What is backlink? And how to create a backlink? 2020

What is backlink? And how to create a backlink? 2020
Hello, friends if you have a blog or website and you want to create a backlink for your blog or website. But you don’t know what is a backlink? And how to create a backlink? So today in this post, what is Backlink? And will know how to create a backlink.
What are backlinks? How to create a backlink? This thing often comes in the mind of a blogger. More, this question comes in the mind of those bloggers who are a new blogger.
If you are blogging, then you should know this thing completely. Because without Post link no post does rank at all on Google. Because Backlink is the only way we can rank our post on Google.
When we start any new blog, we do not know all these things. We get all this information by reading other blogs. And apply it in your blog. But one more thing, you cannot rank Post Google only with Backlink.
For that, we must also have a High Quality Article. Because whenever people come to our blog, they will read our post and not see the backlink. The backlink is the only way to rank one, it is really amazing.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks are links that meet other websites. To understand this in easy language, suppose the links in my blog are on another blog, then the link I am getting from that blog is called a Backlink.
Now, friends, you must have understood what Backlink is. Meaning that you have a blog and if your blog or your blog’s post is linked to another blog, then that link becomes the backlink of your blog. Now I will tell you what are the types of backlinks? And how important are any websites?

Types of backlinks

There are mainly two types of Backlinks: One is Dofollow Backlinks and the other is Nofollow Backlinks. Now let us know in detail what Dofollow Backlinks and Nofollow Backlinks are.
1) Dofollow Backlinks:
Friends, Dofollow backlink is also called Juicy links. Dofollow links prove to help increase the SERP of any website i.e. Search Engine Ranking Position. See below to find out what kind of do-follow backlinks are.
These types of links are called Dofollow links. If you have not yet understood, I give you another example. Suppose I put my link on another website, after that when Google or any other search engine robot crawls the links of that website.
After that Dofollow’s Tag allows Robot to Link Index. That is, the link that we have put on another website will index that link in the search engine. This is what we call Dofollow Backlink.
2) Nofollow Backlinks: –
Friends Nofollow Links are not Juicy Links like Dofollow Link. And this type of Backlink is not indexed in Google or Search engine. When a Robot of Google or Search engine visits a website, then Tag of Nofollow prevents Robot from indexing that link. Which are a Nofollow Backlinks.
But this does not mean that Nofollow Backlinks are of no use. Nofollow Backlinks are also helpful in increasing the rank of the website. But it does not provide much more benefits than Dofollow Backlinks.
But whenever you create a backlink, you should also create Nofollow links with Dofollow. Because there are many websites from which you get a lot of traffic by making Nofollow Links, which is very important for your website.

How to create High Quality Backlinks?

If you too, to make High Quality Backlinks, you must follow the below-given method.
1) Blog Commenting: –
Friends Blog Commenting means to comment on the articles of other bloggers. But first, you have to see which are the websites related to your topic and how much is their ranking.
Because when you put a link to your article on a high PR rank website, more and more people see your comment. Because the high PR rank stays on the post top of the website, due to which the clicks are also more on them. This means that there is more Traffic Increase on those blogs.
If you put a link with your comment in the Comment box on that blog, then many people read your comment and they also visit your website. So whenever you make a comment on any website, keep in mind that the commenting meaning is full or informative so that people notice that comment.
2) Guest Post Backlinks:
For any other website, by writing an article in it, putting the link of your article or website in the text anchor, the links generated are called Guest Post Backlink. This is the best way to create a backlink because here you get the Dofollow backlink and also the website on which you are guest posting. The traffic of that website comes to your website.
3) Social Bookmarking Sites: –
Social Bookmarking is the best way to create Sites DoFollow Backlinks. Because most Social Bookmarking provides Sites DoFollow Backlinks. Which gives a Quality DoFollow Backlink for your blog.
With this, when you publish the latest article on your blog, then you definitely share the link of that article on Social Bookmarking Sites. So that DoFollow Backlinks can be found for your articles.
4) Question Answer Sites: –
On the Internet, you will find many such websites where only the Question Answer facility is available. Most people ask their questions on this site and others answer those questions. Such websites also provide us facility to create backlinks.
With which you can give a link to your site in the answer to someone’s asked question. In this way, a Quality Backlink is available for your website.
Apart from the above methods, there are many ways to create a backlink. But you can also create a backlink for the website in the same way. Friends, in today’s post, that was all, please tell me how you liked this post today.

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