What is AdMob? And Full Guide of How to make money with AdMob?

What is AdMob? How to make money with AdMob?
Hello, friends do you also want to know what is Admob I and how to earn money from AdMob, then this post can be very helpful for you because in this post we are going to tell all about AdMob’s questions like What is AdMob and how to earn money from AdMob and how to create AdMob account, we told AdMob and how to generate income by utilizing and much more. 

How to earn $10  to $20 daily from Admob. If you also have an Android Apps and uploaded to Google play store then you can definitely earn money. This is not a happy job. Admob is nowadays everyone is using and earning money too.

In this post you can get to learn, so let’s know in detail about AdMob.

What is AdMob?

First of all, the question in our mind is what is AdMob, then I would like to tell you that AdMob is also one of the only google online advertising company, this company shows its advertisement on android apps and IOS as if you are an android user. 

When you are using an app, then sometimes an advertisement comes in it, that ad is seen by us only by AdMob, or it works only by connecting to Google AdSense, but it earns more than Google AdSense. Hamoui did this in April 2006 and its official website. 

How to make money with Admob in 2020

By following these methods, you can easily earn money from AdMob.

1. If you want to earn money from AdMob, then first you must have an account of AdMob. A common man must have an account of AdMob.

2. You should have your own Android, you can develop Android from the app developer, or if you have knowledge of development then you can develop the app. 

You can easily earn money by uploading that Ads unit in your app and upload it in your Play Store by creating an Ads unit in your App account.

3. Whenever a person will download your app from the play store, the Ads show will be made through you, when someone clicks on the Ads, you will generate income by clicking it.

4. The more your app gets downloaded, the more people will do it to your app, the more you can earn by admitting.

5. You have to create an account by making $ 25 to upload yourself to the Google Play Store. Then you will be uploaded to the play store.
6. If your app becomes popular, you can earn money easily by buying and sell your app.

How to create an Admob Account?

To create an AdMob account, first of all, you have to go to its official website https://www.google.co.in/admob and click on the signup button on the top right here and use your Gmail account to create an account here. When creating your AdMob account, you also have to enter your full address and mobile number, within 1 to 2 hours of doing all these processes, your AdMob account becomes fully active and now you have to create an ad unit in your AdMob account. Is and that ad unit has to be inserted in your android apps after that ads start appearing on your android apps and your earning is also starting.

How to Monetize App from AdMob?

As we all monetize our website or YouTube before Google AdSense to place ads on our blog/website or YouTube channel. In the same way, we have to do on Google AdMob as well, but its requirements and conditions vary.

How to earn $10 to $20 per day from Google AdMob?

First of all, your AdSense account should be approved only then you can take AdMob’s earnings through AdSense.
First of all, to make a free Android Apps, these are some websites where you can easily create Android Apps.
After Android Apps, you have to register your Apps by paying $ 25 in Google Play Store.
When you have downloaded 1000 users on your Android Apps, then create an AdMob publisher account.
Then Google AdMob Approval will be done easily and create Ads of AdMob and then edit your Android Apps coding on the last.
Now when a user clicks on those ads, your earnings will start.

AdMob’s arms are the most important of a 150kb file. 320 X 50, 468 X 60, 320 X 480 size is better. But I have noticed that AdMob’s CPC is much higher. 
AdMob’s CPC gets 0.05 $ to 0.16 $, so imagine how much your earning will be.

What is the history of Google Admob?

The Google AdMob service was not a Google product at first, after which it was made a purchase and made a good starting point. It benefited Google that the traffic of Apps developers started increasing and many applications increased and AdMob Advertisement is behind this. 

AdMob App 10 April was created in 2006. Submit did not have more features in AdMob after Google thought that AdMob similar to AdSense would also work, Google bought AdMob in November 2009 by paying $750 million. It was redesigned in 2010 and republished from Google INC.
Admob’s advertising can be used on Android, iPhone, Windows, Flash lite, webOS, and all types of mobile apps. AdMob’s apps can make a lot of money. All you have to do is to make an Android app and submit it in Google Play Store, after that you have to install AdMob, after that your earning will start.

When and how much money you get from AdMob:

After adding the ads in the app, you can either publish it in the Play Store or share it with yourself and install it and ask to use it. When people click on your ads, you will get their money. When you have $100 in your AdMob account, you can take it to your account through AdSense.
Friends, we hope that you have got the information that, what is AdMob and how to earn money from AdMob, yet you can comment if you have any kind of questions or suggestions.

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