What is DDoS attack and How to stop a DDoS attack?

DDoS attack
You have probably heard about DDoS Attacks, but do you know what DDoS Attacks are, how it works, and how to prevent these attacks? If not then it is fine because in this article you are going to get complete information about it. What is a DDoS Attack?
If you are a blogger then you must know about DDoS Attack and DDoS Attack Protection and you will also know how big a problem it is for Webmaster.
Thousands of websites are downed due to DDoS Attacks, even these DDOS Attackers have not left such websites.
So imagine how difficult it would be for a non-techy blogger to protect your website from DDoS us.
Let us first know what is this thing and why is it such a big danger? What is DDoS? How does it work

What is DDoS Attack?

DDoS attack is a type of cyber attack that overloads the WordPress Hosting Server by sending multiple requests.
The full form of DDoS is Distributed Denial of Service attack.
That is, DoS (Denial of Service) is a developed form of attack.
Under these attacks, attackers try to load the targeted site by sending HTTP and DNS requests to the server.
This means that it is an unfortunate attempt to attack a target website’s server and disrupt its normal traffic and downgrade it.
Under these attacks, the infrastructure of a website is heavily damaged by bringing a flood of traffic to the hosting server. In this, the server goes down, and sometimes the server crashes.
Now suppose, your website is a host on a server that can handle only 100-500 requests in realtime, and its monthly limit to transfer data is 500GB or 1TB.
In such a situation, Hackers will have to hack your site, then they will send DDoS attack per second 1,000+ request to your site’s server, and will override your month’s data transfer limit in no time.
Meaning clearly, DDoS attack is a huge problem for WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform.
Let us know how it works?

How does DDoS attack work?

In this type of attack, the website is downed by sending thousands of requests to the targeted server using various computers and devices.
They make a network called botnet by taking advantage of machines or servers spread across different regions. Each affected machine attacks the target server as a bot.
In this way, they send millions of requests to the target server in a short time, which the site server cannot handle and crashes, then the site stops working.
DDoS attack

The world’s largest and popular websites like Amazon, Netflix, PayPal, Visa, and Github (popular coding website) have also hit it.
The problem of DDoS attacks was very less in 2003 but gradually it increased and in 2018 it increased by 90% compared to 2003, which means that there is now a lot of attacks.
If you want this type of problem on your website, then DDoS Protection has become necessary for your website.

How can DDoS Attacks be avoided?

To avoid DDos attacks you have to protect your WordPress website against DDoS   attacks with some basic security best practices.
First of all, you have to secure your Router, for this, you can use a VPN so that no one can target your IP address.
After that, you have to use some security terms to protect your website from DDoS attacks. Such as setting per second request limit.
So that no one can send more requests than per second limit on the server of your website and when there are not too many requests to send, the server will not be overloaded.
But this is not an easy task, will you be able to set the request limit easily, for a newbie blogger, this is a very difficult task.
That is why DDoS attacks are the best way to secure your site that you can activate WAF (Website Application Firewall) service for DDoS attack protection.
Some many websites and companies provide free and premium firewall service here. But among them, Cloudflare, Sucuri.net’s service is the best.
Indeed, Cloudflare is the world’s largest provider of free CDN & Firewall and Sucuri is considered the Firewall Leader for WordPress Security.
Apart from this, you can also secure your WordPress site from DDoS attacks by following some more important security tips. Like,
Process of DDoS attacks to reduce it:
• Use Latest version of WordPress
• Update Theme 7 Plugins
• Don’t use unwanted plugins
• Use Security Plugins
• Disable Bruce-force attacks
• Block XML-RPC
• Use Security Plugins
• Contact your Web Hosting Support
When you can use security plugins like Sucuri Security, Wordfence security for DDoS protection, but it can be a bit difficult to setup.

How to stop a DDoS attack?

1. Identify the DDoS attack early
2. Overprovision bandwidth
3. Defense on the network perimeter (if you run your own webserver)
4. Call your hosting provider or ISP
5. Call to DDoS mitigation specialist
6. Create a DDoS playbook
In this article, we have discussed what is DDoS attack, and how it works, how to avoid DDoS attacks? Etc. to go into detail. Hope you like this information.
Because after reading this article you must have learned everything about DDoS attacks. Also, you must now understand what is the problem and what is the solution.
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