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Paytm Minin App Store- Paytm mini app

A few days ago, the Google Play store quality team removed the Paytm app from the Play Store and now “Paytm is launching its own App Store”. Here we will know what is the Paytm Mini Store? And how can you use it?

When Google removed the Paytm app from the Play Store, it became a piece of viral news and Paytm was such a big company, so information about it came on every news portal. But many people do not know why Paytm Mini is building a store? And what is the reason behind this, the Play Store team removed it from the market.

Google cited only one reason to remove Paytm from the Play Store, as there can be no betting app and that is why Paytm has also been removed. Now Paytm is starting its mini store in India. There are no clothes in this store, you are going to get the app.

What is Paytm Mini Store?

It is an app store where you will get to see all types of applications such as Play Store and iPhone App Store and you can access it directly from your Paytm mobile app. Platform independent mobile applications of all categories will be viewed on the Paytm Mini Store, meaning that any app that is on the Paytm Mini Store can be accessed from both Android and iPhone.

Many people believe that it will be a marketplace like the Google App Store where Android apps can be listed but I don’t think it is. On the Paytm Mini Store, you will need to create and list HTML and JavaScript-based apps and you can see examples on PhonePe.

But there are few apps on PhonePe and with Paytm’s big developer conference, making it one such platform for all categories. Where Domino’s can use all applications from Pizza to Netmead.

Why Build Paytm Mini App?

There is a question in this question, why did someone create a Paytm Mini app? And is there anyone who will list the android app here or app in any other way?

If you are a developer then you must have become clear what is the concept of Paytm Mini App Store?

Android apps are listed on the Google Play Store, which is installed on Android mobiles. Similarly, web apps will be listed on Paytm Mini Store which will be installed on Paytm itself and can be used directly from them.

If you understand with an example,

So you understand that it is simple, at this time your phone will have many applications for different functions, but if you use Mini Store, you will not need to download a separate Fire App. Will meet.

Now know the answer to another question why Paytm Mini?

Recently, the Paytm app was removed from the Play Store due to privacy and policy, and Paytm is making it the basis for building or launching a store. Its developers will get many freedoms that are not normally available on the web and mobile.

How is Paytm App Store?

Paytm mini-app store is also like any app store example: Google Play Store. Mini apps will be published on the Mini App Store, whose interface will be similar to a mobile app. On the Paytm Mini App Store, developers will be able to take payments from Paytm Payments Bank, Paytm Wallet, Net-Banking, UPI, and Card.

Paytm has said that it will not take money from developers for the sale of apps or content. Recently, Google has stated that if a developer sells an app or content from the Play Store, it will have to pay Google 30 percent.

Small developers will get a big benefit

Paytm says its mini-app store will benefit small budgets and small developers. The Paytm app will be developed on HTML and JavaScript on the Mini App Store. The store has over 300 apps like Decathlon, Ola, Park, Rapido, Netmeds, 1MG, Domino’s Pizza, Freshmenu, No Broker. Paytm App Store is currently in beta version and received 12+ million visits last month.

How does the Paytm Mini Apps Store work?

How does Paytm Mini Apps Store works

The way to work here is very easy, I will tell you about its working process and you must have used the app many times before in this way.

• Open the Paytm app and you will get the option of Mini on the home screen itself.

• If you click on the mini-app, you will get to see all the listed apps and if you want an app, you can find it by searching normally.

• Then you can reach directly from there.


At the launch of the Paytm Mini App Store, the company’s founder and CEO (Vijay Shekhar Sharma) said, ‘I am proud that we are launching something today. The Paytm Mini App Store gives our opportunity for young Indian developers to innovate.


Friends, Paytm Mini Store is a good initiative where developers can connect directly with Paytm’s 450+ million users. I think this is a good opportunity for Indian developers and they should take advantage of it and support Paytm. If you have any idea about this, then you have to mention in the comments

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