What is Dedicated IP Address? & Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP

What is Dedicated IP Address? & Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP
Often you will hear about Dedicated IP Address from all bloggers or Hosting Providers. Today I will tell you in detail about what is Dedicated IP Address & Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP. If you are blogging on WordPress then you should know about it and you must have heard about it many times that you will get Dedicated Server or get Dedicated IP Address for your blog or website but still many people do not know about it is.
In this case, if a blogger and you do not know about them. So you should read this article thoroughly because this post can help you a lot in making a pro-blogger and optimizing your blog. Before knowing about Dedicated IP, you have to understand what the IP address is.
Table of content:
  • What is IP Address?
  • Why is there an IP address?
  • What is Dedicated IP Address?
  • Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP:
  • What are the benefits of Dedicated IP Address:
  • Where to Buy Best Dedicated IP:
  • Conclusion:

What is IP Address?

IP This Internet Protocol is a Set of Rule, which helps a computer on the Internet network to transfer data from another computer or server. What you see on the Internet is possible only through an IP and if the IP address is not there then perhaps the Internet does not work so well today. Nor would we have access to the information about which we search on the Internet. If I can tell you the easy way, this is the home address of the Internet.
There is no problem in data transfer, for this, a unique address has been given to all computers by IP. Which is called IP Address.
For Example– This is Google’s IP Address, if you search the IP Address on the Internet, the website www.google.co.in will open.
• Similarly, the computer you are using also has an IP address. You do my IP search on the Internet and you will get the IP address of your PC.
• Each Computer System also has a Default IP Address, It is also called Localhost. It is used when you create a server in your system. Like Apache.

Why is there an IP address?

The most common question about IP is, often people ask me. It is easy to remember the website name, so why does it have an IP address?
It would be surprising to know all of you, but all the websites, servers, computers network in the world are connected. Their original address is only an IP address.
All IP addresses are converted into physical addresses i.e. Google.com, Facebook.com by ARP (Address Resolution Protocol). So that it can help people to remember and make it easy to reach the address,
For example– Mind, if you had to remember the names of all the websites from their IP address like for Google.co.in, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Blogger.com, For WordPress, and also millions of websites.
So you could remember the name of how many websites, maybe one or two websites. Therefore, the IP address was changed to a name like Facebook, Instagram, so that people can easily remember them. And everyone can easily reach the website address.
I think there is so much for the information about the IP Address. For you, if you want more information in Detail, then you can get information about CCNA this Internet and IP from anywhere.
Now let’s talk about what is Dedicated IP Address & Shared IP Vs about Dedicated IP,

What is Dedicated IP Address?

The unique IP address given to a blog or website by a Hosting Provider is called Dedicated IP. It attaches to your Domain Name.
For example- If you make a Dedicated IP Purchase for your blog. So you will get a unique IP like Hosting Provider. As I told you above for google.co.in.
You can also access your blog through that Dedicated IP Address, just like you can access the blog by entering its name on the Internet.
Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP:
What is a Dedicated IP Address ?? To understand it better, you must read it,
Whenever you make a Shared Hosting Purchase from Bluehost, Hostgator or any other Hosting Service. So you also get a Shared IP with it.
Shared Hosting means hosting multiple domains simultaneously on one server system, that is, the domain of many people with your domain is hosted on the same server system.
As I told you above, all systems connected to the network have an IP address. Since the hosting server is also a computer system, so it also has an IP address.
The IP address of the hosting server, they all use in Domain Shared. Who hosts on it.
For example, Suppose A, B, C is the Domain Name, which uses Bluehost Shared hosting service. In this case, the IP address of these three domains will be the same and will be shared for all three domains.
Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP

But Dedicated IP is the only unique IP for your domain and you also get a server system, which has only a single Domain Host.
Shared IP Vs Dedicated IP

What are the benefits of Dedicated IP Address?

If you use Dedicated IP for your domain, then your domain is more secure. With this, it is safe from any unwanted activity.

Due to the dedicated IP, the load time of your blog / website is greatly reduced and comes quickly in the blog or website search result. Whereas in Shared Hosting, the same IP is shared with many domains, due to which it does not come soon in the search result.

Alexa Rank & Google helps in optimizing Insight.

Where to Buy Best Dedicated IP?

By the way, you can purchase Dedicated IP from any Hosting Provider like Bluehost, Hostgator. But if I tell from my Opinion, then you purchase from Cloudaxis.org.

Because the service support of Cloudaxis is very good and Dedicated IP will be available here at a much lower price than others.

Friends, it is mentioned here. What is Dedicated IP Address? And what is the difference between Shared IP & Dedicated IP? If you want to make a pro-blogger or want to make your blog better than others.

So you must purchase a Dedicated IP because it is an identity on the Internet. By which computers recognize your blog website.

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