What is WebP? How to convert jpeg to WebP

What is WebP How to convert jpeg to WebP
Do you want to know what is WebP? Because the coming future rests on the WebP, after reading this post, you will get a lot of information.
If you look at the image of a popular news website or E-Commerce website, you will find that its quality is very good, but the size of that image is in 5KB, then it is in 10KB, you must be wondering how? So in this post, we will understand the same thing
First of all, I want to tell you something so that later you will understand why all the websites in the world of internet need WebP and if you have any website or blog, then you must also use WebP.

What is WebP?

WebP is a new image format, such as if there is a photo in your mobile too, then it will have some format too, for example, you can take PNG or JPEG because these two images formats are the most popular.
Now if you visit a page on the website, then there is an image along with the text on it and you know that the size of the image is always more than the text because now the era is a visual representation, so more and more on the website. An attempt is made to show the image.
Now if more image means more photos, then the size of the WebPage will also be increased, if the WebPage size is more, then the loading time of the website will also increase.

Why is WebP important?

Now you know that the speed of the top website is very high, in such a situation, if you also have a website or blog, then you will want the website loads quickly, but for that, image optimization will have to be done by image optimization.
Since Google will also improve the SEO of the same website whose loading time will be the least because Google also likes fast loading, so now you tell me what will be done now?
You will say that the size of the image will be reduced but the question here is that to what extent will we be able to reduce it? After a limit, there will not be a much smaller image than that then?
If I tell you that the size of the image you have is 30KB for example and if it is reduced to 10KB? Now you will say that man how much less?

How to Compress Image?

 Right now this photo is only 14 KB whereas earlier it was in JPEG then it was 46.8 KB.
If you want that the size of the image you have is not 1% or 2%, but the entire 25% to 80% should be compressed without loss.
For this, friends, you have to do one thing and that work is that image format, which is the new format will have to be used whose name is WebP.
Yes, WebP is an image format that compresses JPEG files up to 30% and compresses PNG files up to 26% without loss, meaning lossless image but if compressing too much loss image than 80 Can be compressed to%.
I know that now you will say that this is a wonderful thing, then how will we convert it to WebP?

Convert JPG to WebP

By the way, there are many tools with the help of which you can convert from jpeg to WebP and there are some websites that convert free online jpg to WebP for example – skillmeto.app

How to upload WebP images in WordPress?

You have now come to know that Google in its SERP quickly lists a website whose SEO is good and WebPage speed is also a factor for SEO, which is a blogger, as WordPress is the most popular blog platform in the world. In such a situation, all the WordPress users will want to use the WebP image on their blog, but when you upload the WebP image, it will not be uploaded.
The reason for this is that at the moment when I am writing this post, official WordPress is not supporting WebP on its platform.
Now you will wonder why the world is not supporting the most popular blogging platform WordPress WebP? So the answer is that right now not all browsers are also supporting WebP image format, meaning WebP support in WordPress will come in future when all web browsers start supporting WebP image format.

WebP supported browsers

Currently, only a few popular browsers support web, such as if you are supporting Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browser. 
So friends hope that you have now understood What is WebP? How to Convert Jpeg to WebP?
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