What is End to End encryption meaning | End to End encryption WhatsApp Meaning

WhatsApp, which is a popular social media platform, with which you can connect with people, you can talk to your family, whether it is through message or call. Whenever you see someone for the first time When you send a message, you are shown a text.

In which you are told that your message is secure due to end to end encryption.

What is End to End encryption meaning | End to End encryption WhatsApp Meaning
WhatsApp end to end encryption

Now you finally think what is WhatsApp end to end encryption.
So friends, today we are going to tell you about this WhatsApp end to end encryption, so you have read the entire article carefully so that you do not have any confusion later.

What is WhatsApp end to end encryption?

Friends, WhatsApp is a medium in which you send your private and business messages. There was definitely a kind of emptiness in the security of WhatsApp messages. To remove this emptiness and strengthen the security five times, End to End encryption brought into.
So let us first understand what is the meaning of End to End Encryption i.e. what is the meaning of End to End Encryption.

What does End to End Encryption mean?

End to End Encryption means your Calls, Video Calls, Messages, etc. is safe between the person in front of you, no person can access it.
End to End Encryption is the joining of each other without interfering with the third party.
As the name itself suggests, Connection remains encrypted. In this case, no other person can access anything.
You can understand it more closely by an example. Suppose you and your friends are connected in a call, then no third party can access it if this call is End to End Encrypted.
As in the name, End to End means that only you and your friend are there, apart from this, no one can listen to you nor can anyone record.
Let us tell you that End to End Encryption is not only in WhatsApp, but it uses apps very much for security.
You cannot see End to End Encryption technically in an App. But if you are told by the Apps, you can probably know about it. You can know it exactly as you see in WhatsApp.
Now, Syed, you must have half-understood, i.e., what is encryption WhatsApp.

Friends, this was created for a security reason. In which WhatsApp tells that your sent message will be received only by the person to whom you have sent it. It works on a chain level in which only the receiver and sender remain. There can be no third party in this, the WhatsApp team itself does not remain in it.

Now you must have been very happy to read this article that your messages in your WhatsApp are safe WhatsApp end
by to end encryption.

How does WhatsApp end to end encryption work?

With the help of End to End encryption, you secure your message. But do you really know how WhatsApp end to end encryption works? Let’s know –
When you send a message to anyone, your message is secured with a cryptographic lock. The key to the lock is only near and to the person you send the message to. Your message, like a chain, Calls, photos, videos are done securely.

How to verify WhatsApp end to end encryption?

Friends, however, you don’t need to verify end to end encryption for every contact. But it is my duty to provide information to you, so we will know how to verify end to end encryption?
Whenever you send the first message to someone, at the same time your WhatsApp encryption is turned on. It is told to you by message. But if you want to check whether your WhatsApp end to end encryption is on or not.
So you can follow these steps:

1) Tap the accounts of anyone in WhatsApp so that you want to verify the end to end encryption.

2) Now you will see three dots, right side up. You have to tape it.

3) Now you go to the view contact and tap on encryption in it.

4) Now a QR code with a 6 digit number is shown in front of you. You have to give that QR code to the contact and ask them to scan it.

Similarly, you can verify your WhatsApp end to end encryption. But if you do not verify, then there is nothing to worry you. This is an optional process.

How to enable WhatsApp end to end encryption?

When you update your WhatsApp, then you have to activate and end encryption and then you have to verify it.
So as soon as you go to type a message to a friend, you will see a pop-up message in which you will be asked to verify.
On clicking the verification, you will get a QR code and will show the numbers below the same, will show different numbers for all contacts.

Plain Encryption

We can also see plain encryption as any message sent by you can be read, seen, or understood by anyone after it is sent on the net like the internet. After going to the forest like the internet, you do not have an emphasis on it.

But, end to end encryption is the encrypted data sent by you or the code language that can only be read by the person who sent it. Whatever distance from sender to the recipient is filled with this code language and when it reaches the recipient it automatically comes into its real form. This whole process is called decryption.


Let’s take a simple example – in online shopping done by you, the transaction number of your credit card only stays between you and the site from which you are buying the same, there is no interference from any third party. 

End to end encryption ensures that this transaction number remains only between you and that merchant computer. Confidential communication between the sender and the recipient is what we call end to end encrypted.

Recently, the CEO and confounder of WhatsApp started end to end encryption and said that ‘we have been working on making the conversion of WhatsApp was more secure for the last 2 years. We are proud that we have succeeded in securing the conversion ‘.

Now all your messages, photos, videos, files, and voice messages sent to WhatsApp now end to end encrypted ‘. With encryption, it will now be virtually impossible to see any voice call and instant message despite having a warrant for the government and agency of a country.

Benefits of end to end encryption

• This prevents your data from being hacked

• It cannot be hacked by any hacker. Unlike Gmail, even after deleting it in Google, it keeps your e-mail saved, unlike end to end encryption gives you control over who can read your messages and who does not.

• And the third most important advantage, it protects your right to privacy.
After the Cambridge analytica case, in which Cambridge Analytica, a consulting firm to political parties, is accused of stealing data from about 8.7 million Facebook users, the demand for data privacy to be treated as a public or shared commodity like air or drinking water has increased. 

And the collective participation in it is proof that people are aware of their privacy and that’s why end to end encryption is a better and safer option.

So, friends, this was about WhatsApp end to end encryption, encryption meaning, end to end encryption meaning and some facts about verifying WhatsApp end to end encryption.

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