What is Cyber Crime and how to avoid it | Full Guide of Cyber Crime

What is Cyber Crime and how to avoid it | Full Guide of Cyber Crime
You must have heard about Cyber Crime but do you know what is Cyber Crime and how to avoid it? All Internet users need to know about this so that they can avoid any kind of cybercrime. In this article, we will tell you what is cybercrime, how many types are there, how to complain about it, and how to avoid it? Explaining in detail about etc. Cybercrime full definition.
When the internet would have been developed, no one would have thought that it would be misused in the future too and today there is no need to tell how much cybercrime has increased now.
Whatever crimes are committed in cyberspace through the internet, they are called cybercrime, due to its anonymous nature, it started.
People or criminals who are more intelligent use the Internet incorrectly. These people make Internet users their victims through Hacking, Theft, Identify theft and malicious software, virus, etc.
In such a situation, every Internet user needs to know about cybercrimes. If you do not know about it yet, then from the information given here, you can know everything about it.
So let’s know what is this cybercrime and how can we avoid it. What is cybercrime, how it works, how to avoid cyber preference?

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a crime in which computers are used to commit online crimes (hacking, phishing, spamming).
Simply put, taking or stealing private information from someone’s computer and using it incorrectly is called cybercrime and if it takes cybercrime to a large extent, it is called cyber terrorism.
In addition to stealing someone’s personal information, documents or data theft, fraud, child pornography, and hate crime, etc. are crimes.
Computer crime is the meeting of any computer at any criminal place or committing any crime with the computer. But the network is not involved in computer crime.
People who carry out this cybercrime are called cybercriminals. These cybercriminals use computer and internet technology to access people’s systems and steal their personal information, bank, details, business trade.
The criminals who commit these illegal activities are called hackers or crackers. Since hackers use computers for cybercrime, it can also be called computer crime.

Examples of cybercrime

Below is a list of different types of Cybercrime.
1. Thieves illegally obtain a person’s identity from social networks so that he can misuse it by creating your fake id.
2. Online transaction fraud is also an excellent example of Cybercrime. This can be done in many ways in which criminals collect your plastic card details and empty your bank account.
3. To develop or distribute malicious software (adware, spyware, computer virus, etc.) to any system, it is also under Cybercrime.
4. Using the copyrighted content of a person or organization without permission is also a crime.
5. Making any inappropriate post or indecent comments against another person on social media is also a cybercrime.
6. Online purchase or sale of illicit goods such as drugs and guns is also part of Cybercrime.
7. Creating child pornography or doing online business is also a serious cybercrime.
8. Copying or using any copyrighted software without buying it.
9. Distributing spam emails to thousands without any prior approval.
10. Trying to gain access to computers and networks or to crash the system is Cybercrime.

Types of computer crime

Computer crimes are also committed in many ways, manipulating information, giving someone else information or stealing or destroying computer parts, stealing information, erasing information, etc.
Let us understand this in some detail.
• Stealing information – stealing personal information from anyone’s computer. Such as a username or password.

• Erasing information – erasing the information needed by someone’s computer. Such as photos, videos, and documents.

• Shuffle – Accessing someone’s system, removing or adding or changing something.

• External damage – destroying parts of one’s computer, breaking it, or stealing parts of it.
There are many types of cyber crimes as well, such as spamming, hacking, phishing, inserting viruses, stealing someone’s information online, or keeping an eye on them all the time.

Classification of Cyber Crime

Cybercrimes are classified based on the subject of crime. On this basis, there are three main categories of cybercrime in which:
• Crimes against Individuals
• Crimes against Organizations
• Crime against the Society is involved.

Cyber Crime Against Individuals

Such crimes are committed against a person or their properties. The following are examples of the main crimes under it.
Unauthorized Access: When a person tries to gain unauthorized access to a computer system, network, or online resources of another person, it is called unauthorized access. Unauthorized access is often done to obtain or harm another person’s data for personal gain.
Online fraud: This is the most useful technique for fraudsters in which they use the computer and internet as a weapon. There are thousands of ways to fraud online and they are constantly increasing. The reason behind this is also to steal your personal information and use it for your benefit.
CyberStalking: Repeatedly harassment against a person using internet services is called Cyber Stalking. This includes cybercriminals following the victim, harassing emails, threatening him in social media, etc.
Hacking: It means to erase or change the information/data contained in a computer device. Hacking is the most common form of Cybercrime today. It can be in different forms, which includes everything from virus attack to password hacking.
Plastic Card Fraud: You will be doing online transactions many times in a day. But knowingly or unconsciously by revealing your credit card or debit card information on the internet, you can get into trouble. If you do not secure the electronic transaction, then your card details can be stolen by hackers.
Spoofing: This is how hackers represent themselves as a genuine user. Spoofing is used to gain access to the computer and spread malware by infected links.
Identity theft: When scammers steal your personal and financial information and use it, it is called identity theft. If you make such information public on social sites, then the risk of this happening to you increases.

Cyber Crime Against Organizations

In today’s era, almost all big companies and organizations focus more on their online growth. In such a situation, they also have to deal with cybercrime. Some of the main cybercrimes that are committed against institutions are examples.
Data breach: This is a cyberattack in which private and sensitive information of a business is released in an unsecured environment. Data breaches can cause businesses and consumers to suffer in various ways.
Cyber terrorism: This type of crime is committed against the government, military establishment, power plants, banks, telecommunication networks, etc. of a country. Their method is more dangerous than traditional terrorism. These cyberattacks are done in domestic as well as international level.
Warez distribution: Creating a duplicate version of an organization’s copyright properties and releasing them comes under warez distribution. This warez material can be the pirated version of commercial software.
Denial of service (DoS) attack: This is a cyber-attack in which so much request or traffic is sent to an organization’s computer resource or server, which it cannot handle and crashes. Due to the crash of resources, authorized users are not able to access that service. This makes the company suffer a big loss.

Cyber Crime Against Society

Examples of such cybercrimes that affect the whole society are given below.
Child pornography: This includes describing or showing child sexual acts through films, pornographic websites. Apart from this, downloading and transmit child pornographic material using a computer and internet also comes under this. Today, the use of the internet to exploit and abuse children is increasing all over the world.
Online gambling: Any kind of betting or betting which can be played using a computer or mobile with the internet is called online gambling. Today, the business of online gambling has increased so much that many problems have arisen due to this.
Selling illegal article: Today there are many such auction websites on the internet, which are selling banned and illegal products to people. This type of crime is also done through email, in which you are shown such products which are not recognized.
Forgery: To cheat people, they make fake copies of fraudsters, documents, stamps, legal certificates, contracts, currency notes, etc. Also, it is a forgery to use another person’s identity.
Spamming: Today it is easy to spam people through commercial advertising. You will also have such messages or emails in which bumper offers and new schemes will be given. For example, expensive goods cheaply and double your money. Actually, this is not the truth, but scammers are laying such traps to trap you.
Apart from the types mentioned above, many other types of online crimes are also present in Cyberspace, which probably most people have no idea about. Therefore, it will be useful that you try to know more and more about it.
Let us also know in detail about cybercrime types,

Types of cybercrime

Nowadays, cybercrime has increased so much that the criminals are committing a crime in new ways and many types of cybercrime have been done. Of which, I will tell you about some common types of cybercrime here.
1. Hacking
In this crime, hackers enter the restricted area and steal their personal and sensitive information by accessing the computer system of others without their permission.
If someone comes to your computer and takes the necessary data from it, then it will be called simple theft but when someone online accesses your system and steals your data, it is called hacking.
Hackers use malicious software, virus script, phishing mail, etc. to access other systems. It happens so silently that the computer owner does not even know about it.
2. Phishing
Phishing is a crime in which the user is fooled by sending fraudulent mail and tries to steal his personal information.
In this, messages like offers, rewards, lottery are made so that the user can greedily submit his bank details, address, and other details.
3. Theft
This crime involves stealing someone’s information or material. This crime occurs when a person violates copyright laws. Such as downloading music, movies, games, and software.
Many piracy websites get free movies, songs, games, and software downloaded without the permission of the original content owners.
That is, free downloading and getting the premium things also come under cybercrime. It is considered illegal to do so.
4. Spamming
In this type of crime, many types of emails are received to the user which include such emails that only harm the computer. Those emails cause computer malfunctions.
This happens when the user opens the mail and clicks on the link in it and this automatically downloads the virus or malware in their system.
5. Spreading virus
Cybercriminals create some software and send them to your computer, in which viruses are hidden. These include viruses such as worm, Trojan horse, logic horse, etc.
These viruses spread havoc from one computer to another and third to another. Sometimes this attack becomes so big that millions of computers get hit by it.
6. Software Piracy
Cybercrime is also made by copying one’s software and selling it at cheaper prices. Because of this, software companies have to suffer heavy losses.
You must have seen that a fake version of any product comes in the market before that. A free version or crack version is available for any software.
7. Cyberbullying
Making indecent comments on social media sites, making threats on the internet, making fun of someone to such an extent that they get bullied, embarrassing someone in front of others on the Internet, it is called cyberbullying.
Often children and new people fall prey to it and they are mentally hurt, it also harms their health. That is why doing so also comes in cybercrime.
8. Fraud bank call
In this crime, bank customers are fake calls and they are asked for their bank details. In this, details of most credit cards, debit cards are sought so that they can steal money from the bank account of the customer.
They are given various types of warnings to pressurize customers. For example, if the information is not given, their account will be closed or balance will be deducted from their account, etc.
9. Spreading rumors
Many people continue to spread social, ideological, religious, and political rumors on social media sites. Many users do not understand their intentions and inadvertently share such links.
Let me tell you that this also comes under the category of cybercrime and cyber-terrorism. Even if you are not doing this yourself and you have only shared this type of post on Facebook, Twitter.
10. Child pornography
In this type of crime, criminals mostly use chat rooms and hide their identity and interact with minors, new people and young children do not understand this.
Because of which they abuse the child, threaten them, threaten and provoke them for pornography. Children, girls are the victims of this crime.
If we talk about the categories of cybercrime, then it is divided into three categories: Individual, Property, and Government. Crime is done differently in each category.
Now we know a lot about cybercrime. Let us now know how to avoid cybercrime.

How to avoid cybercrime?

How to avoid cybercrime? You must know about it. Because you can be a victim of it at any time or you may accidentally make this mistake.
Tell you that the best way to avoid cyber attacks are to have knowledge about it, only then you can avoid becoming a cyber victim.
Prevention of Cybercrime means that the right knowledge of prevention can save you from getting into it.
You can avoid cybercrime in the following ways.
• Get to know about spamming and phishing mail and never click on the link in the message or email of an unknown person.

• Educate yourself about the various Cybercrime that exists on the Internet so that you can become aware of them.

• Do not share your personal details on any website, only on verified sites.

• In addition to safe surfing, be smart while shopping online and do online shopping only from a popular, trusted site.

• When making an online payment, you must see the lock symbol in the browser and check that the URL is also open with https: // not with Http: //.

• Always use good anti-virus software on your computer, it protects you from viruses, malware, etc.

• Always keep your internet browser (chrome, firefox, opera) updated whatever you use.

• Avoid using the free wifi and always use a secure password for your wifi, online accounts.

• Avoid publishing your personal information online as far as possible.
• Before downloading any software or app, confirm well that you are not doing anything wrong.

• If any online scheme is worth money and price, then do not fall for its greed and do not trust them at all.
Keeping these things in mind, you can avoid cybercrime. Let me tell you now that if something like this happens to you, then how and where to report this cybercrime.

How to prevent cyber crime?

Maybe you are starting to feel a little nervous after seeing so many types of Cybercrime mentioned above. But, indeed, you are not completely secure online. Anytime a scam can happen to you, in this way only the right knowledge of prevention or prevention from cybercrime can save you from getting into it.
You can avoid becoming a Cybercrime victim by following the prevention tips mentioned below.
1) On educating yourself with the types of Cybercrime that exist on the Internet, you remain aware of all those online crimes.
2) Whenever you are checking emails or chatting on messenger, then be careful while clicking on the link attached in the message sent by an unknown person.
3) While navigating on the web, you need to avoid phony websites that ask for your personal information. Use the search engine for any kind of information, it sends you to the correct web address.
4) Apart from safe surfing, you also need to be careful while shopping online. Before entering the payment information on the shopping site, do a little investigation about the site. To see if a site is secure or not, check Trustmark, McAfee SECURE ™ in it.
5) Whenever you are on the payment page, look for the lock symbol in your browser. It represents that the site uses encryption to keep your information safe. Also see in the address bar of the site whether the URL is not started with “Http: //” instead of “https: //”.
6) Use Firewall software. It is a network security system, which monitors traffic between computer/network and internet and prevents intruders.
7) Use a good antivirus program as well as keep your system updated. Because hackers have many ways to get access to your system and information.
8) Hackers can access your data even while transit on an unsecured wireless network. You must enable the firewall on your router and change the administration password of the router.
9) However, it is easier to remember a short password which is based on your birthday, middle name, or girlfriend name. But it is also easy for hackers to break this type of password. Strong passwords help keep your account secure.
10) Avoid posting your personal information online and do not share sensitive information like – security number and credit and debit card number. Be careful while clicking on any link or downloading any application.
11) Always be alert to Cybercrime because they always make people their victims in new ways.
12) Do not believe in any such online scheme in which your money is won or any price is mentioned.

Where to report Online Frauds in India?

In India, cases of cybercrimes and online frauds are increasing day by day. But those people who are Cybercrime victims do not do much about it. Therefore, we are going to tell you how to file complaints or reports against cybercrime.
You can submit a Cybercrime complaint online in the Indian Government’s Cybercrime portal. Apart from this, the cyber cell is present in almost all big cities of India. This cybercrime department deals with complaints given both online and offline.
If someone makes the illegal and unlawful activity by creating your fake profile, then you just have to report to cybercrime investigation cell. You can also call cyber police. Before filing a report, you have to make a formal complaint, in which evidence should be present with all the facts and details against crime.
If you want, you can also call the Helpline Number – 155260 of the National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal. If you want to know about Cyber Cells present in your city, then see the list of Cyber Cells present in India.

What is a cyber cell?

Cyber Cell is a departmental body that handles cases related to Cybercrime. After the IT Act 2000, these cyber cells were opened in almost all the major cities of India. This department also comes under the criminal investigation department but it only handles criminal activity related to the internet.

What is Cyber Law?

Today, everyone knows about the Internet, where the Internet has made our life easier and its increasing crimes have also caused much harm to the people.
The actions of hacking the Internet website, manipulating transactions with the Debit Card, manipulating the system from Cyber Virus, etc. are called Cyber Crime. International law provisions have been made to prevent and punish these crimes. Such provisions are made under Cyber Law Come

Cyber Law Act

The Cyber Law in India was enacted on 17 October 2000 under the Information Technology Act 2000, it is the primary law of India dealing with Cyber Crime and Electronic Commerce.
The bill was passed in the budget session of 2000 and was signed by President KR Narayan on 9 May 2000. The bill was finalized by a group of officials headed by Information Technology Minister Pramod Mahajan.
In 2008, a major amendment was introduced in which Section 66a was introduced, which would be punished for sending “Offensive Message” and Section 69 was also introduced in which the officers “monitor, block, monitor any information through a computer resource”., The power of “decryption”.
It was passed in the Lok Sabha on 22 December 2008 and the next day it was passed by the Rajya Sabha. It was signed by the then President Pratibha Patil on 5 February 2009.

Law made against Cyber Crime

Due to our increasing dependency on technology, the importance of Cyberlaw has increased very much today. These laws made against cybercrime protect us from any kind of digital crime. Cybersecurity laws in India were introduced in 2008 by implementing the IT Act 2000. Under this law, the crime of different types was covered.

The objective of the IT Act is to:

• To provide legal recognition for E-transaction

• To give digital signature legal recognition to it for accepting a digital signature

• To give legal recognition to bankers and other organizations for keeping electronic accounting books.

• Providing protection from online privacy and Cybercrime
However, after the implementation of the IT Act, many changes were made in it, and in a few years, almost all the online activity came under it. It is also important, if we want to grow digitally, then we have to reduce the cybersecurity risk. So this law was introduced to secure Cyberspace altogether.
The main objective of these cyber laws in India is to prevent computer crime, online data theft, and fraud in electronic transactions. Apart from this, various types of IT act sections have been made for cybercriminals, under which they are punished.

So friends, in this article we learned what is cybercrime, how many types are there, and how to avoid it? I hope you liked this information and now you have learned everything about cybercrime.

Nothing is safe on the internet, here you have to take care of your cybersecurity yourself. Only then you can avoid online cyber-attacks.
Make sure to share this information with your family and friends so that they too can learn about cybercrime.

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