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Google Trends

Friends Google Search Trend is a tool of Google which was launched by Google on 11 May 2006. This is a very fun and useful website. With the help of this, you can easily find out what is going on in the search trend on Google at the moment.

Today, every blogger’s dream is to rank his blog on Google’s first page, rank all his articles. For which they unite day and night, they try every way to rank their blog.

If you are a blogger and want your blog to rank quickly and you become a successful blogger, then you can take the help of Google Trends in this? How can you do Keyword Research for your blog? Today we will talk to you about how you can do a keyword search for your blog.

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Friends, with the help of the Google Search Trend tool, you can easily do Keyword Comparison and can choose a perfect keyword for your blog post and business.

Friends If you want to know what is Google Trendshow to use Google Trends? how does it work in Blogging, besides what is Domain Authority, how to increase it, then check this post of ours? So after reading this post completely, I will try my best to troubleshoot all your questions.

Google trends, so let’s know what is Google trends?

What is Google Trends? (Google Trends)

What is Google Trends

Google Trends is a website created by Google that tells you what people all over the world are looking for on the Internet and what they want to know from Google ? and what topics people are more interested in, As the interest of the world changes with the change of time, on Google Trends you can see that change also through Keyword.

Many people also consider Google Trends as a tool in which there is also a complete record of changes that happen from time to time. Here you can get information about what search is coming from which state in which country in the whole world through Keyword.

Currently, what people are searching on the Internet can also be easily detected. Not only the present but in the past, we can get a complete account of the keywords searched by people with the help of Google Trends.

When was Google Trends created?

Google Trends was launched by Google on 5 August 2008 under the name Google Insights For Search which was renamed to Google Trends on 27 December 2012,

Highlights of Google Trends:

Like Google Trends, you can guess from the name that it means trader on Google. This tool helps you to easily keep an eye on the demand and changes of people from time to time, as well as you can find out what their demand is and if you are a blogger, based on the keyword they type.

 So, you can get an idea for your new topic that it will be beneficial to write on which topic and the most important thing is that Google Trends is a completely free tool.

The topic also changes over time in Google Trends, and new keywords are being created so that a blogger also develops a way of changing what should happen over time, as you already know.

” Change is the law of nature. “When we understand a change well, we are successful in bringing change in our life, only then the evidence of our success also increases,

Benefits of Google Trends for Blogger:

• You can choose a topic for your blog.

• You can choose keywords for your topic.

• You can keep an eye on the demand from people from time to time.

• You can be aware of the future changes.

• You can rank your blog or website with very little effort.

• Real-Time Data can be obtained

• You can choose keywords for yourself by comparing keywords.

You can know which keyword to work on

How to use Google Trends?

So far you have understood what is Google trend? and why we should use Google Trends, now we will explain to you how to use google trends, so let’s go without wasting time. It is very easy to use it, we will try to understand it through a few steps.

Step 1: First of all, you have to go to the official website of Google Trends. Here you will get the option to choose your country upwards or you should choose the country whose report you want.

Google trend

By entering a keyword of your choice, you can find out from which country, city, or state the most people are searching for it

Step 2: Now on the same screen you will see three lines on the other side, clicking on it, you will see some options. Now click on Trending Searches.

Google trends

Step 3: After clicking on Trending Searches, you will now have a new page open in which you will see two options, what will you see in these two options?

Google Trends

How to use Google Trend Tool

Step 1: First of all you have to go to the Google trends website

use Google Trend Tool

Step 2: Now Google Trends website will open in front of you.

1. After typing your keywords in the above search box, you will know how much search is going on at that moment.

2. By clicking on All Catagories, you can also know about Google search trends according to your categories. 

3.You can also know Google trends keywords according to your country.

Step 3. I have checked here according to Catagories or Country

use Google Trend Tool

Step 4: Now you can see what is going on in the search trend in science or technology in India.

use Google Trend Tool

Step 5: You can find many more details about the stories by clicking on them. Such as top articles, interest, top queries or more &

use Google Trend Tool

So friends, by using the Google Search Trend tool in this way, you can easily find out what is the most search on Google? Or what trends are going on at the moment?

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What is trending on Google?

Google Trends toll is for Keyword Research and Marketing.

Google Trends is an amazing tool that can help you to understand trending searches on Google. It gives the best information about which keyword searches are currently popular on Google search or trending over a certain period of time.

Here you can see how many Search are happening on which Keyword

1- Daily Search Trends:

If you look in Daily Search Trends, then you will know what people are seeing the most today, as the date will change as you go downwards, it will be like going into some past time, this will let you know that the Internet today.

But what is trending? And what topic are people searching for? You can easily find those keywords so that you can rank your blog.

2- Real-Time Search Trends:

And if you click on Real-Time Search Trends, you can also find out what people are seeing on the internet at the moment, I think every blogger wants to know what is being seen most by people today. These records are updated an hour after hour.

The most useful thing about Google Trends:

When you have done research on a keyword and you have found your keyword, you can compare the selected keyword with similar keywords and find out how much traffic is coming on which keyword and more accordingly Can like Keyword with traffic.

about Google Trends

Here you can compare your selected Keyword with other related Keywords and find out which Keyword is right for you to do your work.

 What is Google hot trend?

the hot trend is an additional service along with the google trend which gives you information about the top 20 trending topics which are fast-rising or searched in various countries within an hour. 

And for every search query, it also provides a 24-hour search volume graph and web result, it also keeps history, so that you can also see the top trending topics of the first hour.

Benefits of Google trends:

• Google Trends is absolutely free.

• There is no registration or sign in on Google Trends.

• Real-Time Data is available on Google Trends.

• On Google Trends you can find Trend Topic.

• You can Research Free keywords for yourself from Google Trends.

• By comparing between two keywords on Google Trends, you can find the best Keyword for yourself.

• On Google Trends, you can see the trending topic of any country.


Google Trends: Where can I use this tool?

Fortunately, Google Trends has many incredible features that prove useful in many ways. To begin with, this is the first stop for any blogger who wants to come up with killer content.

But how is this possible? pretty simple.

Google Trends analyzes data over time. This shows me how many times an important phrase has been discovered. In other words, I use this data to understand the dominance of a keyword. It seems like a breathtaking beginning to sharpen my search engine optimization skills.

And here is how it helps me in content creation. This suggests which, in turn, gives me fantastic topics to write. Of course, it depends on the niche I’m interested in. Maybe you are a youtube and blogger, you review, or you have a captivating podcast, Google Trends is an essential tool for you.

What’s more entertaining, is the fact that Google Trends gives comprehensive insights into products that are doing well in the market.

Suppose I’m a rogue business sinking ship, I get to analyze market trends so easily. It helps me settle on a niche that is influencing mass sales volume in a specific area.

How to adjust data on Google Trends

As luck would have it, Google Trends has a comprehensive guide, which helps its users cruise through its features without a hitch. The top of Google’s agenda is to make comparisons easy.

Actually, Google Trend keeps it simple and simple. All you need to know is how to read the digits.

Typically, it analyzes graphs on a scale of 1–100. As simple as it seems. Google Trends divides data by geographic locations and total searches for a particular time frame.

A surprising fact is that Google’s data has not been manipulated, and is fairly unbiased.

This leaves no chance of any form of prejudice. However, Google Trends allows me to fix information in two ways.

Common being real-time data that is intuitive and shows a sample of searches made in the last 7 days.

Alternatively, Google offers no real-time data. It elicits historical data trends that date back to 2004. Also, Google Trends feeds me with related search results for the final 36 hours before my actual search.

 How do I find my most popular Google searches?

Using Google Trends. First of all, go to https://trends.google.com in a web browser. 

Google Trends is one of the most reliable and best tools for information on what the world is looking for. You can use many tools on the site to find popular keywords.

What are the notable features of Google Trends?

I must say, this device comes with clever and fast-paced features you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s start with this search bar which lets me check any important phrase.

To say the least, Google Trends acts quite sensibly and fast. It shows me how trending a word or topic is.

Let’s use ‘Games’ for illustration purposes. Google Trends calculates product interest over time based on the region and time I choose.

It is amazing how it shows results from a value between 0 and 100.

If this key phrase hits 100, it means that it is at the peak of its popularity. On the other hand, if it scores 50, it means the popularity of the word in half.

To increase intuitive understanding, Google Trends includes a Help button that further interprets graph results. Also, the dashboard has a wide range of options that help me tailor my results.

For example, I want to know how sportswear has gained its popularity in a specific country. It is so easy to capture Google’s trends because Google can get data based on geographical boundaries.

Additionally, I can simply customize the time frame. What do I mean I have been able to access all trends for the last 24 hours or the last 5 years. To choose at what time I want to focus all my attention. Just one click away.

Actually, it is more complicated. Google Trends allows me to understand demographics from the following search locations;

1. Web Search

2. Youtube Search

3. Google Shopping

4. News Search

5. Image Search

It seems like a blind eye is how Google Trends allows me to download this data in a CSV file and export it to third-party analytical tools. This data is also compatible with applications such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets applications.

Google Trends Comparison

It is one of the most valuable tools in Google trends. In fact, there are so many qualities to capitalize on it. This gives me real-time updates through its option to embed the HTML code I create on my page.

Also, Google has a unique feature as opposed to two or more search items.

Here, Google Trends shows me how a product has gained over another in a specified period. This kind of data is an asset for any user who wants to sell items that are more likely to sell.

It gives me the right signal and directs me to the winner. As a matter of fact, the graphs show differences in popularity based on the timing of accidentally choosing me. It can be last 7 days, 1 month, or even the last 24 hours.

Another foreign feature is the average bar chart of Google Trends. It is so accurate and carefully refers to the average popularity number of all compared items.

What appears to be more detailed and extraordinary is the ability to rank trends by region. Google Trend successfully shows the 5 regions with the highest search numbers. Also, there is an option to include regions with lower search volumes.

It shows me a map that describes, in particular, where my items are popular. The dark blue areas represent those areas with greater potential for product discovery.

It is worth noting that the key phrase popularity is always relative to the total number of Google searches done in a different period and space.

Related Topics Updates of Google Trends

This section is very attractive and up to the task. Google Trend gives me a decisive assessment of what other topics users searched for in addition to the main topic. It presents a digit with a relative scale.

To get the most out of this section, I can sort related topics from top to least. Scores are listed and highlighted with darker colors for smooth comparison.

To optimize the results, Google Trends includes an explore button that directs me to the graph. And what you will like the most is its comparative proficiency for related subjects as well.

I have been able to minimize items from the most growing items. Google Trends represents its percentage. This device appears to be quite comfortable and plain sailing.

Google makes me use this high-yield website to sort interest by satellites. With such information, I know where to keep my eyes. Remember, it is still possible to compare different subparts.

This immediately shows where both the centers of popularity and interest come from.

At the bottom right of the dashboard, Google Trends shows all related queries accurately. The format is similar to the related topics section.

Why it is important for bloggers?

If you are a professional blogger or want to become, then this service of google comes to you very little, you can search your keyword and also, know its value, if you write a post on such a random topic, then So the same thing will happen, close your eyes and release the arrow, and if someone felt it or not, it was not.

Your efforts will be useless because you know how much competition there is in blogging, then you have to write a post that can rank your website and from this, you can also know how much competition is there on the keyword you have selected.

If you are a new blogger then you do not have to write on that topic, you will get all this information with the help of it and the biggest thing is, it is absolutely free, Google does not charge you any money for it.

Are Google Trend is beneficial for a Blogger?

All in one, google trends is very beneficial for a bloggers blog or website. Because you will get full information about all the work from here. And I am sure you will know which topic you have to write a post.

Lots of post ideas will be available from here. And it will also know which post will be easy for ranking.

So in this sense, it is very good for the blogger. I also use this tool and I also like google trends quite a lot. You too can try it once and tell us how this tool felt.

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 Google Trends Tutorial:


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