What is Google? Who made Google & Income of Google?

Do you know what is Google?, who made Google?, Google Income and how does Google work? If not, in this post we will try to understand you in full detail of Google. So let’s know what is Google.

Who is in today’s time who does not use the Internet? If we want an answer to things, then we go to Google first, but have you ever thought what Google is? And how does Google work?

Often we are unaware of any word or thing and in order to know and understand it, we search in Google and after searching, we find its result very easily,

Who created Google and who is the owner of Google? So today in this post we will answer all your questions in detail, so before we know how Google works? First, let’s know what Google is. 

So, Let’s start.

In this article we  cover:

  • What is Google?
  • What is the full form of Google?
  • When was Google began?
  • history of Google.
  • Who is the owner of Google?
  • Who is the CEO of Google?
  • What countries are Google company?
  • Google products
  • How much does Google earn?
  • How does Google earn?
  • Two ways of Google earning.

What is Google?

What is Google? Who made Google & Income of Google?

Google is an American multinational technology company. Today, we all know Google as a Search Engine between us, Google was created in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page at Stanford University to search for files on the Internet, Google is the world’s largest Search Engine, making us some You can also, search Google is a very big company whose products we use in our mobile such as Google Chrome, Google Map, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Go, Google Lens, etc.

Google is like a king of the Internet world, today Google is the most used search engine. According to Alexa Ranking, Google is always # 1 in the first place, and second place is also occupied by Google which we all know as Youtube.

40,000 questions are searched every second in Google, meaning more than 3.5 billion queries are searched all day, now you might have understood what all Google is in the first place worldwide.

When we open Google from Google.com or any extension of Google, then you get to see a very simple interface, but this simple-looking interface is being used in every corner of the world. Use it for help, some use it in the office and some use it at home, today everyone uses Google to solve their questions.

 What is the full form of GOOGLE?

Google is a short name, Google’s full form is “GLOBAL ORGANIZATION OF ORIENTED GROUP LANGUAGE OF EARTH”.

Along with Search Engine, Google is a very large multinational company, Advertisement, Internet Analytics, Cloud Computing, Play Store, Your Own Browser, and even your own Operating System &40; Android&41; and Google makes money from all these.

When was Google began?

Google began in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin initially named their search engine as BACKRUB. The reason for keeping this name was that this search engine used to determine the priority of a site based on previous links.

The Google.com domain was registered on September 15, 1997, and was launched on September 4, 1988, a book written by Edward Kasner and James Newman inspired by Google, a term written in Mathematics and Imagination It means the number which contains one hundred zeros after another.

At the time it was created, the search engine’s results depended on the page’s priority, which was determined by the calculation of the Keyword on the Web Page, but according to Larry and Sergey, a better Search System is the one that relates to the WebPage. In full detail, he named this new technique as PageRank.

History of Google

In 1995, two Ph.D. students named Sergey Brin and Larry Pagemet each other and they thought that why should we compare one website with another website so that it can give it rank and know which website is good? Which website do people search for more?

Even today, Google is working through this medium. He decided to rank it based on the calculation of the website to be searched for, and laid the foundation of Search Engine. Today we all know by the name of Google can tell you that his first name was BACKRUB.

As time went by, BACKRUB was renamed to Google in 1997. The name Google came out, to tell you that Google has created more than 2000 doodle homepages so far, but the first doodle homepage was created by Google in 1998.

As Google’s team got ready, new products were launched by Google. And Google took the form of a big company. Adword, Adsense, Google Map, Youtube, Cloud Hosting, all these products of Google are used by many people and are also benefiting from it.

Who is the owner of Google?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

At the beginning of the post, we told you about two students, the same two students Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the owners of Google.

Who is the CEO of Google?

Sundar Pichai
You will be surprised to know that the CEO of Google is an Indian and his name is Sundar Pichai. You may also be surprised to know his salary. Their salary is Rs 1200-1300 crore annually. He leaves in India in Chennai city of Tamil Nadu state.

This Indian engineer, who has brought the name of India to light in the world, studied up to his 10th standard from Jawahar Vidyalaya, while he has completed his 12th standard from Vana Vani School.

After completing his degree, he went to America and went here and enrolled at Stanford University and received a Master of Science degree in Physics and Engineering from this University. He also has an MBA from Wharton School of Pennsylvania.

What countries are Google company?

Often the question comes from your mind that which country is Google a company from? What is google’s address So let us tell you that Google is a US company? Its office is located in the US state of California. You can see other addresses of Google below.

1600 Amphitheater Parkway in Mountain View, California, United States. 

If we talk about India, then the main office of Google is at 3 places.

Google India Pvt. Ltd, No. 3, RMZ Infinity – Tower E, Old Madras Road, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors, Bangalore, 560016, India.

Google India Pvt Ltd, 1st Floor,, 3 North Avenue, Maker Maxity, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, 400051, India

Google India Pvt Ltd, Unitech Signature Tower-II, Tower-B, Sector-15, Part-II Village Silokhera, Gurgaon 122001, India.

Google Products

  • Youtube: Here you will find millions of videos on different topics by searching, you can also upload your own video.
  • Chrome: This is a browser in which we can search for anything. It is Secure Browser with being very fast and simple, which is available on every mobile.
  • Blogger: If you want to create your own blog and share your thoughts and ideas with people, then you can easily use Blogger. This service is absolutely free.
  • Google Adsense: Money can be earned by monetizing your blog or website with Google Adsense.
  • Google Translator: With the help of this, you can easily translate any language into your language.
  • Gmail: This is an electronic e-mail service from which you can send or receive messages. Even if you want to use a Smartphone, you must have a Gmail Id.
  • Android: Everyone has an Android Phone, Android is a popular operating system that everyone uses these days.
  • Google Maps: With the help of Google Maps you can easily find a city or place (location). To get the complete information about how far the location is from your location, what is the way to reach there, you can find GPS in it. With the help of you, you can also know your real location.
  • Google Drive: To protect your user data, this is a good product from Google, you can also download the required data at a time.
  • Wear OS: To keep your life healthy and fit, you can easily track the entire record of every minute.
  • Google Duo: This is a high-quality video calling application, so that you can talk to your relatives face to face with the help of your Smartphone.
  • Chrome OS: This is the operating system created by Google for Laptops and Computers.
  • Chromecast: If you want to watch your mobile on your TV or say that you want to stream, then you can do it easily.
  • Books: If you like to read E-Books on your smartphone, then you can do this work.
  • Calendar: With the help of this you can fix your time table, Reminder rings at the time you set so that you know.
  • Analytics: With this, you can track the daily activities of your product.
  • Google My Business: You can put the location of your Shop or Building on Google Maps.
  • Google Assistant: With the help of this, you can get the answer to your questions as the voice of your own language.
  • Google Wifi: You can enjoy Wifi in every corner of the house by using it at your home.
  • Google Earth: With the help of this, you can travel and explore the whole world.
  • Google Docs: Microsoft Office’s required documents can be opened online through it.
  • Google Go: This is an application, in which you get some features that you can use to make your work extremely easy. In this App you will get the latest Current Searches in which people like to watch the most, Google Lens, Voice Search, facility, latest news and it is only 7 MB app, you will also get it not only if you reach a post by searching. And want that instead of reading the whole post, you can read it and then you will get this feature in Google Go App
  • Keep: With this, you can save your important notes, Voice Notes.

        These were some Google products that we can use to make our work easier.

  • Google Lens: This is one of the features of Google so that we can know the object (thing) appearing in any photo, what it is.

How does Google work?

There are many web pages of websites on the Internet that provide you with many types of information. Google first stores all those websites and articles in its system. Google Crowler fully understands the webpage of all those websites and all websites and decides which webpage of which website to show when searching for which keyword.

Google also sees that on which webpage people spend more time, if people come back to the page quickly and then Google does not see that page on the first page according to the bounce rate.

In the same way, if someone has created a new website, then he must submit it to Google’s search engines so that we can tell Google that we have a new website so that Google Crowler can get complete information about our website.

After doing this, Google Crowler stores all the data of your website on our website, which will be known on every post, then Google Algorithm decides which rank to show that post.

How much does Google earn?

These questions will come to your mind that how much is Google’s earnings per day? Or how much does Google earn in a second? And it has been seen that Google is often asked about its earnings in Google itself. So let’s discuss something about it too.

You might be surprised to hear about Google’s income. You will not believe that, 
Google income per second is $658, 
Google income per minute is $39480,
Google income per hour is $2368800, 
Google income per day is $10,050,000, 
Google income per month is $301,500,000, 
Google income per year is $3,618,000,000. 

But let me tell you one thing that what I have told you about Google’s income is not accurate, no one can tell the accurate income of Google.

How does google Earn?

You must have got this question that if we search anything on Google, then Google does not take any money from us to find the result, we watch many videos on Youtube for free, use of Gmail is also free Other products that we usually use are almost all free, for which we do not pay any money to Google.

Understand one thing that Google is public about you as much as you do not know about yourself. From your age to your date of birth, your gender, your personal information and which subject you are more interested in, then Google should keep this data in mind and show you the subject of your interest with which the advertisement along with it is clearly There will be advertisements of your interest in front of you, then you will go there. And Google gets money from Advertiser for showing the same advertisement.

Suppose you are thinking of buying a mobile. And you are searching on Google according to your needs. Searching on Google, Google understands which type of mobile you are interested in. And then when you search and reach a video or article, then there will be Ads Show anywhere in the article, in which the mobile of your choice will be visible.

Now it is likely that you click on it and purchase a mobile. As soon as you make a purchase, Google also finds out, now may be the second time you do not see any mobile ads. You can see such ads on any website or apps.

“Google makes money in two ways”.

The two ways are Ads and Adwords.


Adwords, this is one such service of Google which we and you know in the name of advertisers, just as there is an atmosphere of competition in the general market, in the same way, you can experience it in the Internet market too, everyone can do their business and their products. Want to see at the top of Google’s first page or say that you want to reach people, for this, advertisers pay some money to Google so that Google shows your business and products as an advertisement on the first page of Google.
The most important thing about Adword is that you are charged money only when a visitor takes action on the Google that you show on your business ads.

People who want to bring any of their products or their business to Promote or more visitors to their website, they use this Google service “Google Adwords”.


Adsense is also a service like Google Adwords, here, in association with Google Publisher shows ads of advertisers on Publisher’s website or blog.
In this, along with Google Publishers, Google shows ads on Publisher’s website and blog, out of all the earnings that are made when ads are clicked, Google also keeps a part of that earnings and the rest of the money in Publisher’s account in a month. 21 dates are given in his bank account.

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