What is Google Assistant and how to use Google Assistant?

What is Google Assistant and how to use Google Assistant?
Hello friends, how are you, today we will talk about what is Google Assistant and use it? About and about. Have you ever used it? Do you know about Google Assistant? If not, after reading this article you will get to know the complete information of Google Assistant. What is Google Assistant and How to use it – Full Information
If you want to know about Google Assistant, then you are reading the right article. Because here I am going to tell you what is Google Assistant, how it works, and how we can use it.
You people will know how much technology has moved forward. Now we can do many such things at home, for which we had never thought before, such as knowing the weather sitting at home, what is happening in the world, etc.
Earlier, all this had to be done with the help of fingers in mobile, but now you can do all this only through one of your Voice commands.
The technology of this voice-based artificial intelligence was earlier seen only in English movies, but now we can use this artificial intelligence in our homes.
Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are some examples of this, but do you know how? You can do all this with the help of Google Assistant.
Table of content:
  • What is Google Assistant?
  • How to download Google Assistant?
  • How to turn on Google Assistant?
  • What can Google Assistant do?
  • How to know if your phone has Google Assistant?
  • Where can I use Google Assistant?
  • How to use Google Assistant?
  • Benefits of Google Assistant
  • Conclusion,

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is a Voice Assistant created by Google that works by listening to your voice. It is mainly available on smart home devices and mobile phones.
With the help of Google Assistant, you can do many tasks easily. Such as to know about the weather, to do some search on Google, to know the news, to set the alarm, to watch the horoscope, etc.
Now you might be thinking that this is an App App. But Google Assistant is not an app but a feature created by Google which is available on every Android phone.
It has been launched in 2016 by Google CEO C.E.O “Mr.Sundar Pichai”. Even before this, many such Voice Apps were created by Google, such as Google Voice and Google Now, but it did not become very famous in our country, because they were very difficult to use.
That is why Google Assistant Google Assistant has created keeping in mind the language of India and the English language is spoken here so that people here can use it easily and they do not face any problem in using it.
Google Assistant takes voice commands as well as Text Command, so you can use it both ways. Which method you have to use depends on your choice.

How to download Google Assistant?

Google Assistant app is also available on the Play Store. Earlier it was available only with Allo Messenger. But now it also has a separate app. Which you can also install without Allo Messenger. You are further being informed about how to download Google Assistant App.
• Download Google Assistant App – First of all you have to download Google Assistant App in your Android phone.
• Install Google Assistant App – After downloading the app, it has to be opened.
• Open Google Assistant App – After that, you can turn it on.

How to turn on Google Assistant?

To turn on Google Assistant, you must first download it to your phone, whose information is given to you above and follow the steps given below to turn it on:
Step 1: Hold Home Key
First of all, you have to hold your phone’s home key. Here you will see the option of the assistant. Now click on Turn On the right side of it.
Step 2: Click Continue
After clicking Turn On, click on Continue.
Step 3: Add Permission
Now you will be asked for some Permission. Google Assistant will be able to function well due to these apps permissions on your phone’s Webs and Apps Activity, Device Information, Location History, Voice, and Audio Activity. To give All Permission of the phone, click on the Yes I Am In button.
Step 4: Click Get Started
Now you have to Recognize your Voice. For this, click on Get Started.
Step 5: Say OK Google
Now you will see Listening Say OK written by Google. Meaning you have to say OK Google 3 times here.
Step 6: Say Again OK Google
Now when you say OK Google 3 times, Complete written will come in place of Listening. After that, you have to speak Google 1 more time.
Step 7: Click Continue
Now Google Assistant will take Permission to manage what is going on on your home screen. Then click on Continue.
Step 8: Ready Your Google Assistant
Now your Google Assistant is on, you can use it.

What can Google Assistant do?

The Google Assistant listens to your voice command and performs the work you have described. As soon as you say “Ok, Google” or “Hey Google”, it activates in a way and implements the task that you specify.
This eases a lot of the work you mention like
• Opens the phone’s different apps as you speak.
• You can tell the news around the world when you speak.
• Gives you information about the weather.
• Controls the music system of the phone.
• Can also read Notification for you.
• It can send text messages when you speak.
• Can show you online video etc.
• You can find information about a lot of things online, such as if you get directions, weather, weather or news, etc.
• You can maintain your calendar from it.
• It can control your Device and Smart home.
There are other things that Google Assistant can do for you on your single voice command.
Saying, whatever you do by typing in your mobile, you can get all the work done by speaking to Google Assistant.

Which devices does Google Assistant have?

Nowadays, there are many such devices in which the facility of Google Assistant is provided. Google Assistant was first launched on Google’s Pixel phone. But now it is available on all devices.
It already happens in Android phones. In the coming time, it will be on all devices, then you will be able to use it in every device.

How to know if your phone has Google Assistant?

Now you have understood that Google Assistant is such a necessary and good thing, but if you do not know whether this feature has been provided by Google on your phone or not, then you can easily check it.
All you have to do is say “ok, Google” or “Hey, Google” or press and hold your phone’s home button for a few seconds. Google Assistant will open as soon as you press the home button of your phone, after that you can use it. After this, you can easily set up it according to yourself.
By the way, only 2 versions of Google Assistant Android phones have come so far, Android Marshmallow v6.0.0 and Android Nougat v7.0.0.
If you have a mobile phone in both these versions, then you can easily use Google Assistant without any problem.
Let’s see which devices Google Assistant supports, that is, where you can use Google Assistant.

Where can I use Google Assistant?

You can use Google Assistant in the following things.
Google Assistant in Mobile Phones
Google Assistant is most commonly used in mobile phones. You might feel that this works only on Android phones. But you are wrong it works on iPhone also.
Google Maps App
Google Assistant can also tell you the direction and you will find this feature in Android devices as well as the iOS devices.
You can share your ETA with your family or your friends with the help of your voice command.
Google Home Devices
We can consider Google Home to be a direct competitor to the Amazon Echo. It is a Chrome Cast Speaker that acts as a voice control assistant.
Android TV
Nowadays there are many Android TVs in which Google Assistant can do custom. There are also many new types of set-top boxes in which you can use it.
Like Nvidia Shield TV and now slowly many more Android TVs and set-top boxes are coming in which this feature is available.
If your TV has Google Assistant facility, then you can use it to turn on / off the TV through your Voice Command, as well as use the TV’s Volume, Channel Change, etc.
Many companies on TV have this facility such as Sony, Philips, TCL, Skyworth, Xiaomi, Toshiba, etc.
Headphones and Earphones or buds
Nowadays, many such wireless headphones or earphones have come on the market, in which the facility of Google Assistant is provided. For this, all you have to do is press a button on your headphone, after that you can get your work done through Google Assistant.
Nowadays many companies are making such headphones in which Google Assistant supports such as JBL, Sony, etc.
In cars
Nowadays, we will get to see the vehicles of many such companies in which this Google Assistant has been provided. Such as Volvo and Audi company vehicles.
With the help of this, you can listen to songs on trains, know the direction, connect it to your mobile phone and call someone and many things can be done.
Along with Volvo and Audi, many new vehicles are going to be launched in the company.
In Smart Home Devices and Appliances
As we told that nowadays, there are many such devices in which this Google Assistant has been provided so that our life has become easier or more to some extent by using it.
The facility of Google Assistant has been given in many such devices that are used in our daily work, using which we can save our time as well as use them easily.
The facility of Google Assistant is also given in many smart devices that are in our house. Such as Smart Light Bulb, Smart Speaker, Smart Locks, Fridge, Smart TVs, etc.
As you have seen how much it works in everything from a light to a fridge, many companies are making such devices as Whirlpool, LG, Phillips Hue, Samsung, etc.
Google Assistant works in all these devices, such as if you have to turn on or turn off the light, or you want to increase or decrease the temperature of your fridge.

How to use Google Assistant?

You have learned to turn on Google Assistant. Now we are telling you how to use it.
You have to hold your phone’s home button. Then you will see the Assistant here. Now you can get anything done by clicking on its mic icon. For whatever work you have to do with Google Assistant, first of all, you have to say “Ok, Google” or “Hey, Google”.
As soon as you use voice commands or text commands like “Hey, Google” or “Ok Google” in Google Assistant, it will start and then you can start using it.
After enabling Google assistant, you can use it in your language or using the English language. But you do not have to use this voice command for everything. It has to be used only once to start the Google Assistant.
After that, you will use whatever command you have. You can ask Google Assistant to do a lot of work simultaneously. If you also want to make a phone call to someone on your mobile phone, then you can also do this through it.
Google Assistant can make a phone call to you along with a text message for you. For example, if you want to call Amir then you will use the following command.
• Call to Amir
Whenever you want to open Google Assistant, all you have to do is long-press the Home key button of your mobile.
So if you are tired of pressing the keyboard or keypad of your phone, then take the help of Google Assistant comfortably and do your work easily.

Benefits of Google Assistant

There are many advantages to using Google Assistant. You can know its benefits by using it, so let us tell you about its benefits:
Finding Nearby Places
It can also search for places near you. If you have to go to a restaurant nearby. But you do not know which restaurant is nearby from your place, then it helps you in searching.
Open apps
In this, you can open any app. All you have to do is say the name of that app by saying OK Google and it will open that app on your phone.
Google Image Search
If you want to see an image on Google, then all you have to do is say Google Image in the mic on Google Assistant and you will come across Google Images.
Book Movie Tickets
With its help, you can also book movie tickets. You can do this work sitting at home comfortably. You won’t even need to line up.
Play Songs
If you are driving (driving) on a Road Trip and cannot run the phone. So with the help of this, you can play songs by speaking in the mic All you have to do is say Play Music on Google Assistant.
Friends, if you read this article well then you will understand well that the facility of Google Assistant that we are getting is nothing short of magic.
I hope that you have liked what our Google Assistant is and how to use it, and all the confusion related to it will have gone away.
If you have any questions about our article or have any problem with Google Assistant, then you can ask us by commenting below.
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