What is Jio Glass and How to buy and use Jio Glass

What is Jio Glass? How to buy and use Jio Glass?
Friends, there is an annual conference of Reliance Jio in a hurry and in this, Jio owner Mukesh Ambani has told that he has invested $ 5 Billion in Jio from Google. With this, Jio has also launched some of its new products, one of which is Jio Glass. Here we will get the same information about what is Jio Glass? What does it work for? And how can you buy it?

Perhaps you will not know one thing at this time, Mukesh Ambani’s net worth has gone up to $ 72 Billion and he has made along jump and made his place in the top 5 richest people in the world. You all know that since Jio, Reliance Industry is fully determined to make itself digital and now Jio is making everything.

Which is necessary for the digital world of today and tomorrow. In which there is an ego, Virtual Reality i.e. VR and Jio Glass is an example of this. Let us know in a little more detail.

What is Jio Glass?

This advanced technology solution of Virtual Reality, in which all personal and corporate facilities have been provided. Till now you enjoy gaming with VR but Jio has reached it far ahead.

Seeing Jio Glass is like normal sunglasses but in this, you will get amazing technology and when you see the demo of it, it will be seen that it happens only in films.

But friend this is the truth, in this 75 gram glasses you will get almost every technology, which includes Artificial Intelligence and advanced electronics technologies have also been used.

So far you can enjoy 3D movies and gaming through VR headset, but you can also do 3D video calling from Jio Glass. By telling you this, you will enjoy looking more and you will not believe yourself after watching this video.

Jio Glass Features

The company has not given much information about it yet and just now the logo has been told about some Highlighted Jio Glass specifications. Most people want information about Jio Glass price but Jio has not given any information about it yet. Just now you will get to see some features of this 3D enabled VR.

• It will be a 75 gram normal spectacle device.

• It will feature video call and 3D meetings.

• Presentation, documents, or any normal file can be shared in the meeting.

• Share the screen and see the screen of someone else.

• In Jio Glass you will find 25 apps which include all facilities like entertainment, learning, gaming, meeting, shopping and you can also, use it to do online shopping.

• Through Jio Glass, teachers can teach children like a real class.

• In this, you will get to see better technologies, of which holographic is one, through it you can understand any 3d object better.

How to buy Jio Glass?

Looking at the features and video, I would feel like buying it immediately but the wish cannot be fulfilled right now. Because JioMeet is running in the market right now and the same buzz is made, so no update was given about when Jio Glass will come in the market. With this, Jio has not given any information about the price.

Now it is thought that there will be only one company in India, and soon it will make all the technologies in the entire Jio itself, but you will have to wait a bit for it.

Like Jio Glass will come in the market and it’s online booking will start and you will get the first information about it because there is something different in it and almost everyone will want to try it once.


Friends, what is Jio Glass? You must have come to know that this is such a wonderful spectacle that after some time, it is going to rock the market. Hopefully, you have liked this information and if you have any suggestions about it or you have any questions, then you must write in the comment and share it with your friends.

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