What is Featured snippet? [3 ways to rank blog post in featured snippet]

Many times when you do some search on google. So featured snippets come in front of you.
Then the desire to know in your mind will be strong, what is this featured snippet and how will my website or blog article come in the featured snippet?
Today’s article is also writing to discuss this topic. Because a lot of you may not even know what is this featured snippet?
You will all be aware of this that Google keeps making changes in its algorithms from time to time.
Along with this, the website also brings many new features for operators and users.
featured snippets were also launched by google with the same purpose. So that the search experience of users can be made even better.

What are Featured snippets?

Featured snippet is like an answer box. In which a simple and simple answer is given to the query searched by the users.
The content to be shown in the featured snippet is taken from the website being shown at the top or elsewhere on the SERP.
One of its special things is that our content, apart from featured snippet, is also said and shown on the search result page.
According to research conducted by Hubspot, the website appearing in the featured snippet has twice the number of people clicking on the website than number one.
Which website to display in Featured snippet. This is determined by google itself. We and you cannot do anything in this regard.

Featured snippets are also divided into 3 parts –

1. Paragraph
2. List
3. Table
According to Expert’s, the paragraph is shown more in google search than any other snippet.
Featured snippets with paragraphs appear 84% in Google search results. 10% of those with a list and the lowest with a table of around 6%.
This is the simplest meaning of Featured snippet. That google liked your content and is promoting your content.
Even paid ads may not appear above the featured snippet shown by google.
Now the question arises, how will google rank my website in featured snippets?
You will also get the answer, just have to be patient. Because this article will be a little longer but you will get complete and complete information.

3 ways to rank a blog post in featured snippets:

3 ways to rank a blog post in featured snippets

Telling you a total of 9 such methods. With the help of which you can rank your blog or website post in the featured snippet.
However, tie the knot that no matter how much you do, the algorithms of Google will show your post in the featured snippets according to your own.
1. Perform keyword research according to featured snippet
If you want to rank your post in featured snippet. So while doing keyword research, you have to take care of many things.
You have to find some such keywords for which google can show snippet results.
Featured snippet is shown mostly on keywords with how to, top 10, definition, etc.
So try to target similar keywords in the articles ahead of you.
2. Use the FAQ in your articles
If you don’t write how to type posts, it becomes a bit difficult to rank in featured snippets.
Therefore, you should follow my advice and use FAQs in your articles. Also, give their answers in a discreet manner.
Research says that the paragraphs shown in featured snippets are between 40 and 50 words.
In such a situation, while writing the answer for your targeted keyword, write a paragraph of 40 to 50 words giving complete information.
I don’t say that at all, google will show your same paragraph in the featured snippet.
But doing so will definitely increase the chances of your post being added to the featured snippet.
3. Use Structured data in Articles
If you use structured data in your articles. So it is 65% more likely than any other method. That your content will appear in featured snippets.
Therefore, write your article in a proper way.
Use the heading in the right places. Suppose you are writing a post, how to increase organic traffic?
So you write it as H1 in the heading. Then after intro write as H2. After this, when you describe it and tell it 5 ways, then they should be written as H3.
In this way, you can optimize your content for featured snippets using schema mark-up and structured data.
To rank on Featured Snippets i.e., Position Zero, you must adopt these tips are given above.
In this article, you have learned what has featured snippets and how to rank your post in featured snippets?
If you talk about the summary of this article, then it is very important to use keyword research, structured data to rank in featured snippets.
Also, you can optimize for featured snippets by using FAQs in your articles or websites.
If you have any suggestions or questions related to featured snippets, do share it with us in the comment box.

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