps
Top 7 best free video editing apps for android

By the way, you get many apps for doing video editing in the play store. But he is not able to do video editing as per our expectations. If you want to do video editing professionally, then these apps will prove beneficial for you.
kinemaster – Free video editing app

kinemaster - Free video editing app

This is a great video editing app. Which you can do full professionally editing. Kinemaster is also very easy to use because its interface is designed to keep the user in mind. In this, you can use multiple layers such as video, image, text, trimming, multi-audio track, etc.
You can guess how popular it is that the kinemaster app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people. Its most special thing is its feature, so let’s know.
Kinemaster – Free video editing app feature:

  • Blur, mosaic, and many other effects.
  • In this, you get a lot of animation styles.
  • Brightness and saturation can be controlled.
  • Video speed can be fast and slow as per your choice.
  • In this, you can also do voice records with video editing.
  • In this, you can watch the video preview simultaneously.
  • It can apply many audio filters and can also change the voice.
  • In this, you can download royalty-free music, overlays, stickers, video effects.
  • In this, you get multiple layers of features like video, image, text, effect, stickers, overlays, etc.
  • In this, you get Transition effect like 3D Transitions, wipes, fades, and many other types of effect
Learn How to use kinemaster in android with this kinemaster video.

PowerDirector – Free video editing app

PowerDirector - Free video editing app

The PowerDirector app is also one of the best video editing apps. Because many YouTubers do their video editing with the help of this app. In this, you get a lot of advanced features that make your video editing professionally. You can do this in full HD video editing.
Fx editing with drag and drop control for videos, images, and audios
-Change background easily and chroma key layer effect
PowerDirector free video editing apps feature:

  • quick editing Photos and videos.
  • Video editing with the timeline interface
  • Changing and adding music & audio effect
  • Easy to use and powerful new movie maker
  • Blue & green screen place yourself a new world
  • Video editing powerful effect and professional tools

Learn How to use PowerDirector in android with this PowerDirector video.

FilmoraGo – Free video editing app

FilmoraGo - Free video editing app

FilmoraGo is a powerful video editing apps. You get a lot of features in it. It is very easy to do video editing. In this, you can make a video by combining two videos. And you can also make photo videos very easily. This is all in one video editing apps.
FilmoraGo free video editing apps feature:
  • It is all in one video editing apps
  • Import photo and video clips fastly.
  • Preview clips in Real-time
  • You can create a reverse video and it looked like a magic trick.
  • create Multiple Fast or Slow-Mo
  • Fully featured video studio
  •  Cinema 16: 9 and exported ratios square 1: 1available
  • Awesome template and effects with a Touch
  • You can create beautifully animated messages with the help of text & titles library.
Learn How to use FilmoraGo in android with this FilmoraGo tutorial.

Quik – Free video editing app

Quik - Free video editing app

Quik is developed by Go Pro and it is a video editing app. A quick video editing app is free, fast, and easy to use. The best thing about this video editing app is, it can automatically create a video.
Quik free video editing app features:
  • You can crop videos, add texts, effects,
  • Sync everything quickly to the beat of any music.
  • Transitions are automatically synced to the beats of background music
  • Quik is compatible with Motion Photos and as well as GoPro.
  • Videos can be saved in 60fps for smooth playback
  • You can save your edited videos as drafts for finishing editing later.
Learn How to use Quik in android with this Quik video editor tutorial.

Adobe Premiere Rush – Free video editing app

Adobe Premiere Rush - Free video editing app

Adobe Premiere Rush is an all-in-one, cross-device video editor. Powerful tools are allowed to quickly create videos that look and sound professional and just the way you would like. You can easily share your edited videos to your favorite social sites right from the app and you can work across all your devices. Use it free as long as you want with unlimited exports — or upgrade for access to all premium features and many titles, overlays, and animated graphics.
Adobe Premiere Rush video editing app features:

  • You can apply video effects to clips within your multitrack timeline
  • Add music and titles to videos,
  • You can crop the video screen size to share your videos on favorite social sites and customize your videos.
  • including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, right from the app.
  • Easy edit video effects
  • Customize motion, graphics. and templates.
  • record voice-overs.
  • add color filters and text overlays.
Learn How to use Adobe Premiere Rush in android with this Adobe Premiere Rush tutorial.

VivaVideo – Free video editing app

VivaVideo - Free video editing app

Vivavideo app will be very helpful for those people who find it difficult to do video editing. Because you can easily make it a professional-looking video. This is also with the drag and drops feature, all you have to do is use drag and drop for video editing.
With Vivavideo you can do both square and cinema video editing. In this, whatever kind of effect, the music you want, you just have to tap one. And you can easily create your favorite video.
VivaVideo free video editing app feature:

  • It is a user-friendly professional editing tool.
  • Enhance your videos with fun texts, FX, music, translation, stickers, fonts. and live dubbing & subtitles.
  • Audio speed adjustment & voice enhancement and blurred background & effects such as reverse.
  • All edits can be instantly previewed in our WYSIWYG interface
  •  It is free for all mobile devices.
  • the app allows you to trim, speed up, merge, reverse clips, and slow down.
Learn How to use Vivavideo in android with this VivaVideo tutorial.

Funimate – Free video editing app

Funimate - Free video editing app

Funimate is a very good fun video editing apps with the help of which you can give a new look to your video. In this, you get options like music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos add cool effects, music, text, and emoji, etc. Which you can use during your video editing.
Funimate free video editing app feature:

  • Cool Video Effects
  • Video Merger, Cut & Trim to Videos
  • Add Music to Videos
  • Make Video Loops
  • Make Collab Videos
  • Add Emoji, Stickers & Text
  • Share Videos Privately
  • Music Video Community
  • Edit Short Videos
Learn How to use Funimate in android with this Funimate tutorial.

So, we told you about these Best Top 7 Free Video Editing apps using which you can professionally edit your videos. If you are a YouTuber or if you like to do video editing on mobile then these apps will be very good for you. So if you like this post of ours, then definitely share it with your friends.

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