What is Hacking? How to learn Hacking? Unlimited Guide about Hacking

What is Hacking-How to learn Hacking
Hey Guys, you must have heard or read a lot about computer hacking. But you will have little knowledge of it. So I am going to tell you here in detail about Computer Hacking. I have some important questions here Before learning hacking usually come to mind, have tried to write it by collecting it here.
Table of content:

  • What is Hacking?
  • Types of hacking
  • Who is a Hacker
  • Types of Hackers
  • What Is Malicious & Black Hat Hacking?
  • Is hacking Legal or Illegal?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Hacking
  • What are crackers?
  • Who is Script Kiddies?
  • What skills are required to become a Hacker?
  • What is the best way to learn Hacking?
  • How to protect your computer from being hacked?
  • What is the Best Way to Learn Hacking for Beginners?
  • Step-1: Start with Basic
  • Step-2: Select a good source to learn Hacking
  • Step-3: Learn Programming (Optional)
  • How long does it take to master the skills of Hacking?
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking
  • Top 10 Ethical Hackers Name
  • Top 10 Black Hat Hackers Name
  • What should I do after hacked?
  • What is cybercrime?
  • Types of cybercrime
  • Conclusion:

What is Hacking?

Computer Hacking is a process by which we modify computer software or hardware, and implement the other goal besides the original purpose of the creator. Hacking is the act of declaring the mistake of software. Because the word ‘Hack’ is mostly used for people who are weak in their ‘profession’, so some hackers tell about this term, that it is offensive and unable to recognize their real skill.

Types of hacking

Hacking is divided into main seven parts based on hacking different devices and hacking differently.
The types of hacking are as follows: –
1. Website Hacking: – Website hacking means to control and misuse a website by hacking it.
2. Network Hacking: – Controlling any network using tools like NS, Ping, UP is called network hacking. During this time all network information is stolen.
3. Ethical Hacking: – Ethical hacking is a kind of legal hacking. During this hacking, the hacker tells the institute to hack itself. This type of hacking is mainly done to check the security system.
4. Email Hacking: – Hacking and misusing the email of anyone is called email hacking.
5. Password Hacking: – Hacking someone’s password and changing it, and misusing the password in place is called password hacking.
6. Online Banking Hacking: – Hacking the account of any bank’s server or bank’s user is called online banking hacking. During this type of hacking, the theft of money or fund is mainly done.
7. Computer Hacking: – Hacking, creating, viewing, and editing files in anyone’s computer without access is within computer hacking.
Hopefully, you will now know about hacking, and now you have got all the information related to hacking. Now let’s see Who are hackers? and Types of hacker?

Who are hacker?

In simple words, people who do hacking are called hackers.
And as defined in technical language, people who authorize or unauthorized access to our computers or other people’s computers, websites, servers, networks, or cause any kind of harm to it, are called hackers.
They have complete information about their area. And there are professionals related to computers, hardware, networking, programming.
Each hacker does his work for some specific purpose. Therefore, their work can be both legal and illegal. And the group of hackers is divided into three sections based on the work purpose.

Types of Hacker

1. White Hat Hacker
2. Black Hat Hacker
3. Gray Hat Hacker
White Hat Hacker
Certified Hackers are called White Hat Hackers. They carry out their work within the legal framework with permission. Their purpose is not to do any kind of harm.
These hackers detect and remove the bugs in the system. And strengthen the database to protect against potential threats.
Their main objective is to find and overcome Loopholes.
Black Hat Hacker
Those hackers who find faults in your system or other persons’ systems without permission and misuse them. These hackers may or may not be certified.
They do all these tasks only for their own benefit. And by stealing the data of others, they also blackmail them. They take the wrong advantage of their knowledge.
Their main purpose is to find a loophole in the system so that they can somehow access the data present in this system and use it for their own benefit.
Gray hat Hacker
These hackers have the qualities of both types of hackers. Hence they have been called Gray Hat Hacker.
These hackers detect the loopholes present in the system and also remove them, hence they are also called White Hat Hacker. And when they use the data contained in that system for their personal selfishness through these shortcomings, then they are counted in the category of
They deliberately create such loopholes in that system so that they can use them for their own benefit. And blackmails their bosses and asks them to face them and make money.
Both types of features are found in this type of hackers. Hence they are called Gray Hat Hacker.
 Here I am telling you examples of some black hat hacking;

Website Hacking
Network Hacking
Email Hacking
Password Hacking
Computer Hacking
Mobile Hacking
Server Hacking & More…

What Is Malicious & Black Hat Hacking?

This is the hacking that is done for a wrong purpose, which is completely illegal. Which we also called Malicious & Black Hat Hacking.
In this type of hacking c, hackers take advantage of any deficiency in any computer system ( network, server) without any permission, and hacked computers, smartphones & accounts and sell their data to big companies.

Is hacking Legal or Illegal?

Is it legal or Illegal? Before knowing this, you should understand that any work that is done for the benefit of someone without causing harm to anyone is legal. And the work that causes harm to someone is illegal.
In the same way in hacking, if you use your computer knowledge for the benefit of someone and (with permission) in any computer system ( network, server), etc., you tell a weakness to the owner and correct it. So this is called Ethical Hacking. And it is completely legal.
But if you use computer knowledge to harm someone and only for your benefit and without any permission, you take advantage of any deficiency in any computer system ( network, server), blackmail someone, then This is completely illegal, and you may also be punished for it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hacking

Advantages of Hacking

With the help of Ethical Hacking, possible threats can be detected at CBI, Police, Stroke Exchange Atomic Center, Space Research Center, and small deficiencies in their network, data center, system. And in time, the danger from them can be avoided.
  • Cybercrime can be prevented. And it can be avoided.
  • Deficiencies in a system can be found and corrected.
  • And your system can be protected from Black Hat Hackers.

Disadvantages of Hacking

  • After learning Ethical Hacking, some people get lured by money and become Black Hat Hacker, & Gray Hat Hacker, who hack people’s accounts and system, sell their data and disrupt their privacy.
  • Black Hat Hacker, & Gray Hat Hackers Bank Database and Servers can be hacked to access a lot of economic losses.
  • By using Malicious & Black Hat Hacking, hackers play with people’s privacy, which is illegal.
  • Hopefully, now you have got complete information about hacking and hacker.

What are crackers?

Black hat hackers, known as Cracker. These people illegally enter the computer system and do their profit, fun, and illegal work. They mostly do this through data modification and destruction. They can distribute computer viruses and internet worms, deliver spam through a botnet.

Who is Script Kiddies?

A script kiddie is a wannabe (common type) crackers, these people know about how the computer works, but these people get into the computer by adopting the well known and easy technique and important files and data can steal.

What skills are required to become a Hacker?

There is nothing like big magic in learning hacking, but like other useful things, learning it also requires dedication and willingness. For this, it is very important to know about some topics like the operating system and its working, computer network, programming, etc. It is impossible to become a Hacker in a day or a night, for this long time duration is needed.

What is the best way to learn Hacking?

The best and easy way to start learning Hacking is to start basic learning about it from now on. Many books are also available to learn hacking. But before start learning hacking, you must have basic knowledge about computer programing, security network, and some coding. Internet is the best source for this.

How to protect your computer from being hacked?

Knowledge of basic knowledge about computers like security network, virus, torjan, spyware.phishing etc. Compu

What is the best way to learn hacking for beginners?

If you also want to learn hacking, then there are some steps. By following these steps you can become a good hacker.
Step-1: Start with Basic
For the beginner, who doesn’t know anything about hacking. He should do the starting basic. Instead of learning direct hacking, you need basic information like security network, virus, ports, firewalls, common network protocols like IP address, HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, etc. Should do research about.
You can also, learn about alternate operating system Linux. Whose knowledge is very important for hacking. Once you learn about basic fundamentals. Then you will reach a position where you can easily understand all hacking techniques.
Step-2: Select a good source to learn Hacking
If you have a good knowledge of hacking, then many books give you technical information about the latest vulnerabilities and also show possible ways to exploit it. It is difficult for beginners to find a good source that teaches basic hacking. Hacking Secrets Exposed is a very good book for a beginner, it teaches beginner hacking without any previous knowledge and it is very easy to follow its step For more information about this book, you can follow its official website.
Tips – With the help of Myhacking.Org you can learn hacking, in the coming articles we will post a related article about hacking.
Step-3: Learn Programming (Optional)
If you want to know more about hacking, then programming is something that you cannot skip. Even though you can use some ready-made tools for easily hacking, but it would be better if you have knowledge about programming languages like PHP and JavaScript. Because with this you can create your own tools. and create your own web page easily and exploit the codes.

How long does it take to master the skills of hacking?

Hacking is not something in which you get trained and know all techniques and codes in one night, so you should never hurry. For this, you will need to learn, increase your knowledge, increase your skills, creativity, dedication, and time. It may take you a few months or a few years to learn it, which depends on you, how much dedication and effort you are working with. If you want to become a hacker, it will require good sources, guidance, and a willingness to learn.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacking has its advantages and disadvantages. And this depends on the intention of the hacker for what purpose he is doing the hacking. Here we are telling about some of the advantages and disadvantages of hacking.

Advantages of Ethical Hacking

• With the help of Ethical Hacking, the potential threats to CBI, Police, Stock Exchange, Nuclear Center, Space Research Center, and minor deficiencies in their network, data center, the system can be detected. And in time, the danger from them can be avoided.
• Prevention of cybercrime is possible.
• Bugs can be fixed by looking for deficiencies in a system.
• And your system can be protected from Black Hat Hackers.

Disadvantages of Ethical Hacking

• Black Hat Hackers are created with the help of Ethical Hacking. Who hacks the database in an unauthorized way.
• These banks can cause huge economic losses by accessing the database.
• They can take advantage of the data in many ways by stealing data for their personal interests.
Top 10 Ethical Hackers Name
1. Neel Mehta
2. SanwayVed
3. Pinkie Pie
4. Jordan Wiens
5. James Forshaw
6. Joanna Rutkowska
7. Sherri Sparks
8. Charlie Miller
9. Joe Stewart
10. Mark maiffret
Top 10 Black Hat Hackers Name
1. Albert Gonzalez
2. Kevin Poulsen
3. Robert Tappan Morris
4. Michael calce
5. George Hotz
6. Kevin Mitnick
7. Vladimir Levin
8. Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce
9. Michael Cacle (Mafia Boy)
10. Adrian Lamo

What should I do after hacked?

After the device is hacked many times, we do not know what to do next, which causes even more damage during hacking. Once the device is hacked, first do the following:
• First shut down or turn off the system.
• Separate the system from the network, that is, break its connection to the Internet in easy language.
• Then restart the computer.
• Connect it to the Internet again.
• And finally tell the police.

What is cybercrime?

To deny someone’s privacy using hacking is called cybercrime. Every misuse of hacking is added to cybercrime. Whether it is to spread a computer virus or harass someone online or steal money from a bank.
It all comes under cybercrime. Almost all cybercrime is done through the Internet. Some cybercrime is also done through SMS on mobile phones or social media.

Types of cybercrime

Cybercrime is divided into the following sections based on their consistency:-
• Computer Fraud: – Taking any kind of personal information or sending threats using a computer system is called a computer fraud.
• Privacy violation: – Hacking someone’s system and stealing their personal file or making personal audio, video image viral is called privacy violation.
• Identity theft: – By stealing a file related to the identity of any person, such as Adhar card, pen card, etc., changing it, telling yourself that person, is called “false identity”.
• Sharing copyright files: – In this crime, the files on which copyright of a particular person is stolen are stolen. This includes ebooks, movies.
• Fund theft or transfer: – Stealing electronic funds by hacking the bank’s computer is also part of cybercrime.
• Electronic theft or transfer: – The manipulation of online money comes in this area.
• Fraud via ATM: – Fraud through ATM card or misuse of ATM card of another person comes in this area.
• Attack at server: – Attacking the server continuously comes in this area.
• Spam Sending: – Sending a non-essential email to someone is also called cybercrime.

Top Common Hacking Techniques

Here I am telling you some Top Common Hacking Techniques, which are mostly used in hacking;
1. Keylogger
This is a software (spyware & malware) with the help of which you can hack, monitor, and spy on anyone’s computer.
2. Adware
This is a software (spyware & malware) that comes into your computer without you knowing, and then displays unwanted ads to you.
3. Spyware
This is one such app & software, with the help of which you can spy and hack any device.
4. Malware
Malware is also called malicious software, which is a type of file or code, which is created to damage the computer, server, client, or computer network.
5. Virus, Trojan Etc.
Virus and trojan is a kind of malicious software that works to make your data accessible to hackers.
6. Denial of Service (DoS DDoS)
This is a Denial of Service attack, which is done to down a webserver.
7. Cookie Stealing
This Cookie Stealing Technique is used by hackers to retrieve the saved password in your browser cookies.
8. Phishing
Phishing is an AC Technique in which hackers hack your accounts by creating a fake web page.
9. Tab Napping Phishing
This is also, a kind of phishing technique, in which the hacker takes the details of your accounts from you on the pretext of solving a game or puzzle.
10. Backdoor
This back door or trap door is a hidden entry that hackers create in the system after it is hacked.
11. Botnet
A group of many computers is called botnet, it is mostly used in spamming or DOS attack.
12. Brute Force Attack
In this attack, the hacker tries many random passwords on your account and system with the help of your computer and bots, to know your real password.
13. Logic Bomb
It is a kind of virus, which is inserted in your computer system, and it is triggered when a certain condition is found.
14. Social Engineering
Social engineering is used much later in hacking, in which the hacker tries to trick you into knowing the details of your accounts.
15. Spam
Hackers are spamming to bomb E or slow down your system.
16. Spoofing
Spoofing is a technique used by hackers to gain unauthorized access to any system.
17. SQL Injection
It is a type of SQL code injection Technique, which is used in database hacking.
18. Cross-site Scripting (XSS)
Cross-site scripting is a type of computer security vulnerability, which is found in web applications.
19. E Bombing
Email bombing is also known as Mass Mailer Attack and is used to fill the victim’s mail inbox with spamming emails.
20. Fluxion Attack
This attack is done to hack wifi password from Kali Linux OS.
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