What is Email Marketing? And how to make money from it?

Hello friends, today in the online make money category, we will get information about the marketing technique that gives up to 30% conversion, and here we will know what is this Email Marketing? And how to income from it?

What is Email Marketing? And how to make money from it?

Now traditional marketing is gradually decreasing and we are adopting digital marketing with time. Which is more effective than Traditional marketing for us and it gives us more business.
There are many ways of internet marketing such as social media, search engine, display, video, but one of the most popular ways of all these is email marketing.
We will get detailed information about complete email marketing services and software here and together we will know how we can use it to promote our products, services.
Table of content:
  • What is Email Marketing?
  • How to do Email Marketing?
  • Why Email Marketing is Good?
  • Best Email Marketing Services and tools
  • Benefits of Email marketing
  • Conclusion,

What is Email Marketing?

We all know that Marketing means promotion has to be done and the products, services that we promote through email are called email marketing. Here is a part of the Internet marketing technique.
It is similar to our regular mail system, but we use a one-to-one process in regular mail and in email marketing it is one-to-many. Or say that email broadcasting is email marketing.
The small blogger community like us is currently focused on email marketing. But all the pro bloggers or businesses give most priority to all email marketing campaign for promotion of products or services because we get some best features in it. for example.
• Most affiliate products are sold through Email marketing.
• It is an important part of the business lead generation.
• Using Email marketing software, we can send and send mail by creating a Theme with any Link, Image, Button, Video, or custom design.
• We spend a lot of work in email marketing and get more profit.

How to do email marketing?

There is no need to make a better email marketer that you have a blog or website, you can start email marketing without these things.
Just for this, you should have some basic knowledge and tools, such as…
• We should have an email address and if business email ([email protected]) is the best.
• We will need Bulk mail list to promote our Products, Services.
• To send Bulk mail professionally, we need email marketing software.
These are the basic requirements that are necessary to start an email marketing campaign. Let us understand about them in a little detail and know-how make money with email marketing?
Active Email Lot:
To start email marketing, first of all, we will need a list of many active emails. So that we can promote our services and products.
For this, a web service is needed from where we can collect email. Just like Blogging is the best way to store users’ Mail Id, with this we can buy Bulk mail from a web service provider like Godaddy, Emaildatapro.
Email Marketing Software:
To start an email marketing campaign, this is the second most important requirement of our professional email software, using which we can send Bulk mail simultaneously and track the sent mail. There is some popular software on it.
• https://www.getresponse.co.uk/
• https://mailchimp.com/
• https://www.aweber.com/
Setup Email Template:
In Email marketing software we find many Personal, Blog, Business templates. We can customize them according to our requirements.
As such, many shopping sites, business mail will be coming daily on our mail id, in which we get to see links, signup, purchase as well as video, image, and text design.
Send Bulk Mail:
This is the best part of Email marketing, after complete setup of our email campaign, we need to send mail for promotion of our products and services, using the email marketing software, we can send mail to thousands of people simultaneously and by sending mail, we can track who has access to our mail and how many people have opened mail, clicked on the link, or bought the product.

Why Email Marketing is Good?

Email marketing is good for many reasons, here we are going to tell you about some reasons –
• Email marketing costs less: – Email marketing is cheaper. You can do this yourself, or it can also be done through an email marketing agency. Email marketing helps business owners reach hundreds of consumers at a very low cost or little to no cost.
Because in this you only need the internet and a computer or laptop. For small businessmen, this marketing is a much better option than other traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, or direct mail.
• Easy to measure in email marketing: – Most email marketing tools provide the ability to track what happens when you send an email. With this you can specifically track delivery rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, click rate, and open rate.
This gives you a better understanding of how your email marketing campaigns are working, and which people don’t like it.
You cannot ignore all these things. They are an so important part of your internet marketing campaign. Your customers can also unsubscribe to your emails by getting upset with daily emails.
So you have to take care that you do not email too much. These are meant to get to know your customers completely and provide them better content.
• Email marketing has a lot of reaches: – Email marketing can reach a lot of audience in a short time. And with this, the person receiving the email can work on the message immediately. This campaign can be implemented with minimal software, hardware, and personal investment.
• It improves brand awareness and relationships between customers: – By sending regular email messages with the right subject and logo, awareness is spread in the company.
 And also email creates a reciprocal relationship, which improves the relationship between the appropriate customers.
• It is an effective way to reach customers: – There are some consumers, who like the products of certain brands very much. But they do not know about the offer or other things about that brand.
And the company also does not reach its customers. In such a situation, if the company or brand tells people about their brand through email marketing, then they can reach many customers. So it is also an effective way to reach customers.
• It is personal: – When you attractively send an email by attempting an email marketing on a subject line, you have a 20 percent better chance of the recipient opening the email.
To encourage or promote small business, you can send your customers some emails related to your company’s birthday wishes, product offers, and interest related to previous purchases.
 And when customers read the email, it can benefit you.
Email marketing is convenient for all these reasons, and it can also attract customers.

Best Email Marketing Services or tool

There are many tools and services available for email marketing today. Here are some of the best email marketing services –
• Constant Contact: –
Constant Contact is one of the fastest-growing and largest email marketing services in the world. This is the easiest to use and the best email marketing service for first-time users. This is good for the following reasons –
1. You can easily manage your email list, contacts, email templates, the marketing calendar, and much more.
2. Each account provides you with easy tracking and reporting, a free image library, a separate list, adding Facebook ads, and a powerful e-commerce facility for Shopify stores.
3. Its Email Plus account also includes some powerful features, such as email automation, surveys, coupons, online donations, and subject line A / B testing to maximize your open rate.
4. Constant Contact provides great support with live chat, phone calls, email, community support, and a large library of helpful resources.
5. In addition to online training, they also provide in-person live seminars throughout the United States. It also helps small businesses learn the basics of email marketing quickly. And it’s good to use it to develop your business.
6. If you have a small business that is not very profitable or you are a new blogger, then experts recommend using Constant Contact. Its pricing is very good. Also, its top-notch support/onboarding team will help you achieve success with email marketing in the right way.
For all these reasons, we call Constant Contact the best email marketing service. It starts a 60-day free trial and then starts at $ 20 per month.
• Drip: –
Drip is a powerful email marketing platform for e-commerce, marketers, and bloggers. They provide a variety of tools to make marketing automation and personalization easier. Which is as follows –
1. They provide good integration without any additions for all popular website builders including WordPress and View comers. With this, you can easily add a signup form to your website. Can take more leads.
2. Drip has intelligent marketing automation tools, smart email segments, lists for groups, and a visual workflow builder. These special features help you reach the targeted customers in your email list to get more sales.
3. Drip also has options such as live chat support, webinars, automation training, detailed courses, free guides, and better documentation.
4. Drip is used for many businesses, as it helps individual customers connect, engage, and engage with them on a personal level with smart e-commerce marketing automation.
5. Drips provide free accounts for more than 100 subscribers. After this, its plans start at $ 49 per month. And it also includes all the features.
6. If you run an online store and want to get something advanced in it, then using drip can be good for you. Its personalization and automation features are extremely powerful.
Hence it is the best email marketing software for those e-commerce websites and business owners who prefer more advanced tools.
AWeber: –
Aweber is one of the world’s oldest and most popular email marketing service providers. It provides a variety of tools for small and medium businesses to manage their email marketing.
1. If you are doing email marketing for the first time, then it will be easy for you if you start with Aweber. It basically connects to many platforms including WordPress.
2. You can do email templates with all the detailed information in it, manage the list, autoresponder, and email tracking.
3. Aweber also has a large library of live chat, phone calls, email support, live webinars, and how-toss and tutorials.
4. Aweber offers a 30-day free trial. After that, its price starts at $ 19 per month. You can sign up for quarterly and annual plans to save more.
• SendinBlue –
SendInBlue is a complete email marketing and SMS software for businesses. It is one of the fastest-growing email marketing platforms in Europe. The facilities provided in it are as follows –
1. It is very easy to use platform with better tools to create beautiful and highly attractive emails. Its simple drag and drop tools are better for the first time email marketers. For this, it is not even necessary to be experienced in this marketing.
2. SendInBlue marketing service includes beginners – friendly automation tools that allow you to send transactional emails, create workflows, and segment users. It can also choose the right time to send emails using its AI algorithm.
3. This is a completely free email marketing plan, it gives you the facility of 300 emails per day, but it is necessary to have branding in all your emails. The payment plan starts at $ 25 per month. You can also include SMS in your account. But its price may vary depending on your sending requirements.
4. If you are a business owner and want a powerful marketing automation tool that combines both email marketing and SMS messages, SendInBlue tool is best for that. This platform is easy to use. And it allows you to manage both email and SMS from the same interface.
• ConvertKit: –
ConvertKit is a robust email marketing platform for professional bloggers, writers, and marketers. It is extremely easy to use, and also powerful. It has the following features –
1. Content upgrades and incentives can be provided easily with the email signup form in ConvertKit. It is also easy to manage autoresponders, which allow you to send drip emails.
2. With ConvertKit you can easily segment with contacts who are interested in it or those who have purchased it before. It helps you to increase conversions with automated emails that have a personal feel.
3. It provides email-based support, and it has a huge knowledge base with great educational content.
4. Some of the many features of ConvertKit are designed specifically for creators and professional bloggers. This is why this marketing service is the best email marketing service for all those professional bloggers.
5. It provides 14 days of free training, and they start at $ 29 per month. They also provide a 30-day refund policy.
6. If you are a professional blogger or content creator. So ConvertKit is a very good choice. It is an easy to use platform with advanced segmentation, which will help you take your blogging business to the next level.
• Mailchimp: –
Mailchimp is primarily one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world. Because it offers regular free email marketing service plans. It has the following characteristics –
1. Mailchimp offers options such as a simple email builder, autoresponders, contact segments in groups, and simple tracking for analytics.
2. It allows you to set up the delivery time based on the user’s timezone, and you can also set up the segment based on geolocation from it.
3. You can easily integrate Mailchimp with WordPress, Magento, Shopify, and other platforms.
4. When it comes to marketing automation features, the Mailchimp platform is quite limited as compared to other email marketing services like Convertkit or Drip.
In the last one or two years, Mailchimp tried to add some advanced features, but it is simple compared to others.
5. Mailchimp supports email, live chat, and a large tutorial Knowledge Basic. It always provides a free plan, in which you can send email to 2,000 to 12,000 customers.
7.There is a $ 10 per month payment plan when there are 500 subscribers. And as the increase in customers, its price also increases.

Benefits of Email marketing

• Through email marketing, companies can access their new information to their customers and share all new information with them.
• Email marketing means that the company is already able to inform its customer about its upcoming new product, which makes the customer eagerly wait for it, i.e. they get an excitation.
• Using email marketing, the company can market its product or service quickly and easily with its old and new customers.
• If compared to other marketing, email marketing becomes less money, i.e., it is cheaper and more information is easily reached to more people.
• In email marketing, the message is sent to the target audience, which is more likely to benefit in the business because it is the people who have an interest in this business, and in such a situation, they have more chance of becoming a customer than the audience.
• Email marketing also increases business, that is, earnings are increased, through which the information of a product is sent to the customer or a call to action the message is sent, whenever someone makes a purchase, the company’s earnings from it means that email marketing helps in earning more.
• With the help of this, you can target those people from all over the world who are interested in your product or services, it helps in marketing the product or service at home.
• It helps in creating good behavior in connecting with the customer.
• It is very helpful for small businesses as their marketing budget is low. Email marketing is a great and best option to do marketing for less money.
Friends, in this article we know What is Email Marketing And how to make money from it, How to do Email Marketing, Email Marketing Tools, Email Marketing Software, Email marketing examples, and etc.

Email marketing is a technique that is specially used for selling lead generation and product, and in such a situation if you are a blogger and do affiliate marketing then it may be best for you to sell your affiliate product. For and if you have any idea related to Email marketing, then do comment.

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